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  1. Simple answer... NO. Strive to be great at all sports we play...
  2. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Article talks about Facebook willing to pay 600 million for Cricket rights... what this tells me is digital media platforms will be a big part of the next round of negotiations. This should only mean good things for USF down the stretch.
  3. When Flowers Leaves USF . . .

    He played 4 years, don't think he is eligible as a grad transfer...
  4. Butts. We need Butts.

    I have 4 people coming who have never been (other than when we played FSU)
  5. any idea if tickets are selling well?
  6. Tulane Game Time

    Awesome... 6 of us are headed up... 7pm is huge for us. p.s. Tulane looking better, tighter game for us I suspect.
  7. Preference Wins List

    page is empty...
  8. What are Your Bye Week Saturday Plans?

    Thought about going with some friends to see FSU vs Miami, but a REAL hurricane might put a damper on that...
  9. GAMEDAY!!!!

  10. Tulane STAMPEDE!

    Looking forward to it...
  11. Rob Stone, in-studio host for FS1 CFB

    We WILL have that again... I truly believe that.
  12. First 4 Games' Report Card

    Can anyone really say we have a more effective offense than last year? ever on par with last year... Offense deserves the C