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  1. I've renewed my football season tix. I'm really looking forward to next season.
  2. Ned runs with the "Board Curmudgeon" mantle quite effectively.
  3. We . . . need . . . money. More donors could help us break through.
  4. Cinci plays some incredibly suffocating defense. They have been the best defensive squad I've seen at the Sun Dome this season. Hats off to Mick Cronin, he was coaching his players to the very end. They guy does not let up on his players.
  5. Maybe Strong can lure a graduate transfer or three to step in at NT next season? Strap in for the off season, fellas!
  6. Wait, what? I thought he was teaching.
  7. What rear? Looks pretty flat to me.
  8. I saw Live By Night, and it's definitely not better than Dogma.
  9. CJF said the same thing after the Louisville loss as well. That's always the knock against Euro players; too much finesse. UCF has a smaller team, and they out-rebounded us. I can't stand losing to UCF, but I know this team will use this as a learning lesson. Otherwise, they'll have a very brief stint in the tournament.
  10. Yay, I forgot that it's Cryptic Message Friday. Other than their last names, is there anything else to share about these two?
  11. At this point, I don't think we need better talent. We just need a full squad of gritty, chip-on-the-shoulder players that execute fundamentals and play really well together. We have the facilities but lack the history to attract super high-caliber HS players.
  12. Club seating, maybe? I'm not fluent in Bull Daly, but I am fluent in exclamation mark analysis.
  13. He could just be chumming the waters to artificially drive the sale price up. I haven't seen anything concrete yet, and this curiously sounds like an "intentional leak." He's the absolute worst pro team owner in South Florida.
  14. Looks like we have our new DLine Coach: Strong is really going "all-in" on recruiting Dade/Broward/Palm Beach counties.
  15. I knew you were part of the Bullet Club, JTrue :
  16. If you have more than one, you should really consult a doctor.
  17. If the pitching staff can stay healthy, Kingston can make some noise with this squad.
  18. For me, it's Reuben. I know he tends to defend the other team's tallest post player, but his play hasn't significantly improved from his freshman year.
  19. Nike is a mistress too great to turn down.
  20. Seems like it. I'd also like to add, failing to properly defend the perimeter as another tradition. Our ability to make our opponents look like the 2nd coming of Steph Curry is uncanny.
  21. JTrue, I'll allow it. We were struggling to get consistently above the 30k in actual attendance mark throughout the season. 40k in our cacophonous stadium would be reasonable in my world of unrealistic expectations. I think J. Knight just felt a little quiver in his loins by my citing the term actual attendance.
  22. Tito Benach does a great job covering our Bulls.
  23. If I were to speculate, based on some of Taggart's quotes to the local media at the end of the season, I think he'd feel overall positively regarding Tampa. The lack of butts-in-seats, while the Bulls were having their most successful season, likely rubbed Tags the wrong way.
  24. McStache is still able to get the scoop. I'm hoping he confirms that Blue Adams to USF is legit.