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  1. According to 247 Sports, Ryne Giddins came out of high school with a .9708 overall ranking. It appears the Terrance Mitchell was the second highest rated directly out of high school at a distant .9498, with Sean Price third at .9382. At .9957 Marvin Wilson would become, and probably remain for a very long time, the highest rated player to ever come to USF by a long-shot.
  2. If I were him I wouldn't take it. USF isn't a good spot for a coach that fizzled out in the college game to come back and try to make a splash to reignite the fire around his brand. USF is best served giving a young, naive, up-and-comer to come in and try and hit the lottery or to get a much older coach with a successful track record looking for his swan song.
  3. Because they asked him to leave and he is an assistant with the OKC Thunder.
  4. I thought Giddins was our highest rated recruit out of high school, but I could be wrong.
  5. This is a message board where hyperbole is the norm. It was really just a dig at someone telling me to "let this go" while we have a new post about wanting an OCS every hour.
  6. I will move on when everyone clamoring for an OCS moves on.....My fight has only just begun. I have a few more weeks to continue the campaign until Miami announces that they are playing NOVA University on Labor Day weekend.
  7. The game could absolutely happen and it would probably only cost us $500,000 to make it happen. Stony Brook gets paid either way. A win-win for all involved. Instead, Miami is going to fill it with a crap payday game against an FCS foe....the same type of game that I would hope we are actively trying to get rid of.
  8. I think we can survive the scrutiny. We are the ones looking to upgrade. Miami will have to justify not playing us when they have an open date that needs to be filled. If they want to say that we are too good to play, we will let them do us publicly. It is time for Harlan to take off the gloves and start making some noise.
  9. Public pressure is a heck of a thing. We should be lobbying for these games if we can. We need to make it seem like these teams are dodging us and this is a chance to publicly and legitimately shame them if we aren't able to broker a deal.
  10. Floyd was a heck of a high school prospect. Good measurables, good stats, excellent grades (he graduated from USF with 2 years of eligibility remaining), overall great kid, just never came close to panning out.
  11. After revisiting the post I made in which I was encouraging Harlan to buy-out the September 2, 2017 game versus Stony Brook, I went back and check Miami's 2017 schedule and discovered that they appear to have an OPEN date on September 2. I couldn't find anything online suggesting that Miami has filled this open spot. Their other non-conference games are against Arkansas State, Toledo and Notre Dame, so I would imagine that they will be looking to add an FCS team, but the opportunity is still there for us to swap Stony Brook for a game against The U. Florida already plays Michigan in Texas and FSU is playing bama in Atlanta (early candidate for GOTY), so, if Miami were to play anyone in FBS, we would seem to make the most sense! We would also have a game under our belt and Miami will be breaking in a new QB now that Brad Kaaya is headed for the NFL draft. Harlan has to at least try and make this happen. Offer two return games and lets play this one in Tampa.
  12. Your post prompted me to check out Floyd's career stats and they are scary bad: Passing: 85 for 174 (48.9%) for 802 yard (4.6 ypa) 0 TD 10 INTs 13 Sacks Rushing: 33 carries -71 yards -2.15 ypc He was either sacked or threw an interception in 12.3% (essentially 1 out of every 8) of his drop-backs. Nice kid, but his skills didn't translate to the college game.
  13. I believe the second or third week in February.
  14. Well he clearly isn't UCFast if that is what you are getting at.
  15. It did in the sense that they were undefeated and didn't sniff the CFP. I am thinking bigger than an access bowl. If we go undefeated we will get the access bowl, period. I want an outside shot at the CFP.