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    This seems like a tailor made opportunity to add a quality opponent. Even if we had to take a road trip to ATL to play GA Tech I think it's worth it. That's an attention getter game. We'll earn a lot of people's respect just for scheduling that game. Go in and win it and I think pollsters would reward the Bulls very nicely.
  2. Running up the score

    Some on here don't understand that. Winning isn't enough when the odds against us are so long. Each game needs to be a statement.
  3. Even after that abysmal start I still say we cover the spread in the end. Really hope we pour it on.
  4. Charlie Strong is going to feel some serious heat if doesn't get this turned around QUICKLY!
  5. What the hell????? Why aren't we using Quinton????
  6. Running up the score

    With as weak as our schedule is I absolutely believe we have to keep our foot on the gas for 60 minutes every single game.
  7. Bulls Unlimited - new iheartradio channel

    Yeah I couldn't get it to work on my S8
  8. BULLSRALLY 2017

    I'll be there with my family. Can't wait. 🤘
  9. 59 days until kickoff, best Bull to wear #59

    Ben's pick six vs WVU is still my favorite in person memory as a Bulls fan. I lost my voice for a week after.
  10. NCAA Match-up: Bulls Face Mizzou

    Ugh. Heartbreaker.
  11. T.J. Weist

    Class act and superb coach. He should be a coordinator or hc some place.
  12. Top Home Games?

    Of course I'm talking FBS ranking.