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  1. Correction the baseball is 77-86
  2. If UCONN were to go I think a serious candidate should be Western Kentucky. WKU has been consistently good at football. Looking at their major sports overall since 2013 (post Taggart) for a good reference across the board. Football: 39-14 Mens Basketball: 70-53 Women's Bball: 99-27 Baseball: 77-46 Softball: 89-70 So my candidate for replacement or expansion would be WKU
  3. Has there been any headway made in the posting of the first game ever?????
  4. Stupid auto correct
  5. Didn't Eric Maggie's get a DUI while he was here. He didn't get fired.
  6. The last part of that game was telling as we gave up easy touchdowns to Clemson and an easy bowl win turned into a squeaker and a sign of things to come in the next two years. So essentially it was the beginning of the end for Skippy
  7. I don't think Willie has a say in who the Defensive assistants are going to be...I mean sure he is the head coach and has to give his blessing for any hire but I'm sure Leavitt is picking his own staff
  8. If you read some coaches Bio's they have coached several positions, sometimes on both sides of the ball
  9. can CJF just coach both?
  10. How do we know we don't need them? Were the other coaches wanting to stay? I think they all know where the chips are falling but are tight lipped about it.
  11. I like his podcast too....I sometimes disagree with his opinions but that is life. How fun would it be to interact with people that had your same exact opinion on USF football.
  12. David Kelly to Oregon too
  13. I think they have to for recruiting