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  1. Somebody has to step up

    Always knew we lacked donors didn’t realize how bad it was. Blame on both ends. Athletics outreach and alumni proactively reaching out to give something. Sad, but as a department and alumni base (not those on here) we have to collectively piss or get off the pot.
  2. Adidas is official

    So Usf gets more $ if we buy stuff? Sounds good!
  3. AD Harlan Interviews with Arkansas

    They were tracking an Arkansas plane today and it was in Clearwater, likely Harlan.
  4. Didn’t read much before this page, but wanted to post. Obviously this is not what we want or where we thought we’d be. However, if we want to continue to grow as a program we have to be able to support the program through both the ups and the downs. I for one will go, cheer on the seniors, and drag as many fans as. I possibly can to this game. Let’s show the country, players, coaches, and recruits that we have a loyal Fanbase.
  5. USF switching to Adidas?

    Doesn’t Adidas own Reebok? Either way, they are no Nike, but a step up from UA.
  6. USF switching to Adidas?

    In my opinion this is a good thing. Adidas>UA. UA is struggling to perform as a company, sneakers haven’t picked up like they’d like, and kids (recruits/players) prefer Adidas to UA. Also, if we are changing there has to be more $. Obviously Nike is king, but I’m fine with this.
  7. Blocked Kicks Allowed

    Agree. It’s primarily scheme and blocking, however, you also wonder if it stood out on tape and new coaches in conf noticed
  8. Blocked Kicks Allowed

    Kicker is slow too ... accurate kicker, but he is slow to the ball and winds up
  9. Adam Kramer of BR picks upset.

    Basically just said they are good at home ... cocaine is a hell of a drug
  10. Tony Dungy

    I was there too. In the early 2000’s until the most recent administrations, I would agree. We were stealth and calculated, while they needed to put on a big show to get noticed and in my opinion rushes their stadium, etc. However, we didn’t capitalize enough on our early success and relied on the nostalgia of the “good ol’ days” and “sleeping giant” of young program. Our past admin gave bad contracts, did little to stabilize the programs, and burnt bridges with the community. The current one doesn’t seem to understand the culture and is not nearly as agreesive or proactive as we need. I’m sure I’m not 100% right, but TODAYS Admin of UCF is rubbing circles around USFs. And in college athletics lately is all that matters, especially since we don’t have history to sell.
  11. Tony Dungy

    That is the most frustrating part ... not a lot of action
  12. Tony Dungy

    This pains me to say, but UCF seems to have a much better run athletic department. Aside from the stadium fiasco, which is was not this admin. They are fundraising, building facilities, etc. This is their latest football specific fundraising.
  13. Matt Bakers Ap Rankings this week

    The positive is we are ranked in top 15 and top 20 and control our destiny for New Years Six Bowl. Let the hacks and their opinions get zero clicks. Do I think we can beat teams ahead of us? Absolutely. I would have loved to smack around Wisconsin and Michigan State this year.
  14. It’s not age discrimination and their offer isn’t solely alumni based (although it will be the majority of takers). Either way we don’t have to literally copy it, but could adapt the methodology to years post graduation and or age based tickets. I like the age as an option because it offers the opportunity for non-alumn (military, community college, University of Tampa, etc.) to buy tix as their life and income progress. I know for a fact that at 22 I struggled to afford season tickets at regular price. Many times got companion tix, scalped, used a friends student ID, etc. At a price around $100 I would have made the plunge easily.
  15. Everyone talks about a gradual increase for younger alumn. Oregon has an interesting concept for basketball season tix