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  1. Joey the Weasel Knight

    I agree in the sense that this isn't the issue to complain about. It misses the real point and the reason that we need a new beat writer, and that is the fact that Joey Knight is lazy as a beat writer. He doesn't cultivate sources. He doesn't break stories. He is essentially a human Google Alert and lets us know when someone else breaks something USF related. This is what happens when you are the only show in town. At least when the Tampa Tribune was a competitor it forced the Times to care about their coverage a little bit more.
  2. He and Q have a great relationship and a great respect for one another. I'm sure if Q every needs anything in life that Willie would try and help him.
  3. Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    So let me get this straight....after trying for quite a while USF gets a well-known, established local corporation to purchase the naming rights for the Sun Dome and the fans on this board aren't happy about it? Just another day at The Bullspen.
  4. If, and it is a big if, we get UCONN again it will be in the Elite 8. I hope that we get to be pissed off about them having to meet a 4th time.
  5. Brad, you have to keep up with my posts. J/k. I was saying that USF was closer to a 7 seed than a 4 seed. The SOS is good, but it is really inflated by 3 games against UCONN, which really impacted our RPI in a positive way. The loss to Wichita State was inexcusable. The loss to Oklahoma hurt as well. Win both of those and we are likely looking at a 4 seed over Georgia (who shouldn't have been seeded ahead of Duke). The American just isn't tough enough right now. If Temple was better it might have helped things. Let's just be excited that we have basketball to cheer for in March.
  6. Other than the prospect of drawing UCONN in the Elite 8, I really don't mind the 6 seed. If the S curve held, it means that the committee had us as the #24 team in the nation. Slightly underseeded but not criminal. I like getting Buffalo in the first round. We should beat them by 10+. I also don't mind getting FSU in the second round. They are good, but not unbeatable. They were only 2-5 versus the Sagarin top 25. As a 5 seed we still would have drawn a good home team and then we would have gone up against a #1 seed in the Sweet 16. The 6 seed gives us the best chance of making it to the Elite 8. It is total crap that we would be playing UCONN at that point, but if we get that far we are playing with house money.
  7. Yetna is qualified, I believe. The NCAA determined that he spent 2 years in prep school after graduating high school in France in only 3 years. The prep school made a mistake and allowed him to play an extra year. The NCAA, never one to miss an opportunity to screw over a student-athlete, determined that he would have to sit out this year AND lose a year of eligibility. USF is fighting that decision, but everything I have seen indicates that he will be good to go next year with 3 years of eligibility remaining.
  8. WBB AAC tourny

    We will be nowhere near a 4 seed. We are probably closer to a 6 than a 4. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a 6 seed and a shot at FSU, Tennessee, or OSU again.
  9. WBB AAC tourny

    Tonight was the night to beat UCONN. They missed a ton of layups and shot poorly from the line. If we hadn't turned the ball over so much we could have won.
  10. 02/26/2018 Bracketology

    This UCONN team is from another world. You need to have your A+ game and hope they have their C game, or worse, in order to have a chance. Since 2013-2014, they are a combined 183-2. Those 2 losses were by 2 points each, both in OVERTIME (Miss St. - 2017 Championship game, 2014 @ Stanford). That means that they have not lost a game in regulation since the 2012-2013 season. Likewise, they haven't lost a game in Connecticut since the 2012 season. Since the 2007-2008 season (the last 11 seasons) they have lost 1, ONE, game to a team ranked outside of the top 10, and they lost that game by 1 point (St. John's 2012). With that being said, I really like our chances tonight. Go Bulls!
  11. WBB AAC tourny

    Took one minute. Just had to pull up last season's bracket. And, while I was working at the time, it was 7:30 am, so I can goof off a bit. This year there are some scary teams that might find their way to #11/12 seeds. South Dakota State, South Dakota, Quinnipiac (again), Belmont, FGCU, and Mercer will all be in the mix and will represent very tough outs in the first round. Every one of those teams has top 50 wins on their resume and have put up a lot of victories. We will have to bring our A game if/when we land a 5 or 6 seed.
  12. WBB AAC tourny

    If USF beats UCONN they probably get a 4 seed. A loss and we are looking at a 5 or 6 seed. I don't foresee a scenario where we sneak into the top 16 without a win against UCONN. The only thing that has me slightly worried about the 5 seed is that you get the best at-large conference champion. Last year Quinnipiac made it to the Sweet 16, beating #5 Marquette and #4 Miami in the process. That is the type of team a 5 seed gets to face, a confident, hungry, good team with nothing to lose. In last year's torunament, all of the 12 seeds played the 5 seeds close. I would rather a #6 seed. You get a #11 seed and those are usually lower quality at-large teams that just barely made the tournament. Last year all the 6/11 games were decided by 13 or more points with the lone exception being an under-seeded USF team (should have been a 8 or 9 seed) just barely losing to Missouri by 2.
  13. We repented and sacrificed this season. The basketball gods have been satisfied.
  14. Well deserved. I hope he gets ROY, but it might be hard to award it to a player from the last place team. He is going to be the face of the program for the next 3 years.
  15. WBB AAC tourny

    You can always stream the audio through your car on the Watch ESPN app. I don't know about radio for this one.