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  1. I think we would have to go undefeated 3 seasons straight to get into the Playoffs.
  2. Another expansion "click-bait" article by Mark Blaudschun. He was constantly talking about Big East expansion back in the day. This is an AAC expansion article.
  3. Pretty much all of them off a DVR cloud based system except Directv Now which says they are working on. You know how "Video Killed the Radio Star"? More changes are coming.
  4. I am sure it was said on another thread. If you can't make you own flight and want to complain about it. Fine. But you have to wear this going forward.
  5. Could CCS's defense really be any worse than last years' defense?
  6. I read an article that said the new Hulu streaming service will be $40 a month. I recently switch from Vue to Directv Now. The comparable packages both have ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNN, ESPNU and SEC Network, FS1, Fox Sports Florida, Sun Sports. For whatever reason Directv Now does blackout Heat and Panther games. I assume Marlin games also but I don't really care. They both have the Big Ten Network and NBS Sports. I want to say Vue has BeIN and NFL Network where Directv Now does not. Vue gives you up to 5 streams where as Directv Now only gives you 2. All in all, Directv Now gives you a lot more channels and content for the $35 but the more content is not sports. You can cancel them online anytime so switching is no big deal.
  7. Not sure if this old article sheds any light on where that 2nd game was left.
  8. This thread reminds me that USF Men's Basketball has sunk so low, I now long for the days of Greenberg where from a free throw shooting perspective, it was always a gamble and a 50/50 proposition in most cases.
  9. I don't think you can even compare Holtz recruiting to Taggart recruiting in anyway. Holtz did NOTHING at the QB position. He inherited 3 years of BJ Daniels and still got fired. After the 2012 season, the QB's on Roster were Matt Floyd and Bobby & Tommy Eveld. That was it. Next years' team has coming back, Sr. Quinton Flowers, So. Brett Kean and RFr. Chris Oladokun (who we keep hearing good things about). I am not worried about one off year in recruiting that is common with any coaching change. It just means Strong will need a good recruiting year next season.
  10. I can't say anything "Great" that Harlan has done while here. Stan Heath was fired the same week he was hired. It is hard to say what input if any, Harlan had on that move. He hired Steve Masiello without seeing if he had a degree. Then turned around and hired Orlando Antigua. Neither coach has had much success since then. I don't know all the ins and outs as to why the Antigua thing didn't work out but hiring anyone named Orlando for the USF job is bad juju. He undercut Taggart in the whole Ybor/Gonzmart thing. Not saying Harlan hasn't seen some success while he has been here (mostly Tennis, Golf and Soccer) but to me, it just seems like he has a nice cushy job, much like Doug Woolard before him.
  11. At least he retained Flowers.
  12. In the next six years we have 7 games against Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech & BYU. Who exactly is Harlan supposed to schedule in order to avoid having "Rinky Dink" opponents? We just had FSU at home. UF doesn't want to play us....even on their field. UM said they are no longer interested in continuing the series. Who is beating down out door to play us? In 2014, Indiana (who I am sure you would say is Rinky Dink) paid $750,000 to not play us but play FIU instead.
  13. Not going to happen. We had no way of knowing what Illinois would be when we scheduled that series. I just will enjoy the W's.
  14. This board has been high on Charlie Strong since 2009 when all the Jim Leavitt stuff was playing out. Louisville hired Strong one month before Leavitt was fired. USF was 1-3 against him and many on this board have lamented that we got Kragthorped in more ways than one that day on 11/21/09 against UofL. People saw CCS success at UF going after FL defensive players, they then saw his success at UofL with a lot of FL kids. I think many give him a pass on UT because of his lack of a previous Texas history and culture.
  15. Apples and oranges. This was a fun season and I enjoyed it more than 2007 as a whole but winning at Auburn and against #5 Mountaineers, that games were a LOT of fun. No single game this season comes close to those signature wins. The Big East could legit get you in the championship game. We are back in CUSA 2.0 so it has a different feel.