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  1. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 9/100 My Time 137 seconds  
  2. BULLStats

    Unimpressed, considering the opponents.
  3. AAC more NFL draft picks than Big 12

    Upon casual observation, it seems that half of Big 10 draftees came from two schools (no desire to dig deeper)
  4. Football schedule announcement at...

    Homecoming will be a nooner, I bet. Hopefully, not many others
  5. Marlon Mack Appreciation Thread

    I remember being amazed as he ran for 275 in his debut. Thanks for the memories
  6. USF HerdFunder Project

    Done. Go Bulls!
  7. Oregon reaches out to Willie Taggart

    He coached at Stanford. Pretty sure he has recruiting contacts on West Coast. Further, Oregon recruits the entire country
  8. Still not sure what I witnessed last night

    Last night as we walked to our cars, my seat mate and I were b@tching about how we sucked. His wife and my wife said "you two sound ridiculous. We beat a ranked team. Not long ago we were leaving our seats at half time because the losing was intolerable." Reality check
  9. Johnny Ward appreciaton thread

    Coach highlighted award as symbolic of the character of the team members. Ward lost his job yet remained positive and remained ready if opportunity became available. Good stuff .
  10. TV for next week

    Cant remember...was the game in South Bend on the Notre dame Broadcasting Channel?
  11. NIU Newspaper coverage

    Interesting to see how they reported... http://m.daily-chronicle.com/2016/09/10/niu-football-hare-injures-ankle-huskies-blown-out-at-south-florida/alagwuk/
  12. Joey Knight isn't all bad

    Initially, I thought the same thing (he wasn't at the game). Then I saw his video from the press box post game. Gotta call foul on your observation
  13. Five Question Friday

    1. Attended very first game. Became season ticket holder a few years later 2. Nate Allen. He seemed to always be in the right position and could be counted on to make a big play when needed 3. CWT (though I have lots of love for the Jim). CWT is reviving the program and the recruits love his swag 4. 2015. I had decided not to renew. My seat mate had to convince me. Rewarded for sitting thru the two prior seasons 5. Tie. Tallahassee/first bowl game in Charlotte
  14. Away Game tickets on Sale Now

    I am planning to hit Beale Street and watch Bulls get some revenge in Memphis