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  1. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 142 seconds  
  2. Flowers' Career Numbers

    When he is done he will be the best Bull of all time
  3. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 54/100 My Time 145 seconds  
  4. Hurricane & USF Trivia Question

    botched snap on extra point on double OT gave the Bulls a win
  5. Asiantii Woulard Update

    If I remember correctly Pat Julmiste had a game close to that. I think he was 3 of 21...Ok checked the stats...vs UL in 2004 Julmiste was 3 of 20 for 67 yards and a pick....yuck
  6. Quiz: QUIZ: USF - UConn Series

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 111 seconds  
  7. Asiantii Woulard Update

    according to 1.705
  8. Asiantii Woulard Update

    Armunz Matthews is a DB for UT-Martin...for USF QB against former USF DB.
  9. UConn Coach Edsall Weekly Comments

    yea....he left UCONN in 2010....actually TJ Weist was their coach for that game in 2013. He became interim coach after 4 games and went 3-5
  10. Looking to score

    Remember that Gilbert tweaked Q's throwing motion.....
  11. Lets Just Enjoy This Win

    Maybe all the hype of how great they could be coupled with last seasons results and "inferior" opponents so makes them assume they show up and win....
  12. Future Opponents

    I understand the difficulty in doing so but it would be cool to be able to
  13. Future Opponents

    Lets finish out the ACC. Already played FSU, UM, UNC, NCST, PITT, Clemson, UL, Syracuse Have scheduled: GT Still need : Duke, UVA, VA Tech, BC, Wake.
  14. Scouting Report: Stony Brook Based on the depth chart it looks like they also run a version of the 4-2-5 Defense
  15. Scouting Report: Stony Brook

    Their Wide Receivers Coach: Pretty cool to see former players coaching now