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  1. http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/usf-football-player-shot-at-tampa-apartment-complex/2317982 If true he needs to be arrested and thrown off the team.
  2. Could care less about the NIT, that being said I hope UCF loses.
  3. and the one that doesn't coach here is the only coach to ever win an NCAAT game for USF Basketball, and also in my opinion lead the most successful season in USF Athletics history (for a revenue sport)
  4. Did you miss the Seton Hall game today?
  5. http://draftwire.usatoday.com/2017/03/16/full-7-round-2017-nfl-mock-draft-7th-round/ Has Mack going #80 (3rd) to Indy and Adams #240 (7th) to Jacksonville.
  6. Wow Mens Basketball is the only program making money. I would have never expected that.
  7. I completely forgot about him.
  8. The kids that would be replacing the one and dones are on a different level. You can still get some solid talent that is looking for playing time.
  9. Journeyman? Did you see the guys in front of him in Denver. Anywhere else he would have been on the field more at CB.
  10. Good move for LA. Webster is a heck of a ST's player and could be a very solid CB.
  11. What do you expect? Harlan's last hire made this team a dumpster fire. Granted it was not in great shape before, but COA is likely the worst hire in our history. That is saying something. I never thought it could be worse than McCollum.
  12. I think that hit was John LaJest (sure I spelled that wrong) and I may be wrong.
  13. I hope so. I want this more than Nate.