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  1. Think it had more to do with the fact that he was an inexperienced true Freshman playing for a team that went 3-9 the year before that had a crappy o-line, no real running threat and a terrible defense while he was here. Playing for a winner as a Junior/Senior with quality players will make anyone look better. WKU was 12-2 the year before White started there.
  2. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    I hope they didn't make this hire based on availability. this program is in shambles. not sure there is anything worth saving. I hope they weren't thinking short term.
  3. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    obviously you want the best players. here is a map of where recruits come from geographically . notice how most of them come from mid-atlantic states. also note where the majority of players in a conference come from their surrounding states. I'm not saying you need to recruit your state exclusively but it's dumb to almost ignore it entirely. http://deadspin.com/map-where-do-college-basketball-recruits-come-from-1507395145 This was from 2014 and it says 223 players came from the state of Florida. it says that only Texas(21) had more recruits in the AAC than Florida(16). it said we had 4 of them.
  4. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    good news is GTech has 3 of top 4 scorers and 7 overall from their state this year as well as 9 overall with all top 5 scorers from their state last year. shows he likes to recruit locals personally I think that is the best way to build a program such as ours. keep it local and get a group of guys that grow together and maybe make a run as juniors/seniors.
  5. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    fgcu has 11 from florida. 4 of their top 5 scorers are from Florida..1 foreign. I'd say we are closer to them then we are FSU or UF. http://www.fgcuathletics.com/roster.aspx?path=mbball I'm not opposed to foreign players, I just don't think they should be our primary focus. I understand we won't get the top recruits in our area like Villanova does but we are not competing against Villanova. We are competing against UCF who has 9 FL players on their roster. 3 of their top 4 scorers are from Orlando http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/team/roster/_/id/2116/ucf-knights
  6. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    foreign players are pretty common in women's basketball. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaw/2015/12/23/foreign-players-bolstering-womens-college-hoops/77838404/ Villanova players averages just 81 miles from campus to hometown. they have no foreign born players. 10 of their players are from penn, NJ, MD, or NY. furthest is from Illinois
  7. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    He better recruit the state of Florida. No way should we have as many NY players as we have Florida players(2). COA thought he needed to travel the globe to get players. more international players than from Florida.they don't mesh FGCU wins because they recruit the state. 4 of top 5 scorers are from this state. The other one is from Georgia and is a UCF transfer. Guys like Jimmy Baxter, Reggie Kohn. Altron Jackson, BB Waldon, Dominique Jones, Solomon Jones, Chucky Atkins, Charlie Bradley, etc. Not saying you don't mix in other guys but our roster should be primarily from Florida.
  8. No, Charlie. Do not slow offense down!

    absolutely. defense can rest if they get off the field in 3 plays. our offense had nothing to do with them giving up 15 play 90 yards drives. how about our defense plays so effectively that they don't give our offense a chance to rest. the fact that he is a defensive minded coach had me worried about this hire. they are more concerned with field position and defending their end zone than they are with attacking and scoring. more conservative approach. they also play close games. our program is not built that way. total 180 in philosophy. just like we weren't built to be a pro-style when Taggart came in.
  9. No, Charlie. Do not slow offense down!

    didn't work in the big 12. that's why they forced him to go to spread offense in his last year at Texas.
  10. Strong Concern?

    His average star rating for individual recruits while at Texas 3.54 3.48 3.17 Mack Brown's the three years before Strong 3.60 3.64 3.77 He didn't have a single class with an average star ranking higher than Mack's lowest class in 3 years.
  11. Robert McCollum also at Oregon

    I'm with you guys. He brought in two NBA players and had to transition to the BE. Not only that but he lost his 2nd leading scorer to cancer. RIP Bradley Mosley.Things didn't work out for him here mostly due to things out of his control but I always respected him as a coach.
  12. Strong didn't invest a dime. Underage drinking is against the rules too. Shouldn't they test for that? look I have no problem with him being a disciplinarian. let's not act like the mess at Texas wasn't self-inflicted though. he gutted the program and yes more lenient coaches will be able to use that to recruit against him
  13. not sure smoking pot has anything to do with a person's character
  14. At least one-third of the Power Five conference schools are not punishing athletes as harshly as they were 10 years ago for testing positive for marijuana and other so-called recreational drugs, according to an investigation by The Associated Press. The NCAA last year cut in half the penalty for athletes who fail screenings for substances like marijuana at its championship events, and its chief medical officer is pushing for college sports’ governing body to get out of the business of testing for rec drugs altogether. The AP found that some of the nation’s biggest universities, from Oregon to Auburn, have already eased their punishments as society’s views on marijuana use have changed.Marijuana use among U.S. adults has doubled over a decade, according to government surveys, and recreational use is now legal in four states. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ncaa-athletes-marijuana-penalties_us_5681766ae4b014efe0d8c989
  15. defensive coaches are more conservative . they tend to play field position football.we aren't a program built to be conservative offensively. I know our defense needs to improve. personally I felt Woodie was too conservative in his play calling. we needed to blitz more and play more press coverage. that's what Allen did and it's why we ranked in top 25 for scoring defense, turnovers, sacks and tackles for loss. I think an aggressive offensive minded coach with an aggressive DC would have been perfect.