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  1. Adidas is official

    UA gave away the farm to Notre Dame and UCLA. I miss the early days when we were one of just a handful of UA schools. I think it was USF, USC(e), Texas Tech and one other......someone with green uniforms...maybe Marshall?
  2. Willie to FSU is official

  3. Willie to FSU is official

  4. Willie to FSU is official

    I think i read this same comment on another board. Replace Oregon with UCF and FSU with Nebraska.
  5. Willie to FSU is official

    Imagine the GCO with the athletes that FSU can pull...
  6. Willie to FSU is official

    Another plus to this move is that FSU should continue to whip up on the Gators.
  7. Willie to FSU is official

    Maybe he got out there and hated it?
  8. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Get us back on the schedule Willie!
  9. South Florida University!?

    I hope you bought that!
  10. This has to be good for the P6 argument...

    We can't get people to drive to Ray Jay.
  11. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    +1 Auburn beat TWO of the playoff teams and lost 14-6 to Clemson early in the season. As much as I despise them, I hope UCF wins. It can only help advance the G5's argument for inclusion.
  12. It’s Official: Birmingham Bowl vs. Texas Tech

    10-1 (with UCF loss) and we'd still be playing in Birmingham. The drop off in AAC bowls goes right off a cliff.
  13. Frost to Nebraska

    Did you see the kid take the selfie with Frost before the McShay interview? He said "You're the man, good luck". I think that's what choked Frost up.
  14. Frost to Nebraska

    Yep...When the big boys need a good coach you see where they come.