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  1. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Someone should camp on a billboard on 275 until USF sells 50k tickets for Cincinnati Make this a regional cause and get a lot of public support?
  2. Attendance is an embarrassment

    I honestly didn't read the entire thread, but something is broken and it starts with the admin of the university/athletic department. - We never capitalized on the early success of the program, that was the time to build an OCS. - We lack consistency from a comm, marketing, and outreach standpoint. Do we get any earned media locally? Everyone I talk to says it's practically non-existent - Seems like we lost all connection with the city, local leaders, etc. - this can be fixed, but it takes a plan, patience, and support. I feel like this is not rocket science and it perplexed me we can't grow. I hate to say it, but Oviedo tech leveraged buzz and success. They built a better foundation, better tradition and outreach. If we don't figure it out, just quit. Sorry the rant, but this is embarrassing. Since I live out of state and was watching on tv I literally had someone tell me that watts should run stadiums the rest of the game, since no one is there.
  3. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 141 seconds  
  4. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 54/100 My Time 152 seconds  
  5. Facilities

    I think our Olympic facilities are close (from what I can tell) maybe just smaller. However, overall we have some ways to go, primarily because football drives so much of the overall footprint at many of these schools. Look at locker rooms and weight rooms, some are getting insane. For example looking at what Minnesota is building is ridiculous. The layout, everything is surprising. We need to find some revenue streams until we get called up to the majors.
  6. Facilities

    No argument from me on that, however it's good to know your audience and ride any wave you can. If he wants to draw more attention he'd be better off. USF isn't big enough that a less thank positive message draws readers (negative sells with big programs). However, in my opinion, a positive message from a local writer would have brought more shares and support. With that his visibility and readership would grow. Not saying that is the case every time and he has to wear green and gold glasses (he shouldn't at all). What I am saying is he could have capitalized off the success of last year and the hype of this year with a different tone/message. Not to mention it would have been good for us.
  7. Facilities

    Wish the tone was better, but as much as I hate to say it - he has a point. Most specifically for football. College football is an arms race that we and the rest of the G5 are behind. However, our football facilities are a bit behind the top G5 as well. What he should have done is made the article a call to action that the USF Community could rally around. Something about coming off its best season and on the brink of what could be a historic one, USF needs the support of the Bay Area. I think we would have all been behind the message, even if the die-hards on TBP wouldn't be the primary audience.
  8. CCS on 620 at 5PM

    I liked that Taggart was fearless. CCS needs to remind people that a kid can be a star anywhere and build a legacy that they may not be able to at the Big 3. It's obvious we don't fish in the same pond (for the most part), but he should spin it "we respect what this schools have accomplished and we hope to get there, but today we are on a level playing field, just look at the polls. Any star in FL that wants to make USF their home can do anything, be the first to do it, and get a top tier duration. Also the beaches aren't too far either. . ." It's obvious he doesn't love press, but he's got to really be the top salesman of our university this time of year.
  9. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    I don't think people will ever agree on here regarding an OCS. I think it helps that's all. I honestly believe it will drive spirit and student attendance (you don't have to plan to go on campus you just walk or Uber from nearby apt in just a few min). I believe it will bring alumni back to campus. I don't see reasons to go back and be nastalgic during a football game, but others do. We just have different opinions. I think fraternities/sororities will leverage housing for reunions, as will colleges, etc. We always bring up programs with off campus stadiums, but forget the fact that they have several more generations of fans than we do. Many will disagree, which is great as they are green and gold glasses - I wish everyone did. However, an OCS will build spirit/traditions, and if done right a better revenue stream than what we have (stadium, parking, apparel and donations).
  10. Tripled what? I think that's great, but what was the net increase? Just a big difference between tripling attendance of 500 or 25k. How season tix do? To triple 14k season tix in football is a different animal.
  11. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Likely because bball isn't the atmosphere that football is - less crowd, easier to carry stuff, and the location is central.
  12. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Definitely commend you for this. I just know that those I know don't, maybe we are in the minority. I just think an OCS drives more people to the campus.
  13. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Same boat, graduated in 06 and 08, left the state in 2010. The airport and hotels are near ray jay, so don't go back often. I know I should, but we always have after game plans that center around being near the water. I guarantee a stadium would generate more revenue, whether the revenue is enough to make the debt payment is based on fundraising, scheduling, performance, and marketing. I just know they would sell more merch, get more students to games, and build pride. Early games at every university are a problem, watch the student sections - they fill up late, but with us that can't happen as you have to drive/park/etc. I'll continue to beat this drumb, but the athletic department needs to expand its ask for donations. I know they focus on whales, but they need to work to expand the base so donations grow with the program.
  14. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    I've always said that this is a big deal, but many have strongly disagreed with me. Football could bring so many back to the campus, relive/reflect on their youth, see the changes, feel pride, buy more stuff, and hopefully donate. I'll be honest I've never bought USF merch at ray jay. I fly in, go to the game, go out that night, and fly home. If I need something I'll go to a mall or order online. Nearly every basketball game I've been to as an alumn (out of state) Ialways buy gear/merch.