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  1. Bull94

    USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    problem is I don't have faith in this coaching staff. they are too conservative in nature which leads to games being close where a long 4th down play or kickoff return for TD in final minute can determine the outcome of a game. look at Strong's record at texas and louisville. most games were very close. even games against far less talented teams. he wants to sit on a 3 point lead. doesn't like to open up offense unless down by multiple scores.
  2. Bull94

    USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    Not sure where that screen shot came from but couldn't be more deceptive. unless of course you think a 7-6 FSU is the 20th best team in the country or an 8-5 Louisville is 22nd best team. FPI is garbage and is ESPN's power index. Couldn't be a conflict of interest there? It had 7-6 Texas at 25 while 10-2 USF is 44th. If you look at final rankings then Clemson beat 2 final ranked teams. Oklahoma beat 4. Georgia beat 3 Alabama beat 2 (one of those was mighty 9-4 LSU who lost at home to Troy) and UCF beat 3 (memphis twice and us)
  3. Bull94

    What Charlie Strong Did Before the Game...

    we barely beat a 6-6 big 12 team. they finished 8th in their conference with a 3-6 record. we would be middle of the pack at best against p5 competition.
  4. Bull94

    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    never said he was going to succeed at the next level. just said his speed is comparable to some very successful players.
  5. Bull94

    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Anquan Boldin's combine numbers 72.6 inches (6' ) 216 lbs 4.73 40 yard dash Quinton Flowers according to nfl draft scout 6' 210 lbs 4.57 40 yard dash funny thing is he didn't mention anything about height or weight.Just speed. Alfred Morris 2 time probowler is shorter(5'10"), slower (4.67) and only 5 pounds heavier. oh and Quinton had more rushing yards in college than he had. Le'Veon Bell ran a slower 40 (4.6)
  6. Bull94

    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    you mean like anquan boldin who ran a 4.77 or larry fitzgerald who ran a 4.63..... QF 4.57
  7. Bull94

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    not to get into the middle of this but those teams don't cancel on us because they are scared. they cancel on us because the buyout is low and they can generate far more revenue playing a cupcake at home. whoever signed those deals for us had to know it was likely to happen. personally I'd like to see us do one and dones against top competition. don't bother thinking they will return a game. they will just pay the measly buyout and screw up our schedule.
  8. Bull94

    Oregon has some nerve to be mad

    I don't think so. I don't think he thought FSU was coming open for a long time. Fluke that it did and he had to take the opportunity. Might not ever get a chance again. Just bad timing. I truly think it is his dream job. Growing up he was a huge fan. His family still are fans. I think I read where his brother showed up in Nole gear last year when we played them.
  9. Bull94

    Willie to FSU is official

    Not sure he cares what a bunch of blowhards on ESPN think. It is his dream job. Probably thought it would never open up. Timing sucked but you gotta jump on the opportunity.
  10. He would have been the Gus Malzahn of USF.
  11. Not sure why people discount what happened after the offense changed but we became a top 10 offense and won 19 of our next 23 under him. That's what turnarounds are supposed to look like. He was smart enough to retool his offense in the off-season and it took him a few games to really trust the players to run it. BTW the sign of a great coach is one who is not too stubborn to change things when they need to be changed. going from a harbaugh power scheme to a wide open new design was probably uncomfortable at first.
  12. FSU is his dream job. He won't leave there unless he goes to the NFL. He has run 2 top 30 offenses (it would have been 2 top 10 offenses had his QB not gotten hurt at Oregon)at 2 different schools in the last 2 years. He had them ranked as #6 in recruiting before he left. Pair him with a good DC (Leavitt) and he will be unbelievable at FSU
  13. Bull94

    Willie to FSU is official

    Honestly I think it just comes down to the fact that it is his dream job. He grew up a huge Noles fan. In fact I think I read somewhere that he had family members ( a brother I think) that showed up to our game against FSU wearing FSU gear. That is hardcore. It was bad timing and honestly I'm sure he never thought FSU was going to open up or he would have stayed at USF one more year.
  14. did you see " " around great in my statement? where did I say it was a direct quote? That was the essence of what he said.
  15. Great pregame quotes. Sounds like they were saying it was ok to lose. great mindset to have coming into that game... "You won nine games and you’re sitting here at 9-1," he told reporters Tuesday. "You’re going to lose to an undefeated team if you (lose today), so it’s not like you’re sitting there where you lost to a team that’s won five games. So it’s not a failure." "Obviously you want (the fans) to be able to walk with their heads held high coming out of this game," defensive coordinator Brian Jean-Mary said. "But to say it’s a total loss if the outcome doesn’t come out the way you want to, that would be a disservice to these kids that busted their butts for you." "Going 9-2 is definitely a great season on paper," said Ruff, whose 22nd-ranked team plays No. 13 UCF for the American Athletic Conference’s East Division title today in Orlando.