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  1. I was recently at Pittsburgh airport wearing a green USF t-shirt. As i walked around the airport, a guy shouted "Go Bulls." In 1974 when I graduated from South Florida, very few people outside of Florida knew of our school. It's awesome that USF is so well known now all around the country! That's what college sports does for a university.
  2. April 10 is the first night of Passover. Unfortunately, not a good night for some of us to attend this function.
  3. Brian Gregory may well turn out to be a terrific coach for our basketbull team. Of course, we all hope so! However, I wish Harlan had not pulled the trigger so fast and waited a few more days to see what coaches would be fired elsewhere. I really would have liked to have a chance at hiring Tom Crean or Lorenzo Romar (unlikely as that may have been). Looks like Steve Alford may go home to his alma mater and coach Indiana University.
  4. Thanks, Brad. I may not remember anything from my USF math education classes but I do have a pretty terrific memory of my days working with the mens basketbull team.
  5. The Auburn loss at home (Curtis Hixon Hall) in 1975 was a devastating loss. One of their guys hit a shot at the buzzer to win the game for them. There was no three point shot back then. Steve Mazza and I were the team managers and I was also a statistician for that team. Just a great starting five! Guard Doug Aplin was a terrific sharp shooter. If I remember correctly, Aplin scored 41 points again FTU (Florida Tech) at home. That was a team individual scoring record at the time. That school was not yet re-named UCF. The previous year our head coach, Bill Gibson, died of a heart attack in July and Chip Connor was then named our head coach. He had been Bill Gibson's lead assistant. Both Bill Gibson and Chip Connor had come to USF basketbull from the University of Virginia in 1974. Gibson had been named ACC coach of the year a few years earlier and he completely turned around our basketbull program in the one year he was head coach. I believe we were 15-13 in his one year as coach after the previous coach led our team to a record of several games below .500. Coach Gibson was such a nice guy and a super coach. He died young, only in his fifties.
  6. I doubt Seth has any interest in returning to USF. I imagine he is very well paid by ESPN. Very unlikely we are interested in Seth. I like Stan Heath but he will not be rehired here. I'm not keen on Murry Bartow. I hope we hire Anthony Grant.
  7. Yes, charsibb, I certainly am ANCIENT. My freshman year, 1969-70, soccer was our biggest sport. Homecoming weekend centered on a soccer game. Few people outside of the Tampa area heard of the University of South Florida. I'm amazed that wherever I go now and I am wearing a USF shirt or hat, people say "go Bulls to me". I love the fact that people know of our school because of our athletic teams. GO BULLS!!!
  8. Yes, Charsibb, Steve Mazza, and I were two student managers of the Golden Brahman's men's basketbull team. We worked together in the 1975-76 season. Lots of fun and wonderful memories! The Sun Dome was only a dream back then. I was also the student manager of the first Golden Brahman's men's basketbull team in 1971-72.
  9. I was the student equipment manager for the Brahman's men's basketbull team. When our practices ended about 5:30 each afternoon in the gym, the girls team entered the gym to practice. The girls played their home games in the gym. We played our home games at Curtis Hixon Hall in downtown Tampa, the armory in Tampa and even at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg. That was a long time ago
  10. Steve Mazza, maybe Doug Aplin can be Chip Connor's head assistant coach. Phil Shelp (remember him Steve ?) could also be an assistant coach
  11. I will not be upset at all if none of the defensive coaches are retained. I hope TJ Weist will be named the offensive coordinator and that all (if not most) of the offensive staff returns. But of course, Coach Strong will bring in many of his assistants from Texas.
  12. Rex Havoc, your posts have been 100% correct regarding the game against Navy! You are very astute!
  13. Steve Mazza is absolutely right. Our defense is HORRIBLE! We gave up a 99 yard drive and let Navy easily go down the field to score a touchdown at the end of the game. If there was five minutes left in the game after that Navy touchdown we may have lost (assuming Kean was still at quarterback not Flowers). The offense is exceptional! I guess we will have to continue to simply outscore teams not hold them on defense.
  14. There is absolutely no way Pitt (or any other school) even interviews Coach Antigua. I am looking forward to him turning around our program next season.
  15. Once Taggart is no longer our coach, I want Mario Cristobol or (you guys will love this) Lane Kiffen.