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  1. CFP Rankings

    Nothing would surprise me with that poll.
  2. Quinton Flowers legacy

    How important will this week's game be for Q's legacy here? Obviously he's a very respected young man and inspiration for his preservation through all the adversity he's faced. His numbers speak for themselves as well. But what are his signature wins/moments as our starter? 2-0 vs UCF, Syracuse ('15), wins over #21 Temple('15) and #22 Navy('16) at home, and beating a .500 USCe team. Leading the team to a win this week would give him a clean sweep vs UCF, his highest ranked win, and lead us to our very first CCG. Plus our only two ten win seasons. A loss would move him to 2-4 vs ranked teams and losses in arguably his biggest three games. With FSU in '15 & '16 being the other two. Obviously the QB is only one of 85 players on a team and shouldn't get all the blame/credit for W's & L's. But as the face and leader that's just part of the territory. IMO, based on his numbers, skill set, and bringing the program back from the depths of Hell he's the GOAT here regardless of what happens the rest of the year. Whether or not he's Dan Marino great OR Joe Montana great is still TBD.
  3. Number of Players with 1,000 yards rushing

    Current pace for the three excluding the CCG. Q - 1044 Tice - 1032 DJ - 858
  4. Call the new conference the "American 16 / A16" that way you can still retain the American nickname & brand identity. P.s. I would rather Tulsa or Fresno St. over UNLV or New Mexico. And Tulane over ECU. But that's all trivial. Imagine if Aresco could get in WVU and TCUs ear and convince them of the impeding departure of OU, OK St., UT, & TT and how they either jump ship now or risk getting left out in the cold or stuck in an inferior conference. Then get BSU & SDSU back in the fold.
  5. Stetson 4 DaSilva 14 DaSilva 8 77%
  6. I agree that's inevitable. I also think that'll lead to a merger of sorts between the AAC and the B12 leftovers.
  7. I'm not sure I get the arguments or resistance to adding SDSU & BSU. I think everybody has revisionist memory in regards to the last go around of conference realignment. Boise & SDSU only backed out after both TCU and WVU left for the B12. And who can blame them? That was a time of great uncertainty. They couldn't be sure that the grass was going to be greener in the AAC. And with the added travel it wasn't worth the risk for them. Fast forward a few years and it's now clear cut the AAC is a step above the MWC. I'm fairly certain if given the chance again both schools would jump ship. It would be a shame if Aresco didn't pursue this over sour grapes. SDSU football has 7 or more wins in 8 consecutive seasons with likely their 3rd 10 win season in a row this year. Add to that a top 20 metro area, a top 150 academic ranking, a men's basketball program that has 12 straight 19+ win seasons and what's not to love? Boise State football has 20 straight seasons with 8 or more victories. 14 of those, with a possible 15th this season, were double digit win totals. They have a football brand. All college football fans across the nation know and respect the team that plays on the blue turf. That may be their biggest attribute by far but it's also the one that matters most when discussing possible additions to the AAC. The college sports landscape is shaped by football. Add a rapidly growing metro area (ranked 85th) and a basketball program that's won 20+ games 8 out of the last 10 seasons and you've got a slam dunk addition. We can sit around with our hands in our pockets and hope things get better. Or we can be proactive and close the gap even more on the perception that there should be a P6. I think adding SDSU & BSU basically gets us back to the days of the BE where we are seen as a major conference but towards the bottom of that spectrum.
  8. Great post. My exact thoughts. The time to be proactive is now. And you've laid out all the reasons why in a very eloquent manner.
  9. This weeks rankings

    Matt Baker has us ranked again on his ballot at 23. Not before some more jabs though. The fact that UCF didn't move up in the coaches poll despite so many top teams losing is the latest slap in the face for the American.
  10. About Time

    He's going to be a big time weapon for whoever is under center next year.
  11. Week 11 Rankings

    15th in S&P https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/11/5/16609358/ncaa-football-rankings-2017-130-teams
  12. Number of Players with 1,000 yards rushing

    Neither Tice nor Flowers are on pace for 1,000 over 11 games. Considering that we are a lock for a bowl game at this point this is what each player would have to average over the final three games to reach 1,000 rushing yards. In parentheses is what they are currently averaging per game on the season. Tice 74 YPG (86.7) Flowers 83 YPG (83.4) Johnson 90 YPG (70.1) Of course if we win out they'd have an extra game with the CCG as well.
  13. Targeting The NY6

    I don't think so. If we win out we will have two wins better than any one of theirs. UCF and either Memphis, SMU, or Houston.
  14. Watching UCiF...

    Are division loses the third tie breaker? Memphis and Houston both only have 11 regular season games. If all three teams wind up 6-2 in the conference their overall records will be 9-2(memphis) , 9-3(smu), & 8-3(houston) Obviously h2h would be the second tie breaker but that cancels itself out with Memphis>Houston, Houston>SMU, and potentially SMU>Memphis.