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  1. I'm so disgusted by the seeding. Our ladies deserve so much more based on what they earned on the court.
  2. 02/26/2018 Bracketology

    And that was w/o Gaby Williams. I'm not sure they can be beat but it sure would be sweet if we were the team to do it.
  3. 02/26/2018 Bracketology

    A few thoughts heading into the conference championship game tomorrow; I think we should be no worse than a 5 seed at this point but who knows? In my opinion we have the resume to be a 4 seed already. If not for that slip up at Wichita St we'd all but be assured that slot. I wonder how much tomorrow's score will determine our seeding? Say we pull the historic upset.. could we be looking at a possible 2 seed?
  4. WBB AAC tourny

    Breaking news.. UConn is a buzzsaw. Even w/o Gaby Williams they are on a completely different level than Cincinnati and probably 99% of every other program. Up 66-11 with a quarter still to go. If Gaby is still out tomorrow and we bring our A++ game we might be able to make it a respectable game. Fingers crossed.
  5. WBB AAC tourny

    Any way to watch today's game vs ECU online?
  6. 02/26/2018 Bracketology

    I wonder if UCF makes the conference tourney finals is it enough to get them a NCAA bid? I think they could make a good case. Cinci or Houston would likely be a shoe in if either of them can knock off UConn and make the finals. Looks like the AAC is most likely a 2-3 bid league depending on the potential USF/UCF match up in the semis.
  7. 38 years

    Riiight... As trolls go you are bottom of the barrell. You are the Houston Baptist of trolls.
  8. 38 years

    I didn't realize Enna was injured again. Although I never said she has seen significant minutes. I said if she had played better in the minutes she's seen then she probably would have been given a decent workload.
  9. 38 years

    Please do elaborate.
  10. 38 years

    What do you consider significant minutes? We have 8 players averaging 11 minutes or more. Four of those are either FR or SO. It would be nice to be a little deeper off the bench but this is a young team. I think Blagmon and especially Pehadzic would be getting more minutes if they were doing more with the time they're currently seeing. Next year we only lose two players but we get back Nagy and will have Serrat ready to go. That's two more 5 star players added to the mix with hopefully at least one gem in the upcoming class. I think this is a much deeper team next season.
  11. 38 years

    Spoke too soon. Hopefully it was a premonition of things to come though.
  12. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    Huge day for the ladies. Between our win over OSU, LSU's win over TAMU, and Michigan St's win over Michigan we should see a nice jump in RPI.
  13. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    We'll be fine with Wilcox but Dillon will be missed. Hopefully wherever he transfers he has a big senior year.
  14. USF Finally sells $99 Season Tickets for football

    I love what Harlan has been doing.
  15. WBB

    Not a stretch to say Ohio State could be the most important regular season game in USF WBB history. I hope the Sun Dome is rocking on 2/11.