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  1. History has shown us that more people will put their fannies in the seats at Raymond James when there is a # next to our name.
  2. Some perspective: Our "nationally" televised games from last year were as follows (doesn't include games on CBS Sports Network, as they aren't rated/measured) FSU - 2.6 million South Carolina - 2.3 million Temple - 1.3 million Navy - 556,000 Memphis - 169,000 Cincinnati - 144,000 For all the hemming and hawing by our fans, it would certainly seem to be extremely advantageous from a National exposure perspective to be playing weeknight games. I would venture to guess that if our game against Temple was on Saturday night instead of Friday night, viewership would have been between 200 and 300k. Getting between 4 to 6 times the amount of eyes on the awesome and exciting product that USF football is putting on the field is worth being inconvenienced and only being able to tailgate for an hour or two 3 times this season, IMO. I encourage everyone to sacrifice the hour of sleep, get a babysitter for the night if need be, and support what could end up being a Top 10 team this season.
  3. To provide some perspective, the Miami Beach Bowl in 2015 drew 1.2 million viewers (down from 1.3 million for the Memphis/BYU Brawl game in 2014. This year's game between Tulsa and Central Michigan, on the same Monday and same time slot, drew 794,000. So that bowl game seemed to be trending in the wrong direction. For perspective, the 2016 Birmingham Bowl was viewed by 2.3 million.
  4. And usually come from better financial situations than most other athletes.
  5. Here is the AAC Bowl lineup for 2017-2018: – AutoNation Cure Bowl vs. Sun Belt– Boca Raton vs. Conference USA– Birmingham Bowl vs. SEC– Hawaii Bowl vs. Mountain West– Frisco Bowl vs. Sun Belt– Military Bowl vs. ACC– St. Petersburg Bowl vs. Conference USA
  6. If the night game is the issue that keeps you away, then I don't know if it would really matter if it were a Thursday or Saturday kickoff. Other than FSU (special game) and UCF (special, Black Friday game) the only home day game we had was Homecoming against ECU. In fact, the only other regular season pre-7pm kickoff road game we had was a 3:30 at Syracuse.
  7. I disagree. If the team plays the way they are capable we could be 9-1 or 10-0 heading into this game. If we are undefeated that late in the season, the casual fans will start to show up and the students will be emotionally invested in the game. Keep in mind that a lot of students might be gone by Saturday Nov. 16 to head home early for Thanksgiving, so this might actually improve student attendance. I think having a national platform to celebrate our seniors will be special as well. The only other game scheduled that night is Buffalo @ Ball State.
  8. It's a bye week for Tulsa as well, so that's a wash. On a positive note, it gives us an extra 2 days of rest for the UCF game the following Friday. UCF plays at Temple on 11/18, so hopefully that is a night game that goes late and limits their prep time for their game against us.
  9. Hopefully they do something special for the students to try and encourage increased attendance on weekday game nights. Maybe a free pre-game concert or something of that nature?
  10. I understand that he under-performed, but he did get better as the season progressed. In the last 8 weeks of the season he was 15/19, with one of those being a blocked FG, so he was 15/18 on actual attempts, for a 83.333% conversion rate, still not stellar, but much better than his first 8 games (7/12, 58.333%). Additionally, he was a perfect 17/17 on extra point conversions the final 8 weeks of the season. I'm not saying he is going to be great, or even that he is going to make the team this season, but he did improve as the 2016 season progressed.
  11. This is great for exposure. Let's hope we turn in the season we know this team is capable of producing.
  12. The fact that he is going to be able to field a team at all after the mass exodus is amazing. Add in the fact that he is pulling in quality guys that will be able to contribute from Day 1 and I will have to give the first 30 or so days of the CBG Administration a solid "A"
  13. Couldn't expect to move up in the polls following a 3-2 week unless a lot of the other ranked/almost ranked teams had losing weeks, which they didn't. Just keep winning and everything else will fall into place.
  14. They were a very streaky team with a thin bench. This wasn't supposed to be a banner year for the squad. They performed about as well as could be expected save 2 or 3 games. They will be very good next year but, unfortunately, UCONN will be even better.
  15. This is a no-brainer. Adding a non-football school shouldn't freak anyone out. It isn't like the Big East where there was almost an even split between the two factions. As previously stated, WSU would add units that would increase the AAC's payouyt from the NCAA for the tourney. Get it done.