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  1. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 142 seconds  
  2. Thundersticks??

    To me, crowd noise is like boobs, I don't care if it is real or artificial, the more the merrier!
  3. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 104 seconds  
  4. ESPN QF Hype

    Trying to promote/boost ratings for the Thursday night tilt against Temple. Purely motivated by the almighty $$$. With that being said, cool video and we will definitely welcome the positive press.
  5. AP and Coaches Poll

    Exactly. Too early now to worry about bowl projections. Way too many games left to play before there is any potential "controversy."
  6. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    If SDSU goes undefeated they will have wins over Arizona State, Stanford, Boise State, Air Force, and then a win in the MWC Championship Game (presumably over BSU, AFA, or CSU). If USF goes undefeated our most significant wins will have been over Illinois, Houston, Temple, and UCF, and then a win the the AAC Champtionship Game (presumably over Memphis or Houston). The only scenario I can conceive in which we would qualify for the NY6 over an undefeated SDSU would be if we beat an undefeated or 1 loss Memphis in the AACCG. I really don't know how much a 12th game would benefit us in that scenario, unless we beat a Georgia Tech team that was able to pull at least 2 upsets out of their games against Miami, Clemson, Virginia Tech, or Georgia. They already lost to Tennessee. So, even if they won all of their games against unranked teams, pulled two big upsets to ranked teams, and lost to us, they would be 8-4 overall. Most likely, they will end up being a 7-4 team, so a loss to us would put them at 7-5. I'm not certain that would be enough, especially if Stanford is able to figure things out and finish 9-3 or 8-4 overall. 11-0 USF with a game cancelled against lowly UMASS versus 12-0 with a game against any potential opponent not named Georgia Tech will look equally attractive to the selection committee.
  7. P6

    Agreed, but it will never happen. IMO, we are going to ultimately see four 16 team conferences. If we were really lucky, it would be four 18 team conferences. That is the scenario where a team like USF would be likely to have a spot at the table. It is also a very workable scenario in which each team could play the 8 other teams in their division and then have 4 OOC games each season, creating a true conference championship match-up for each of the 4 conferences. That would be considered the first round of the playoffs (8 divisional winners). Then, those 4 conference champions would continue on to the same 4 team format that is currently in place. I expect the 4 conference arrangement to be in place by 2025-2026. The expiration of the Big 12's TV contract just so happens to coincide with the expiration of ESPNs 12 year contract for the rights to televise the CFP.
  8. USF vs Temple Game Line

    It was a Friday night. I remember somewhat clearly because it was the night before my wedding. October 18, 2013 would have been the date of the game.
  9. P6

    We have essentially returned to where we were at the time the Big East collapsed. We are way better than the other conferences and slightly behind most of the P5. I think right now we are just as good as the Big 12, but I think there will be a BIG push to contract down to P4 rather than to expand to P6.
  10. Polk Injured - Only 5 Scholarship LBs Avail.

    I got mixed up with Black and Bayes. Also, I believe Stanley is 100% D-Line now. We are pretty thin at LB. We should be ok, but the drop off from the two deep (Sanchez, Sawtelle, Bayes, and Polk) is pretty substantial.
  11. Polk Injured - Only 5 Scholarship LBs Avail.

    I'm sure the field will be fine for us. Ray Jay has really good drainage and, for years, was voted the best turf in the NFL. It will be worse for FAMU, and it might be a big problem for the Bucs come Sunday. 3 games in 3 days on saturated turf.....good luck grounds crew.
  12. I'm not sure if anyone posted about this, but LB Andre Polk will not play tonight and they are running tests on his knee to determine the extent of his injury. This is the thinnest position for USF. Behind the starters Sawtelle and Sanchez, we have two underwhelming juniors in Danny Thomas and Josh Black and a true freshman Kierston Johnson. If either Sawtelle or Sanchez have to leave the game due to injury tonight, we could be in trouble. Hopefully the defensive line continues to shine.

    I just don't see Georgia Tech agreeing to play us this season given the senior roster attrition we will see next season. Unless of course we agreed to an extra road game up in Georgia. I am sure that all of the options were explored prior to announcing the schedule changes. It looks like it will be an 11 game season for us.
  14. USF has reached preeminence!