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  1. UCF more students that ...

    That’s the reason why I prefer direct links from the schools. The first wiki link (by campus) fails automatically since we don't have 46k+ in the Tampa campus. Note the disclaimer on that page that says the total includes regional campuses if they are small. Try again.
  2. UCF more students that ...

    USF has been the 3rd largest in the state for a few years now (we were second in the early 2000s). I believe we're still the 9th largest in the country. -For Fall 2008, UCF had just over 50,000 in total... not just the Orlando Campus. (http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~irps/character/current.html) -UCF also has 11 other regional campuses (http://www.regionalcampuses.ucf.edu/locations/index.asp) -For Fall 2008, UF had 51,790 in total... down from Fall 2007 (http://www.ir.ufl.edu/minority/enuff.xls) -For Fall 2008, USF had 46,174 in total across all 5 campuses - including the downtown center. The Tampa campus had 39,099 students. (http://www.usf.edu/pdfs/USF_PocketFacts.pdf) The wiki page is way wrong, but that's nothing new from the tinmen... > Take it for what it's worth. By campus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_United_States_university_campuses_by_enrollment By total enrollment across all campuses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_United_States_universities_by_enrollment By undergraduate population http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_United_States_universities_by_undergraduate_enrollment Granted, it is Wikipedia, but I would not be surprised if these were pretty close to accurate. There are corresponding links to each number. Carry on.
  3. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    I mentioned Vega cause I saw his posts about Clanton elsewhere. I was looking for fan reaction to his commitment and he had a nice spin going. While I admit that it's a bit of an stretch to put Vega in the same group as Warp, both still have their own sour grapes. That dontpushme showed the most ignorance talking about basketball relevence. New Mexico was riding a 33 game home OOC winning streak when they played UCF. The Pit is a very tough place to play. Some will consider that the biggest win so far because of it being away and that UNM seriously considered it a big warm up.
  4. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    Some silly bball talk here. Vega and warp are a couple of crybabies with sour grapes. The game proved why Clanton wanted to go to UCF. Also, unlike football, no basketball is irrelevant. Schools like Davidson, Creighton and Gonzaga don't even have I-A football programs yet they can run with the D-I big boys. Once again, it's simply sour grapes. I've been to a couple of bball games since the new arena opened and the student section is always very hostile. Thirdly, why are people using football numbers to justify basketball? Who cares about 64-12 on the hardwood? There were 2 games played over the last 2 years, both were good games and they were split. USF fans, no need to make excuses. Just take the loss with some grace and look forward to the next game. FYI, I consider 1998 to be UCF's best ever season. They got hosed due to conference affiliations(the lack thereof).
  5. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    A lot of people want him out. He's not going anywhere though. I'd be happy with an offensive coaching overhaul.
  6. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    They may leave, but that also means they show up in the first place and consider how great the season has been, that's not bad. Remember, these fans have endured a lot. From a 17 game losing streak to going 4 consecutive games with 0 offensive points in the second half. That cost UCF the game on multiple occasions where they could have won it. At 4-7 going into the last game, the fans wanted to see the seniors play hard and go out with a bang. Instead, it was a whimper and the fans were sending a message to the athletics brass. A team talented enough to win the conference the year before should not be, well, this bad. For the longest time, UCF was a commuter school. While a large population live off campus(many in area apartments), UCF has worked hard to shed that image and has the most on campus housing in the state now. I guess what also helps is how the school is built in that it's not interweaving with the city around it(like UF) but is almost like a city in itself. I don't think USF is a commuter school anymore. What might help is to continue replacing the old bunker buildings and making the campus more modern. The new buildings look nice, but the old ones are eyesores.
  7. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    Those are second half pictures(look at the scoreboard). The place cleared out after halftime(cause everyone knows we don't score in the second half). Also, the first picture is of the student section(the one I said was pretty much empty). The last one is from the 4th because my section(130) is one that is partially pictured. It was nearly full to start the game and then the attrition came. The second one had the same section in it (between 30 and 40's).
  8. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    Lee texted me and said he estimated the crowd at 15K. I'd have to ask what game the old man stumbled to? He probably drove south to the FIU/FAU game. That was a very full "15k".
  9. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    I've been around but have had little to say. I know a few that post are unable to tighten their green and gold goggles and they just needed a little correcting. Being at the game, I can honestly say that the announced number wasn't far off from the real number. I'd say 20-22k is probably a more accurate number, but no less. There were single game seats taken as well as visiting seats(UAB brought a small crowd and their marching band). Just calling it how I saw it. Anyway, how's by you?
  10. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    I was at that game. There is a reason why I can't stand Thanksgiving weekend games. There were next to no students there(a good 12k missing right there). From what students have been saying, spending time with the family(away from campus) was more important than watching a 4-7 team stink it up. I can't argue with that. I'd say about 80% of season ticket turnout was there and there wasn't much in single game tickets. 23k being there is a fair assessment. Now, my green and gold friend, the big difference in this argument is that your attendance troubles are during games that should not have issues. Before this game, the season low for attendance was 40k for the Sunday ECU game. In fact, that Sunday game was the lowest since the stadium opened before the Thanksgiving game. UCF has historically had bad Thanksgiving weekend attendance, so weak numbers last week come to no surprise. 2008 - 23644 2006 - 23755 2004 - 12083 2003 - 12902 2002 - 12462 This comes from being a young school with a still growing fan base with a large majority of students not being commuters. Now, I don't expect you to get it, cause you rarely do, but all things considered, averaging slightly under 40k for a really bad season is a good indication that the fan base is growing and getting stronger.
  11. It's said somewhere(I think OS) that Jackson isn't at UCF anymore.
  12. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    Win a national title, then you'll be in the picture. Till then, keep those green and gold goggles on tight. I'd hate to see reality get through.
  13. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    1 game does not dictate big 3 status. Even if we beat Miami(this or next year), we aren't big 3. Win a national championship before making comparisons. Hell, make a BCS bowl before trying to sit at that table. Till then, you're still at the kiddie table.
  14. Mind numbing UCF/USF drivel, et al

    If you really think FIU and FAU aren't the bottom 2 in the state, you don't know college ball. FAU is the worst.
  15. One of the tv stations did a small blurb about Jamison being Baker Acted because of a fake crime he staged. His credibility is at stake since he was the on camera face(and one of these anonymous people). The question is whether ESPN knew that or not.