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  1. Congrats! My wife and I are also expecting our first in October. We're very excited to have a little bull on the way.
  2. Absolutely, positively well-deserved accolade.

    I heartily agree, Trips.
  4. If a P5 conference said to USF average 45K in actual attendance in your home stadium for the next three years, and we'll reevaluate expansion, do you think we could do it? Folks still seem fixated on the old Big East home slate. I want an OCS badly; I just don't think our fan base seems like it has earned the OCS just yet. I hope the #BullStrong era proves me wrong, in terms of home attendance. I really do.
  5. I do. The network isn't like Verzion's, but the quality and cost works just fine for me.
  6. Schoo and covfefe are in Oviedo, to be more exact.
  7. They "Bergman Batted" us. We need payback.
  8. Yay, heavy use of exclamation marks is back!!!!!!
  9. Bingo, or should I say Gismo?
  10. I really, really hope that the NCAA doesn't pile on more. Those of us that were left at the Sun Dome last year were punished enough.
  11. ESPN 3 can be streamed via Sling TV. CBS Sports Network is coming to Hulu in some capacity soon as well.
  12. Anytime I fly, I make it a point to sport my USF gear. I love bumping into alumni around the country.
  13. Sounds about right. He was also able to get LSU transfer Kentrell Gransberry as well.
  14. Must have it.
  15. Buffy, USF is king of the Country Club sports!
  16. A Flsportsfan prediction? We're screwed!
  17. Their video editing needs work.
  18. Sweet, someone else slinging some Spanish. Vamos Toros (go bulls)!
  19. Spring of Bling!
  20. A charity, which probably helps the Lightning on its taxes. Tampa Bay Entertainment Properties is in the business of making money for Vinik.
  21. No doubt about that, Apis. Vinik is not in the charity business; his companies found enough value in entering into these contracts with USF to make money. If we're better at the end of such contracts, then it;'s win-win. The med school being an anchor to his Strategic Property Partners/Vinik-ville redevelopment is just sharp business savvy.
  22. I got my commemorative Bowl tickets too. It must have cost a pretty penny to coordinate the mailing and the nifty ticket protectors. It's a nice touch by athletics.
  23. The Evil Empire - ESPN?
  24. I transitioned to becoming a more well-rounded man at USF. I was exposed to so much culture and knowledge in my undergraduate years. Being part of watching and being around the first 4 years of USF football was just icing on the cake. I'm a proud alumnus, and proud Bull.