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  1. This is really embarrassing

    If we were in your position I would hope Mark Harlan would be doing the same as Danny White quite honestly. What UCF did this year is going to change public perception of our conference a lot more than people care to think. If the AAC can come back next year and get another NY6 bowl win then I think its a game changer. I look at this not as UCF actually believing they are national champions but more so as a defiant protest of having no chance to prove itself under the current system. Sometimes what you do on the field isn't enough.
  2. This. Would it be great to be in a P5 conference? Absolutely! But as it stands the AAC should most definitely be associated with the "P5" before the "G5." And while we're at it, Is there a more perfect time to add Boise St. & SDSU? Talk about a P6 power move.
  3. My interactions were brief but pleasant enough. Ran into a TT fan in Atlanta the night of the game. He said it was a tough loss but great experience. Sat next to a OU fan and a few SEC guys during the game too. They were all rooting us on and had had nothing but nice things to say.
  4. Where Are We With The Chase For Records Today?

    few more records that I noticed were broken, MVS single season receiving yards Q single season td passes and tied Grothe for single season passing yardage at 2911. Also became just the 4th FBS QB with 8,000/3,500 career passing/rushing yards. Nadelman set the career fg % record
  5. Proud of this Class

    Couldn't be more proud and appreciative of what this senior class has done for this program.
  6. Gilbert Deserves Coal in His Stocking Thread

    How much of that is due to Quinton Flowers and how much due to Sterling Gilbert? That's a rhetorical question. I will give Gilbert all the props in the world if his offense replicates these numbers or close next year. For now, he should give Q a thousand thanks for the resumé boost.
  7. In 252 Days...

    Looks bad on paper but the cupboard is far from bare. This team will still have the talent to compete for a conference championship next year. A lot of question marks but it will be fun to see how the season plays out.
  8. In 252 Days...

    I don't care as long as we win.. the big games. Gilbert won't have Q to make him look competent next year.
  9. It’s Official: Birmingham Bowl vs. Texas Tech

    I was right there when that pic was taken. Had our pic taken with Q right before and Judy right after 🤘
  10. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    Huge, gutsy, win! Ladies showed the heart of a champion tonight. Laksa was a unstoppable force down the stretch.
  11. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    Headed to OT
  12. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    Laksa on fire! USF up now
  13. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    Ladies showing some heart! 8-0 run to cut Daytons lead to 4.
  14. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    Unless somebody gets a hot hand quick this is shaping up to be a rough loss.
  15. So Who's Going to B-Ham?

    My guess would be that because the Birmingham Bowl isn t a B12 bowl tie-in the bowl and B12 probably came to an agreement that Texas Tech shouldn't be on the hook for the whole 10k allotment.