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  1. What will it take for Q to win the Heisman

    Two words....**** Vitale. He is one of the most beloved personalities on ESPN. His presence has waned as he is getting up in age, and he is obviously a basketball guy, and not a football guy, but if we could get him to promote QF frequently on the network, that would go a long way to building some cheap hype. Ultimately, the team is going to have to go undefeated and he is going to have to put up some ridiculously gaudy numbers in order to even get invited to NYC. I'm talking 5,500+ total yards (4,000 passing and 1,500 rushing). In 13 games that would equate to 308 yards ppg and 115 yards ppg rushing. I just don't think it will be possible. If we are that good on offense, he won't see the field in the 4th quarter of at least 4 or 5 of our games this season.
  2. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    They are so minor in the grand scheme of things. Think about how many distractions there are in college for an 18-23 year old.
  3. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    Great interview with Jim Rome. QF came across so well. Reading the comments on Twitter, he and USF just gained a lot more fans who will be following him this season as he and the rest of the Bulls try and make history. Take note 620 WDAE and the rest of the local hack media, that is how you do a compelling radio interview. Ask a few pointed questions and let a guy like QF run with it.
  4. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    QF's story is so sad, but makes what he has done even more amazing. I expect that there will be quite a few human interest pieces about him throughout the college football season.
  5. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    The National exposure is great! We are building the hype, now we just have to go out and live up to it.
  6. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    QF interview bumped back to 12:40 pm. I have a 12:30 client call, so I won't be able to listen/update.
  7. Scheduled for 12:20 pm today. USF Football‏Verified account @USFFootball 13m13 minutes ago More LISTEN UP! Quinton Flowers joins the @JimRome Show at LIVE 12:20 ET TODAY. LISTEN: http://jimrome.com/
  8. TBP Giveaway:2017 Donor Giveaway

    You had me at 7 inches in length and heavy-duty steel!
  9. Their all-conference punter should have plenty of chances to show off that MWC leading leg of his.
  10. UCONN Game

    I did something similar in 2007 to go to the UNC game. That was back when Southwest was doing their Ding sale fares. I flew in at 10 am and flew out at 7 pm and it only cost me $58 R/T ($29 each way). With the game ticket and the cab to and from the stadium the entire trip cost me $125.
  11. Orlando Sentinel College Football "Ranks"

    Take what the writer says with an absolute grain of salt, as he thinks we only return 4 starters on defense. We literally return 4 starters on the defensive line alone. Add in Sanchez, Nichols, McGee, and Fullwood, and we essentially have 8 returning starters. I really can't believe that people get paid to write this crap. Literally the only starters we lost on defense were Nigel Harris, Nate Godwin, and Johnny Ward.
  12. Ever-improving, deep passing skills

    His decision making and instincts have been nothing short of unbelievable. The only real knock on him is his mechanics, but he has managed to make those work. If he truly has improved upon his throwing motion and release, we could witness a record-breaking season at USF that might not be matched for decades to come.
  13. Linebacker Shortage

    It would have helped to have Mi'Carlo Stanley at LB, but he apparently put on 50 pounds his redshirt year and blew up from 225 to 274 and is now considered a DT. That is a ridiculous amount of bulk to put on in one year. I can't believe there weren't any JUCO LBs we could get to come in and help with the depth issue at the position. I would hate to see us drop games because of attrition at the LB position. We do have a total of 11 on the roster, but that includes walk-ons, true freshmen, and some really undersized guys. Tajee Fullwood would seem like a good fit to help at the LB position given his size. At 6'2'', 210 lbs he is pretty big for a DB. Also, DE Jimmy Bayes might be able to help if he hasn't put on too much weight (he was listed at 6'3'' 228 lbs)
  14. Martin Fennelly Weighs in on the FB Season

    Aside from a freak season in which we go undefeated and all but 1 P5 team has 2 losses, I just don't see it happening for us. Not saying it is impossible, but I would say about a 1% chance.
  15. Martin Fennelly Weighs in on the FB Season

    I was going to comment on that as well. Houston would have made the playoff if they had found a way to win out. Also, starting the season ranked, if we had a marquee match-up against a Top 10 team like FSU, we potentially would be in the mix depending on how things shook out. This further illustrates what a hack writer he is, as he couldn't be bothered to fact-check that Western Michigan was unraked until Week 6 in the Coaches Poll and week 7 in the AP poll. Had they started the 2016 season ranked around #20, as USF likely will this season, they would have finished the regular season in the top 10, maybe as high as number 7 or 8. While the deck is heavily stacked against a G5 team, it isn't impossible.