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  1. Football NC State Series

    Cannot argue with the cavernous stadium. I was responding to the remarks about the atmosphere. I assumed you meant the fan involvement or excitement.
  2. Football NC State Series

    USF football was still in recovery from the Skippy Poo doldrums. Would have been the same if there was an on campus stadium.
  3. USF Future Scheduling Strategy

    It looks like the philosophy is in line with what most of us have talked about. Mostly FBS with only an occasional game vs. FAMU or possibly Bethune Cookman. The last quote in the article by Harlan is all too true.
  4. Football NC State Series

    I was trying not to say or think that. I seem to recall getting stuck with 2 1AA's because of that in 2003.
  5. Football NC State Series

    Anyone else notice that the Elon game next season appears to be the last FCS team on any future schedule? In fact, there are a couple of seasons which are full of only FBS teams. I think there has been an effort to improve the schedule.
  6. I do not disagree with your sentiment but when you are in a disrespected league, sometimes concessions have to be made. To me, a 2 for 1 is more agreeable than a one on the road and done. This solves two issues. The first is our fans' complaint about unattractive home games. The second, it is a way to get a quality opponent on the schedule more often so the outsiders cannot dismiss our schedule if our team has a really good season.
  7. P6

    I think most here admire your honesty which Is why we enjoy your comments even when we disagree. Even so, agreeing with that elitist simp should have you thinking about your opinion. Look, I cannot stand UCF fan but enjoy it when the powers that be are upset or uncomfortable when everyone does not bow and go along with their talking points. From my irreverent outlook, I am enjoying this.
  8. So, what is more outrageous? What the media in Orlando is doing or the fact that USF's bowl coverage was buried on Page 6 of the Tampa Bay TImes?
  9. P6

    You may say so. Still, I am glad that for once they are angering people which, quite frankly, I cannot stand (like that wimpy guy on the ESECPN network). The fact that so many want to dismiss them is hilarious. If the Pee Five were so much better, they would ignore this.
  10. What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    That's ok. My jokes are so esoteric, even I don't understand them.
  11. What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    Funny. I am old enough to remember when it was the old people who were easily offended.
  12. What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    In the past, I would have thought so. Lately, it is hard to tell.
  13. What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    You really cannot be thin skinned and survive over here. In fact, the Bulls fans are more abrasive against one another than they are towards the fans of other programs who wander in here. The moderators are very fair here.
  14. What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    This game has kind of been forgotten as it did not fit the ESPN talking points.
  15. ESPN Drones: G5 Should Create G5 Playoff

    I said the idea had merit. Not sure how practical it would be. At this point I would not advocate it. Trying to attract better players and fans would be the issue as always. We are in a spot and instead of sitting around and lamenting our position, it would be interesting if an innovative thinker could come up with ideas to compete with teams who have been popular for 40 to 100 years.