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  1. He should have learned from the Vikings' mistake in dealing with Jimmy Johnson.
  2. I think of him mainly as a great player and coach of the Bears also. He also played for Dallas and coached under Landry for awhile.
  3. It was years ago when I listened to him. He did the show after he was relieved of his coaching duties for the Saints. I used him as an extreme example of someone who has achieved at the highest level but still could relate and talk about the local team.
  4. Number 4 is so important. That is all we ask for. We don't need a cheerleader, just someone who treats the program fairly and not an afterthought. I am unsure why the media all think that we want a cheerleader. I remember years ago when I lived in Pasco I could hear a New Orleans station at night. Mike Ditka talked about a lot of local and national sports including Tulane football. He certainly wasn't a cheerleader but he knew the players and talked about their games. You know, fairly and with respect. I think Ditka has more credibility than all of the media in Tampa put together and that includes the ones who go out of their way to disparage the program.
  5. You must be speaking about Rich Bisaccia. He has been a special teams coach in the NFL for at least 15 years. I am guessing our friend DUImig, who rarely talks about USF and only insults the fans and program, is pushing for his friend again. He seems to be a good special teams coach but wouldn't picking him be like letting UCF or ECU fan pick our coach?
  6. A lotto ticket might be a better investment
  7. Louisville has a lot more money and a marketable name brand. That is why they got it. If you look at who moved up, it had little to do with recent football success and more to do with a recognizable name. Still, you bring up a great point that the Skippypoo hire was a huge mistake in that it happened at the worst time in the sense that the perception of the program fell at the same time the Big East was dissolving.
  8. I listened to those guys as much as I could. I actually preferred Bob's show on 620. Even listened to the tapes they all used to complain about if I had missed a show during the week . What about Uncle Neil Rogers? Uncle **** Norman (970 AM)? I even listened to Rick and Suds sometimes.
  9. Chris Thomas was not a homer by any means but he remains pretty much the only personality who consistently made time to talk about USF football. Yes, even in the IAA days.
  10. This is what I was thinking. Just as we should not start counting wins before they actually happen, there is no need to count losses. Keep the '0' in the conference loss column and all is well.
  11. Do you have some Temple buddies giving you a hard time and you want them silenced?
  12. I do not have a Twitter account. Did you respond to him with this? Would be interested in his response, if any.
  13. Who cares about the passing late in the game?. The most narcissistic fan base in the U.S. is the Purple Pirate fans. They have spewed their hatred of USF in the social media for well over 12 years. Coach was just looking out for the folks who bet the 20 pt. line.
  14. I was wondering if you meant that they don't have to justify trying to get into the Big 12 or that they offer nothing to justify being invited. I am not one to give them any accolades but they do have a loyal following who show up for games. I think the problem is that every person who is inclined to be a fan of the Pirates already is one. Growth potential is minimal at best. That said, a great many of them firmly are convinced that they should be in the SEC.