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  1. Got a text from my son

    At this point... Please let the season begin!! So much potential for USF this season. ALSO, in the next 2-3 years, don't be surprised at FAU becoming a very good football program. Think what you want about that coach, but he has some real players coming in (Granted they all have extreme baggage!!) 2020 @FAU... could be a very fun game!
  2. Most anticipated season ever?

    Expectation wise, 2008 and 2017 are very close... 2007 was an incredible experience, but don't remember it being expected.
  3. AAC Championship Game

    Would be our first shot to win the Championship... but what if we play FSU/georgia/UF in Peach.??? Hard decision...
  4. CBS Sports: USF vs UF in Peach Bowl

    Now this would be fun!!
  5. Realistic goals... Top 10 finish AAC Champs Peach Bowl winner 7-2 against UCF Playoff chances are more like Powerball odds... it COULD happen... but probably not.
  6. Was looking to see what the new coaches polo looked like and couldn't find it online... does anybody have a link or picture?
  7. Surprising DJ still returning punts

    Have we given up on Smart? I thought he was the odds on favorite?
  8. At one point, USF's '17 schedule had muscle

    At this point we need Temple, Houston and UCF to all be ranked for us to make any noise this year... hell, we might even need Illinois to win the B10 at this point to sniff a playoff spot. IF... and it's still a big IF, we go undefeated, regardless of who is ranked, we still are a lock for Peach...
  9. 4 for $79

    At least they are trying something to get after the young folks... That's a pretty good deal.
  10. http://specials.restaurant.com/deal/jacksonville-fl/florida-gators-2017?utm_source=Specials+by+Restaurant.com&utm_medium=MerchantAPI&utm_campaign=Specials+by+Restaurant.com_4418532&j=26896208&sfmc_sub=811303960&l=2058536_HTML&u=294518897&mid=77657&jb=779&prti=3801&et_cid=26896208&et_rid=811303960&link=294518897
  11. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/20146915/college-football-top-50-players-2017-season
  12. Welcome Ryan Simpson

  13. Soooooo you're saying there's a chance we go undefeated???
  14. Welcome B.Hunt