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  1. Watching the Vikings game

  2. Bulls in the NFL

    Mike Jenkins? Still free agent?
  3. USF Men's bball getting back to the NCAA tournament?

    I think our only 5 players on roster would be happened first before entering the playoff season. BTW, I saw BJ Daniels playing basketball at New Tampa L.A. Fitness gym last Wednesday evening.
  4. USF players' NFL Combine Results (2008-2016)

    Wow.. Andre Hall was faster than Marlon Mack
  5. National Signing Day '17

    Dingle, Thomas, and Culpepper!
  6. With bright green glow!
  7. Asst Coaching changes

    Sterlin Gilbert leaving for Auburn OC?
  8. Which of these will happen first?

    Joining the P5 Conference after USF becomes stronger and P5 teams prefer to lose to USF in P5 instead of USF in G5. LOL
  9. Johnson/Tice

    They don't accelerate fast as Mack does but they can catch the ball better.. I think Sands can accelerate fast and strong.
  10. Mack Going Pro

    Bad decision! He's too lightweight.. They can't promise to make big hole for him to run through. Wish him the best luck and hope he will be successful like Reggie Bush.

    WMU just lost to Wisc today and are we only one G5 team that beat P5 this bowls?
  12. OCS!!!

    We will have OCS if all businesses to be closed during game day only. LOL
  13. Does Rodney Adams get drafted? Bucs needs a receiver.

    I think D. Bogan was our best receiver we ever had and he ran 4.5. He was undrafted before he made on 49ers team thanked to Jims.
  14. Tampa Bay Times

  15. Strong Bringing Gilbert and Mattox from UT

    Sterling Gilbert Coaching career (HC unless noted) 2003 Springtown (TX) HS (RB) 2004 Springtown (TX) HS (QB) 2005 Houston (GA) 2006–2007 Cooper (TX) HS (OC/QB) 2008–2010 Lake View (TX) HS 2011 Temple (TX) HS (OC/QB) 2012–2013 Eastern Illinois (OC/QB) 2014 Bowling Green (OC/QB) 2015 Tulsa (OC/QB) 2016 Texas (OC/QB) Matt Mattox Coaching career (HC unless noted) 2005 Houston (Strength Coach) 2006 Houston (GA) 2007-2011 Butler CC (OL/TE) 2012 Coffeyville CC (OC) 2013 Eastern Illinois (OL) 2014 Bowling Green (Co-OC/OL) 2015 Tulsa (Co-OC/OL) 2016–present Texas (OL / Run Game Coordinator)