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  1. The irony here is rich!
  2. Perfect fit for us. We need DE help ASAP and he will have the chance to start from day 1.
  3. Honestly, we haven't done enough to warrant being moved up in the polls. We weren't penalized for the terrible loss to Memphis, most likely because few voters even knew we were playing. Given our RPI, our relatively weak SOS, and our lack of marquee wins, I think we are ranked right around where we should be, if not a little bit higher than we deserve. This team has already exceeded my expectations prior to the start of the year. To replace the three starters we lost and have to deal with injuries, namely Ferriera's, I am pleased that we have won all but two games that we should have won. My hope is that we win all non-UCONN games remaining, making it to the conference finals, play ourselves to a 5 to 7 seed in the tournament, and get a favorable draw that will allow us to advance to the Sweet 16. We definitely don't want to be an 8 or 9 seed. I'd rather be 10 or 11 than 8 or 9.
  4. You have odd dreams.
  5. Unless Tulsa was stacked with depth, I don't see them being nearly as good this season. I believe their QB, top RB, and top 2 WRs were all seniors. Cincy loses 5 starters on offense and 5 starters on defense and has a new coach coming into a team that was in disarray for much of the season and fell apart, essentially quitting on Tommy Tubberville. Luke Fickell was the HC for 1 season after Tresell resigned at OSU and went an underwhelming 6-7. That was a team that went 12-1 the season prior and 12-0 the following season. Temple loses 5 starters on offense including their QB and RB and loses 7, SEVEN, starters on defense. We will see if their new HC will be any good, as he has no prior HC experience at any level, but was a heck of a DC at UF. ECU loses 9 players off of their offensive 2 deep (4 starters) and 9 players off of their defensive 2 deep (3 starters). That is a lot of attrition. UCONN will continue to be a massive dumpster fire. It will take Randy Edsall more than 1 tune-up game against Holy Cross to get that team back on track. Tulane doesn't scare me at all unless our players sneak out the night before the game and get in trouble on Bourbon Street. Of our non-conference games, only Illinois should be within 4 scores of us, and that is only if Jeff George Jr. is the second coming of Jeff George, and nothing about the few games he played in last season suggest that he is there quite yet. I hope we go undefeated and think that anything worse than 10-2 will be a colossal disappointment (unless we are hit with a barrage of injuries). With that being said, I think if there are two potential losses on the schedule, the most likely candidates would be Houston and UCiF.
  6. Two JUCOS, including Tramal Ivy, didn't make it into school, so that really hurt.
  7. They are all number 17 as in 2017 Recruiting Class
  8. As CCS said, a solid class that addressed some immediate, pressing needs. We have a few guys that might be able to contribute immediately on defense and Bell could see immediate action on special teams, which is good as we probably don't want Johnson back there on returns.
  9. It is amazing what desperation will do.
  10. You were quite vocal in multiple posts on the subject. What we have learned is that Strong and Co. are closers, so they get coffee. Also, they aren't as public in their conquests as Taggart, so there might always be a bit of suspense leading up to NSD in the future.
  11. Yes, but we will be losing Johnson and Tice next season. Bell, Jr. is a good change of pace back, but, unless he can put on some mass, he isn't an every down back. We need a solid 6'0'' 200 lbs RB to compliment the change of pace backs we have on the roster. Mack and Sands might fill that role, but we will definitely need a bigger RB recruit in 2018.
  12. Yes, they do. First and foremost, they are going to be surprised how terrible they are in 2 seasons. Temple's cute little run atop the AAC has come to an end.
  13. 2018 Areas of Need (in order) 1. LB 2. QB 3. DT 4. DE 5. RB 6. OL
  14. No, but they count toward your roster total of 105. That was all I was going off of. I'm not sure how many available scholarships we had, but I do know that we essentially have roster space for all but 1 of the guys between last year's squad and this year's incoming class.
  15. I believe they missed on 2 other targets and contacted Brini today to let him know they had room for him.