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  1. Mack Attack is On Now

    The 15th round is a good time to pick an unheralded player who you think may do well. Mack is a great choice.
  2. For you OCS fans.

    I was not referring to you personally, just your fellow fans in general. You must not have visited boneyardbanter.com or the AAC fanpage on facebook. The negative comments are quite common from a group of fans who like to point out how many and great they are while belittling other schools in the conference.
  3. ECU's "Scholarhip" Offers

    I have to concur. The defense is going to have to be vastly improved. It is asking a lot to expect the offense score over 30 points every game.
  4. ECU's "Scholarhip" Offers

    Point taken. By stating they have an overzealous fan base, I am not talking about them being positive or excited about their program. They do have that. What I am referring to is the fact that they tend to be quite negative towards other programs which includes an over the top hatred of USF.
  5. ECU's "Scholarhip" Offers

    So, I am one who has contempt for ECU football, mainly due to their overzealous and narcissistic fan base. Even I feel bad for them on this one. I feel no reason to make fun of them (even if USF had no similar issues). It actually looked like a good idea which was bungled.
  6. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    It will be interesting seeing them both on the same board. They are definitely two of the more memorable personalities on any active board. I don't recall Turd Ferguson ever getting banned though. I am still a little irritated about Mazza being banned over on the FB AAC fans page while they let ECU fans dump on everyone else. In fact, I only stopped complaining about it when I read that Mazza was done with them. Definitely, have to add my welcome.
  7. For you OCS fans.

    Oy! I sure was hoping to at least make it to August before the narcissistic ECU fans started to darken our door once again.
  8. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    A nod to Triple B for referencing "The Office".
  9. Tampa Bay Times

    He should have learned from the Vikings' mistake in dealing with Jimmy Johnson.
  10. Tampa Bay Times

    I think of him mainly as a great player and coach of the Bears also. He also played for Dallas and coached under Landry for awhile.
  11. Tampa Bay Times

    It was years ago when I listened to him. He did the show after he was relieved of his coaching duties for the Saints. I used him as an extreme example of someone who has achieved at the highest level but still could relate and talk about the local team.
  12. Tampa Bay Times

    Number 4 is so important. That is all we ask for. We don't need a cheerleader, just someone who treats the program fairly and not an afterthought. I am unsure why the media all think that we want a cheerleader. I remember years ago when I lived in Pasco I could hear a New Orleans station at night. Mike Ditka talked about a lot of local and national sports including Tulane football. He certainly wasn't a cheerleader but he knew the players and talked about their games. You know, fairly and with respect. I think Ditka has more credibility than all of the media in Tampa put together and that includes the ones who go out of their way to disparage the program.
  13. New Coach Poll

    You must be speaking about Rich Bisaccia. He has been a special teams coach in the NFL for at least 15 years. I am guessing our friend DUImig, who rarely talks about USF and only insults the fans and program, is pushing for his friend again. He seems to be a good special teams coach but wouldn't picking him be like letting UCF or ECU fan pick our coach?
  14. ECU Rhymes with.......

    A lotto ticket might be a better investment