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  1. Futbol Fever : USF v. UF

    I imagine it is as much a thing as Lady Bulls.
  2. Futbol Fever : USF v. UF

    Lost in the midst of football talk, the women's soccer team travels up to Gainesville for their game tonight at 6 pm to take on the Lady Gators in the second round of the NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament. If USF were to win, I think they would have the opportunity to host the winner of Tennessee and Washington State (who upset UCF 1-0) in the Round of 16. The game is available on the SEC Network and WatchESPN. Let's Go Bulls!
  3. Today is the last day

    When referring to Papa John's you either have to put quotation marks around "pizza" or call it a pizza-like product.
  4. No one is as young as they used to be...
  5. USF AACCG Ticket Reservations

    I do recall CCS mentioning the fact that a few fans made tentative, fully refundable travel plans to Atlanta as the reason Houston was able to convert on 4th and 24.
  6. USF AACCG Ticket Reservations

    SMU is going to pull of the huge upset and beat Memphis.
  7. USF AACCG Ticket Reservations

    Wait, it is necessary for the athletic department to plan for the AACCG and for fans to plan for that game, but not for fans to plan and get the best possible deal for a potential appearance in the Peach Bowl? Now I understand.
  8. USF Football Center... It's real!

    My guess would be that they have a pretty good idea that they already have or will easily be able to secure the vast majority of the funding for this project and any additional funding offers they receive from announcing the project will be icing on the cake.
  9. Linebacker depth finally hurt us

    LB depth was a big part of the reason we got gashed through the middle of the field against Tulane. KJ is going to try to go against Houston, but he is coming back from a painful injury. After Auggie and Nico, our depth is weak with Polk and Johnson injured. This has been my concern all season long. Our D-line has been able to protect us somewhat by playing lights out, but they were on the field too much against Tulane as well. I fear that other teams might use the Tulane game plan as a template for how to wear our front 6 down. I think the performance against Tulane might be the reason Johnson is trying to come back from the injury instead of taking the medical redshirt.
  10. Houston at USF (-10.5)

    Personally? If so, you win the "I'm so old" game.
  11. On to Houston

    Too dense might describe the potential readers more than the writing.
  12. If I did not Know Better

    Yes, but what do I do for the 2017 school SEASON where his class SCHEDULE is terrible and the subjects are so EASY? He keeps WINNING at the tests because he isn't being CHALLENGED. His work is SLOPPY and he doesn't have to try his BEST. He may finally have a challenge in January, which would be PEACHY with me, but we don't know if he will get accepted into that class in ATLANTA. If he doesn't CLEAN things up here in Tampa, he may not even be ELIGIBLE to go to ATLANTA.
  13. I tend to agree. An athletic, mobile QB covers up so many deficiencies on offense that even a really good pocket passer can't. O-line failures, RB fails to pick up a block, WR runs the wrong route....there isn't much a good pocket passer can do to cover up these deficiencies other than throw the ball away or tuck it and minimize the damage. A QB like QF can turn what would be a 5 yard loss on 2nd and 8 into a 3 yard gain, making a 3rd and 13 a much more manageable 3rd and 5. Those are the subtle plays that lead to wins.