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  1. They were a very streaky team with a thin bench. This wasn't supposed to be a banner year for the squad. They performed about as well as could be expected save 2 or 3 games. They will be very good next year but, unfortunately, UCONN will be even better.
  2. This is a no-brainer. Adding a non-football school shouldn't freak anyone out. It isn't like the Big East where there was almost an even split between the two factions. As previously stated, WSU would add units that would increase the AAC's payouyt from the NCAA for the tourney. Get it done.
  3. Also, Warrennolan.com updated its projection for the season and all I can say is that i hope it comes to fruition: Predictions Record 47 - 9 Conf Record 19 - 5 RPI 9 SOS 78
  4. It isn't just beating the teams you are supposed to beat, it is how we are beating them. Superb pitching, excellent and timely hitting, and good fielding. Also, baseball is one of those sports where it is really hard to win every game. The National Champs frequently have 13 to 15 losses on the season.
  5. They are similar, but they have two different types of burning sensations.
  6. Could get better if Wichita State joins us.
  7. FSU is much more physical. If we get past Mizzou, they will be a tough out, but they entered the Tournament reeling having lost 4 of their last 5 games. Sweet 16 would be amazing and a massive over-achievement given the loss of 3 starters and injury problems.
  8. Bingo. I think someone had to be hired immediately and that we were not in a position to be choosy. Harlan did a good job of snagging a guy with a decent track record and coaching chops. Now we just need to pray that he can put out the dumpster fire, find enough players to field a team next season, and then build from there. The only thing I ask is that everyone gives him 3 seasons before freaking out. We are actually starting from below zero right now. I would rather be just starting the program from scratch than taking over the mess that has been left behind.
  9. Thank goodness. 7, 10, or 11 seed really doesn't matter. 8 or 9 is almost a guaranteed round of 32 exit at best.
  10. Best draw we could have hoped for. We can compete with Mizzou and FSU has stumbled into the NCAA Tourney losing 4 of their last 5.
  11. Warren Nolan does a running prediction for each team and USF's current prediction is looking strong: Predictions Record 43 - 13 Conf Record 16 - 8 RPI 16 SOS 53 That would guarantee us a spot in the field of 64 and an outside shot of hosting a Regional.
  12. We didn't make the cut in the Baseball American Top 25. http://www.baseballamerica.com/college/college-top-25-march-13-college-baseball-rankings/#7TyMy78cFeJQyDba.97
  13. ECU and Houston are also pretty good. AAC is a solid baseball conference.
  14. FireJoseFernandez's last post was October 29, 2012....so it is certainly possible even though unlikely.
  15. When did the character Ned A Starr join the site?