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  1. Doc added a post in a topic Pre Conference Tournament Chatter   

    jfuchs91: Thanks for putting together the visitors guide. I am one of a (likely) very small group representing USF making the trip for the tournament, but have been to Hartford before for several of the womens tournaments. The last time I was here in 2011, if I recall correctly, there was some construction just west of the arena -- perhaps those are for the newer bars and restaurants. Before, it was tough to get a table and a meal between sessions, just with the womens bball crowd. Also, it looks like maybe the St Patricks Day parade might be back on, as I saw a few signs along the highway warning of exit closures this weekend.
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  2. Doc added a post in a topic AAC Semi-Finals vs Tulane   

    Regarding the Tulane coach, Lisa Stockton: in the early 2000s, we beat them in New Orleans when they were ranked, and the radio broadcasters mentioned that she didn't shake CJF's hand after the game. Couldn't find independent confirmation of this, and if I remember correctly, it was the Tulane radio show on the web.
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  3. Doc added a post in a topic MBB USF vs Tulane- Game Thread   

    Three more seeds clinched.

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  4. Doc added a post in a topic MBB USF vs Tulane- Game Thread   

    UConn loses to Temple. Clinched seeds:


    Host UConn will play the last place 11-seed (USF or UH).
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  5. Doc added a post in a topic USF vs UCF- Game thread   

    UConn lost to Temple. That locks UConn into the six seed and Memphis into the five seed. Temple is still alive for the 3 seed.

    If USF isn't able to pass Houston, we draw the defending champs with the home crowd in the first round.
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  6. Doc added a post in a topic USF vs UCF- Game thread   

    I think the most favorable bracket has us at 10, Tulsa at 2, and Cincy at 3. For that, root for wins by USF, ECU, SMU, and either Cincy or UConn.
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  7. Doc added a post in a topic USF vs UCF- Game thread   

    Here's what I have regarding the seeding: With one more round of games (5) this weekend, no seed is yet locked in for the AAC tournament.

    1/2: SMU/Tulsa tied. They play each other. Winner is 1, loser is 2.
    3/4:Cincy/Temple tied. Cincy holds tie-breaker for 3, so Temple only flips with them with a win and UC loss.
    5/6: Memphis/UConn tied. Memphis holds tiebreaker and so UConn gets the 5 and the final bye only with a win and a Memphis loss.
    7/8/9: Will be between ECU/Tulane/UCF. UCF is finished with the regular season, but can move from 9 to 8 with a Tulane loss. ECU gets the 7 with a win or Tulane loss. ECU gets the 8 with a loss and a Tulane win. Tulane gets the 7 with a win and an ECU loss. Tulane gets the 8 with a win and an ECU win. Tulane gets the 9 with a loss.
    10/11: Houston/USF tied. Houston has tiebreaker but USF can get the 10 with a win and a UH loss.

    If we get the 10, we would play 7-ECU (ECU would have clinched the 7-seed in this scenario). The winner of that game then faces the 2-seed (loser of Tulsa/SMU).

    If USF is the 11, we would play the 6 who would be either the host UConn or Memphis. Right now, UConn is 6 and loses the tiebreaker to Memphis. UConn would need to win AND have Memphis lose in the finale to drop Memphis to the 6.
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  8. Doc added a post in a topic Official WBB vs #1 UCONN Game Thread - 3/2/15 on ESPN2   

    For those looking ahead, here is what I have for the AAC tournament seedings. After the three 7:00 games, locked into their spots are:

    Houston will be #11 and SMU #10 unless UH wins and SMU loses in the remaining games tonight. Right now ECU is ahead of Tulane for the 5-seed, and this will hold if Temple beats lowly Houston. If Temple loses, the three-way tie would drop ECU to the 6-seed, and give Tulane the #5.
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  9. Doc added a post in a topic WBB vs Cin Official Game Thread   

    Thanks for the updates. Unable to watch as I am in Cincinnati for the men's game. Fans here couldn't handle my horns and security made me take them off. Thanks to the ladies for really sticking it to the Bearcats.
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  10. Doc added a post in a topic Usf at Tulsa   

    Made it home and just finished watching the women's game on ESPN3 (withheld knowing the outcome and watched as if live).  I had a choice to go to either game today.  WBB at Memphis was a bit closer (and more likely to be a victory) but I had never before been to Tulsa for a sporting event and ended up seeing a pretty good game.  Glad I went despite the loss.  I didn't hear the broadcast but did get a chance to talk with the radio crew a bit before the game.
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  11. Doc added a post in a topic Usf at Tulsa   

    Down 74-69. 55 seconds. TU can't miss a 3 now
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  12. Doc added a post in a topic Usf at Tulsa   

    Allen almost wins it. OT.
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  13. Doc added a post in a topic Usf at Tulsa   

    Tied at 62. 0:20:6. Bulls can hold for last shot. Guerrero took one in the groin in first half.
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  14. Doc added a post in a topic Usf at Tulsa   

    Bulls lead 62-60. 0:42:0 left. TU ball.
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  15. Doc added a post in a topic Usf at Tulsa   

    Tied at 57. 2:21. Tulsa shooting two.
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