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  1. jasonb56


    Was listing to a talking head speak about the new service and was a bit alarmed... Sounds like if a USF football game is not on ESPN family of channels it used to go to ESPN3. Now it will be on ESPN+ and we all would need to pay 4.99 a month on top of our paid cable subscription. as an FYI, all the P5 conferences are exempt from the new fee... which if true, is complete BULL**** Can anybody confirm this?
  2. jasonb56

    USF Week

    That's a good deal... I wonder if they will accept my wife's FSU shirt
  3. jasonb56

    USF Bling Sale

    GoUSFbulls site under auctions
  4. jasonb56

    USF Bling Sale

    Usually done at fan fest... That said, they are selling footballs right now for 35 dollars online. Just bought one and picked it up today, Rare they are on sale...
  5. jasonb56

    New economy on the horizon

    Bullcoin > Bitcoin
  6. I was going to, but we didn't make it
  7. jasonb56

    New economy on the horizon

    Love this idea, looking forward to learning more!
  8. Apple TV, HULU, Netflix and others are all going to jump into the game soon enough. For now ESPN is best bet, or maybe NBC. We still have a few years to see how landscape changes.
  9. jasonb56

    JPP To Bucs

    Welcome home JPP!!
  10. found it! Questions about when companies like Facebook and Google will start paying — really paying — to pick up major media rights have dominated sports business conversations for years. Those conversations became more amplified last week following two Facebook deals announced in the span of six days, even as making conclusions became even more opaque. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) picked up a package of midweek, mid-afternoon MLB games for $30 million, and sublicensed packages of Conference USA games from CBS Sports and Stadium for more than $1 million — two deals that should demonstrate that the company is serious about getting into the sports rights business in a big way. full article https://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/news/2018/03/21/what-is-next-after-latest-facebook-media-deals.html
  11. Hope they announce how much Facebook is paying them for these rights... Hard to know value without a number. I'm sure it will pop-up soon.
  12. Would not be surprised to see something evolve for the AAC like this as well... dipping toes into the new media platforms. “While exploring our options for future exposure, continuing our tremendous relationship with CBS Sports was a priority given our history,” said MacLeod. “We recognized this was an ideal opportunity to build on our existing partnerships with CBS and Stadium to stay on the forefront of broadcasting through both digital distribution and traditional means. We will continue pioneering fresh and innovative ways to deliver our diverse audience a multitude of viewing options on emerging platforms.” Beginning with the 2018-19 season, CBS Sports Network will broadcast nine football games plus the C-USA Football Championship and eight men’s basketball games per year, as well as the C-USA men’s basketball championships semifinals and men’s and women’s basketball championship games. CBS Sports also has reached an innovative deal with Facebook to sublicense and produce select C-USA football and basketball games that will broadcast exclusively on Facebook. The agreement allows for three football games and six basketball games per year to air on Facebook. The games will be a CBS Sports production, with CBS Sports announcers, graphics and branding.
  13. That said... our 2 for 1 lost a bit of luster with this announcement.
  14. jasonb56

    USF Football Twitter Account

    Just had to do the same... many schools in same spot today...
  15. Nice! This should be a fun series...