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  1. People will complain, but 'Merica!
  2. Fear is what happens when the exit money is all distributed
  3. Quick hire Billly Mohl -
  4. Mark Kingston

    Isn't the lowest paid coach in the conference? Pay the man ...
  5. Field of 64 as of today

    Losing 2 of 3 to UCF and dropping the mid-week game hurt, but we can rebound by winning the tournament and hope for a chance to host
  6. I agree completely. Gators do that often for weekday games and save their top 3 arms for the weekend (arguably the best top 3 in the country). The are very willing to sacrifice Tuesday. I do like that our guys did what they should be doing to a 4/5 starter ... score. I also think we left a few out there.
  7. Need to enjoy this one tonight, but quickly switch focus on winning this weekend. If we lose more than one, then this win was meaningless. I love beating the gators, but most will view it similar to their other in-state weekday losses ... with a grain of salt and make excuse that their top 3 pitchers weren't going. Beat UCONN, Oviedo University, win the conference tourney and lets make some noise.
  8. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    I love politicians, especially the ones that have never succeeded in life prior to running for office. I don't live in FL, but the only way to make things change and for USF to be taken seriously is to show them the power of our voting block. Otherwise there is no reprecussion for voting like an assclown.
  9. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    If there was ever a reason to stampede - this is it ...
  10. I didn't read the entire thread, but she kinda looks like Tonya Harding? She definitely hit us with a pipe today.
  11. Judge on a power trip. The player, if proven guilty, should go to prison. She sounded uninformed and as if she knew she would get a headline.
  12. Amichia to the Packers

    Think he was just giving a salary comparison. Hope Kofi gets paid! Good kid, hope he has a long career.
  13. Kevin Merrell

    Great for him. If he comes back great, if he goes pro great too. We need more pros, kids will continue to come if they think they can come here and improve their draft stock. Let's continue to produce more and I hope this young man makes millions!
  14. How many more are like this guy

    I think the problem is that graduates prior to the late 90s lived in a world without USF football and built allegiances for the "Big 3." We went 1A in what 2001? That's a lot of students since then, but the bulk of our alumni went to a USF without Football. The hope is that hey come back and adopt us back, but realistically they have "their team." Even the knats had lower level football that helped build a bit of a base for 20-30 years. I hate saying it, and it's not an excuse, but it takes time. Most of our graduates from a USF w/ football are just starting to make money, and a lot are still in their 20s.