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  1. Illinois Attendance

    yeah you can. give them out to different groups. ie educators one night. military another night. etc. heck give them out to 813 area codes one night. 727 another. last name a-f one night. g-k another. All 5th graders who get A's on their report cards. I don't care but get people in the stands. have a standing invitation to all high school players and their coaches every week. break it up by county if need be. make it the thing to do on a saturday.
  2. Illinois Attendance

    agreed. they need to do something to get that side filled. the way our tickets are priced now only diehards are going to go to the games. keep filling empty sections with promotions. start shrinking those sections as our fanbase grows.
  3. Have we Stopped Freaking Out Now?

    much better on offense. showed a little creativity. jet sweeps even a wheel route and RB screen. seemed to attack the edges more with the run. we still like to run between the tackles more than I care but it was effective last night.that won't work well against a lot of teams though and I hope they can recognize it early to adjust unlike Stoney game. even pressed the action down the field more. defense is night and day better
  4. Illinois Attendance

    much better attendance. they need to do appreciation giveaways every week. teachers, military, etc. heck give high school teams free tickets every week. this is how you build a fan base. get casual fans interested by giving them their first fix for free.
  5. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    I've seen tons of bubble screens. Taggart uses them to suck the defense in and then he goes over the top with a pump fake to the outside. He always keeps the defense guessing. I've seen a couple of jet sweeps as well. he is playing chess out there. moving his pieces into open space. setting up his next move. always looking for the big play downfield. attacking. Gilbert plays checkers. no misdirection. just tries to run between the tackles and throw hooks, hitches, etc. almost all underneath stuff. he doesn't try to go over the top of a defense. rarely uses speed and height on the outside downfield.
  6. semantics. we run exclusively between the tackles and we like to use a TE as a FB. doesn't scream spread to me. oh and we don't throw to RBs. just because we go 3 wide doesn't mean it's a spread. call it technique or scheme or what have you. they are blocking differently than last year and it's far more complicated now. It reminds me when Taggart used to pull guards etc. that line was a mess.
  7. I can only control one fan and I was there. He should appreciate the fans he has. as boring as that game was I could see why casual fans wouldn't bother.
  8. I thought he improved. it doesn't change the fact that he is much better at deep passes. He has thrown a few this year. nothing compared to last year though.
  9. it's an insult to the people that show up. the opponent was not very exciting. and two of the states biggest programs were playing big time games during or soon after our 1-aa joke. no way to expect casual fans. only diehards.
  10. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    they have a "check with me" built in for just such situations. that's why they look to the sideline. oh and a coach can go back to the same play and expect to see the same look. they had their corners off but one on one on the outside a lot of the game. there was no safety help on the one go route we threw.
  11. the tweet was from this year obviously referring to his QB rating on deep balls being good once again. I know you love to argue semantics but if you honestly don't believe his deep ball is way better than any other pass then you might be the only one.
  12. that was last year. here is the post
  13. so i guess that 129 rating on throws 20+ yards was just bunk??
  14. yeah you don't think blocking technique has anything to do with it? why do you think almost all colleges use a zone blocking scheme now? because they are easier and more effective. but go ahead and blame it on the players for not being able to pick up a blocking technique in one off season that many first round picks can't do in an entire year in the NFL. here is an article in usa today talking about the different techniques and how top draft picks sit out a year just to try and learn them. some never do. top linemen in college. why would we try to teach them this in one off season? https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2017/03/18/spread-offenses-in-college-make-nfl-a-guessing-game/99348272/
  15. they ran one jet sweep. it went for like 15 yards. never did see it again. he threw one go route. 65 yard TD on 3rd and long. not another one. he doesn't throw the ball to RBs so don't bother covering them out of the backfield. pretty much takes away DJ's strength. What I saw was us running between the tackles almost exclusively. no creativity whatsoever. a bunch of 3 yard hitches. a 5 yard inside screen. hardly ever attacked downfield.