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  1. The obvious way to improve the conference in the short term would be to do like the AAC did with Wichita State and add a basketball power from a small conference. But there aren't a lot of those teams available. VCU is the only one that comes to mind that didn't join the Big East.
  2. CCS and Coaching Openings

    It seems the USF fanbase has an odd relationship with CCS. It appears that CCS has recruited well (we will see if that is actually realized) and has brought us a good defense. But we all know he is going to leave eventually and is determined to run an offense that doesn't seem suited for our recruiting base. So on one hand, it could be much worse, like the Skip Holtz years.....but I don't think there will be any public outcry if he leaves. I think the reaction is more like, thank you Texas and CCS for your donation to our Athletic Department. Thank you for the $2.5 million buyout (or whatever it ends up being whatever year he leaves), it has been nice doing business with you.
  3. CCS and Coaching Openings

    This Ole Miss writer is hot for CCS.
  4. Our next head football coach should be

    Lane Kiffin probably views USF as a lateral move from FAU. With failures with the Raiders, Tennessee and USC, how many chances is this guy going to get? I think if he were smart, he would stick with FAU a few seasons and try and rehab his reputation a little bit.
  5. CCS and Coaching Openings Article talks about a lot of potential coaches but they did talk about Strong. It almost seems like there will be so many openings in the off season that someone may take a flyer on Strong like Arkansas or Ole Miss. I’d take the buyout.
  6. Remember Charlie

    Not many have switched sides and played at a high level. Scott Frost was able to play in the NFL for about six seasons as a safety.
  7. There's a lot of fun left!

    True. Really all of this has been know from day 1. The only "surprise" has really been the improvement of UCF. We aren't likely to go to the B-Bowl back to back seasons. The Military Bowl is possible but given the option to take Navy, I tend to think the Midshipmen get that slot over us. If we don't win out, maybe the AAC would work a deal with another bowl like they did with UH last season.
  8. There's a lot of fun left!

    So most of our possible outcomes all lead to the same place: The Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl. We have 3 games left in the regular season. We have to win ALL of THEM Plus the Championship Game to go to the Peach Bowl and play someone other than probably FIU. We could go 7-4 and still probably end up there. We could go 10-1 and lose to Memphis and still probably end up there. Must go 11-1.
  9. Doesn't matter

    Several "converted Safeties" have won National Championships playing QB. Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Charlie Ward, Tommie Frazier, Scott Frost. All of those players played defense in HS because they were probably the most athletic player on the field. It seems to work at every level except the NFL. Michael Vick probably has done the best job at the pro level but it cannot be sustained.
  10. Doesn't matter

    So if I hear everybody correctly.....what I think you are trying to say is:
  11. What will be interesting is to see how much Gilbert is willing to veer off course as the stakes get higher. We saw that in the San Jose State game. Conservative at the beginning. Then let Flowers do his thing. It feels like we run this up the middle garbage all day until we think we HAVE to do something different. 3rd and 10, 3rd and 9. Then and only then it seems like we pass. What was interesting in the UH game is the QB run really wasn’t there. But the pass was there. But we only seemed to pass when we HAD to. Run, run, 3rd and long Pass. Then run up the middle again. We get ahead by one score, run up the middle on the next drive. Mind you we really couldn't run wide on them the few times we tried. The whole game felt like we were being “rope a doped”. I am thinking, if I am Applewhite, I say just keep it close, they could dominate this game but just let them think they can win by 3 or 7 points and at the end, I am going to steal this thing with no time left for them to react. Sure he lucked out on that 4th and 24 but that is eventually what happened. Not sure if that was by design but it happened none the less.
  12. If Taggart had stayed, would we be 8-0?

    ECU, UH and Tulane could have possibly been L's with Tags. Making the following assumptions: No Mack. Same defense as last year. We would probably have figured out a way to lose one of those games. We would have more points on Offense and have given up more points on Defense. I would guess we would still be 7-1.
  13. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    People at Tennessee or Ole Miss or UF are not going to be excited about a Strong hire. Not just because of the UH game but because of his entire body of work. His team has underwhelmed all season and finally lost to a 3 loss team who was a 10.5 point dog. His signature win here is what, Illinois? We hired him basically based on Louisville, not Texas. I said after the hire, our schedule was so weak no one would be able to evaluate him this season except for underperformance. Really next season is more of the same except for the GT game.
  14. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    I don’t think anyone is going to hire Strong after this loss. They will probably be hot for Frost.