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  1. Those sanctions wouldn't hurt us too bad.
  2. Flowers was actually 50 to 1.
  3. USF was not ranked all of 2007.
  4. I am in Lake Tahoe and got USF at 500 to 1 to win it all ($10)and Flowers at 25 to 1 ($5) to win the Heisman. Also put $10 bucks on Miami to win the Super Bowl at 40 to 1.
  5. ty
  6. score?
  7. Treat this like a non conference week night game. We are currently leading the conference and the wins this weekend are much more important. I want the best arms for the weekend.
  8. She was probably just the Judge for the first appearance, at least in my circuit typically the advisory judge is different from the judge that is assigned the case.
  9. Well he is friends with Mr. Winston which is interesting.
  10. I do agree that Indy is the perfect place for Marlon. I think he will do big things there.