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  1. USF Football Twitter Account

    Just had to do the same... many schools in same spot today...
  2. Nice! This should be a fun series...
  3. Hope we use this season as motivation to finish stronger next!!
  4. i can't decide... I hate UCF but is it better for the USF narrative if they win???
  5. SI: What Was the Best Game of 2017?

    ESPN is ok with that, keep pushing those advertising rates up!
  6. SI: What Was the Best Game of 2017?

    Just heard that Bowl viewership is up 12% for the first 20 bowls. That is some healthy growth right there...
  7. Predicting the starters next year

    McCants was very productive as well...
  8. Signing Day

    Are we at 23??
  9. Signing Day

    I think we got another to sign this morning as well...
  10. Bill Mohls 7 year old son

  11. Signing Day

    wouldn't be to surprising if we did hold some back for #Allthetransfers that are bound to come up after spring...
  12. Signing Day

    We should be able to sign AT LEAST 10 more as some will count as 17 recruits.
  13. Signing Day

    Trey Laing‏ @Trey_Laing 6m6 minutes ago More Officially a South Florida Bull #GoBulls #BullsUp 1 reply0 retweets12 likes Reply 1 Retweet Liked 12 Direct message
  14. Signing Day

    we are off to a fast start, looking good Bulls fans!!