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  1. well... at least we made all 3. little victories.
  2. Do we know what time by chance?
  3. Really have to be impressed with what Coach Strong is doing...
  4. Sup...
  5. "The campus at USF is really impressive and it is rising up. It is a newer campus and they are building all kinds of new stuff and even things like a Publix are right there. The coaches are really humble and Trey and I can play together so it made sense for us to commit." Folks, this can't be stated enough... the power of Publix Subs just landed us a stud recruit!!
  6. Chauncey Smart may very well be our Kick/PR returner...
  7. Well said Sheriff...
  8. They will after we hit 9-0... buzz will build, and they will come. Not the early part of the season... and god forbid... a loss early on.
  9. That would be an awesome way to start the week!! Fingers crossed
  10. Yes. yes we do...
  11. Something about how he would try to prevent the same type of abusive culture that existed in the locker room 10 years ago... With lots of ranting about integrity of our players...
  12. Those dam double stacks... They get you every time!
  13. Totally agree that they should filter out questions first. Don't think we will see that format again...
  14. It was a fun event... For those who also went yesterday, What was up with that ladies first question??? That was bizarre. Coach Strong was off kilt after that one.