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  1. Football Complex (IPF) News

    I think this is turning into an IPA thread.
  2. Football Complex (IPF) News

    As to scheduling, note in our future schedules, we are almost completely booked up through 2024. 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2024 already have four OOC games so they are done. 2020 and 2021 need one home game each. 2023 we have 2 slots. I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the 3 homes games in 2022 and 2024 moved. The point though is IF there is a conference realignment......everything points to 2025. Will the Big 12 still exist in its current form? I think we are looking at 7 more seasons in the American and those years are critical to stay at the top.
  3. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Joey Knight Predicts the IPF breaks ground this year. Maybe. Sounds like plans are a go. It's going to take a few months to do drawings, decide on a team, then they have to get bids. If everything goes great, you may break ground by December. The bigger question is would it be ready for the start of the 2019 season.
  4. It will be interesting to see if Kean or Oladokun come out of the spring with any kind of lead on the other. Will all the hype about transfer RB Jordan Cronkrite be legit? Where will Trevon Sands end up? Does he stay at RB only or will he play on the defensive side of the ball? Will Duke transfers Brandon Boyce and Marquies Price have an impact on the DL this year? Will we have more than one TE see the field? Who will step up on the OL for Cameron Ruff and Jeremi Hall.
  5. Bulls Signing Day Central

    Didn’t realize the Aussie punter was 27....good gracious.
  6. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    So who will be the new backup tight end? Based on last years' roster we now only have 4. Derek Hintze, Mitchell Wilcox, Frederick Lloyd, Nicholas Munera. I believe we signed one in the recruiting class.
  7. USF Future Scheduling Strategy

    The Big 10, ACC and SEC consider BYU and ND a P5 opponent for the purposes of scheduling.
  8. I have almost allowed myself to conclude the HB Dive play that everyone hates so much is actually a bit of a "Rope a Dope" play. I think Strong is just looking at all of this from the point of view of the defense. Keep the clock running, shorten the game. Try to wear down their defense with power ball meanwhile keeping your defense fresh on the sidelines (assuming you can make 3rd downs) and then dominate in the 4th quarter. It felt like USF was playing every game this year to just get the clock run down and then win it in the 4th. The UH game, they basically thought they had it won when they got to 4th and 24. They thought they had the UCF game won except for special teams at the end. Every other game was won. Not always in an exciting fashion but a Win is a Win. I suspect as Strong gets more of his defensive people in via recruiting, the team will become a more defensive dominant team.
  9. Stan Heath Accused

    You can argue that players may or may not be getting a good deal in college athletics. However, this thread is about Noriega's allegations toward Stan Heath and his experience while at USF. The way I read his allegations are that this coach and doctor felt so much pressure to win, they made decisions to get the athlete back on the field sooner than they should have been. Is Heath to blame for that? One could interpret his remarks that way but I think he was making a larger case against the entire system of the NCAA. Maybe his allegation is valid, maybe it isn't. That all said, we can't say college football and basketball is the same as all other division I university sports because of the money involved and pressure to win. USF Women's Volleyball just went 12-18 and no one is pressuring USF to fire Courtney Draper. I think the discussion Noriega was essentially having is should college basketball and football be what they are? They have a monopoly on talent. If you look at MLB Baseball Prospects or NHL prospects, many of the elite players don't go the university route because that isn't what they are interested in. Others value the degree so they go to college first and then go to the pros. That is the free market system at work. However, the NCAA and the TV networks have a vested interest is keeping things the way they are so they don't want a free market system.
  10. Stan Heath Accused

    I think the original intent of the discussion that caused Noriega to share this story is the NCAA doesn't really have the player/athletes' interest first. When you look at the money involved, I don't think he really went out on a ledge there. I am sure he carries some ill will but USF and Stan Heath are merely small players in this overall system. NCAA men's Basketball and Football are big money businesses presented as amateur athletic competition which they are not. Some of these players, possibly most, would be more than happy to bypass the University System and the NCAA if such a system existed.
  11. It wasn’t blatantly obvious to AD Lee Roy Selmon when he signed the game with Nichols State who was only 3 scholarships short of being eligible. The only difference I see is the Tampa media was reporting on it for months prior to the bowls so no one could have “missed it” when the Bowls were selecting teams.
  12. You have to give credit to both. BJM wouldn't be here if it wasn't for CCS.
  13. So in 2017, FSU gets to go to a bowl even though one of their wins shouldn't have counted. The FSU schrill says "Not FSU's fault that Delaware doesn't have enough scholarships" Calls this "Technical Nonsense" Yet USF in 2003 went 7-4 and was not bowl eligible because 2 of their wins came against FCS teams due to this exact same situation. USF was not allowed to go to a bowl because of this.