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  1. Not sure if an academic issue constitutes "conduct detrimental to the team." This team is still scrapping for Bartow, but they still stink at guarding the perimeter. We're still terrible taking care of the ball.
  2. Kudos to Tom Zebold for being able to find silver linings in an otherwise dreary season. I'll be there on Saturday, but I'm not expecting much. Tulsa was one of the better defense squads that I watched at the Sun Dome last year. My silver lining for this game will be continued heckling of Frank "I take big checks from Nevin Shapiro" Haith.
  3. Adorable.
  4. I'd rather have Joe Kinnan.
  5. Which brings me back to my original point: there's no mandated time frame to schedule the 2nd game, and neither school wants to be the one to cancel the contract (to avoid paying the cancellation fee). It's a poorly drafted contract.
  6. Yup, there's a contract: though the two schools remain contractually bound to play at a later date.
  7. Not talking Southwestern Oregon Community College here.
  8. I'm actually expecting signing day to be quite interesting.
  9. The Kraken has been released, let's see if he pays dividends.
  10. Is there a 2nd a contract, or a promise? I could have sworn it was an executed contract that didn't have all the key details that I mention in my prior post.
  11. On an indefinite date. Neither school wants to cancel, so they don't have to pay the termination fee. The contract is also mum about having to schedule that return game within any specific time frame.
  12. Good one. This game was putrid to watch.
  13. This used to be a "gimmie;" not any more.
  14. It'll be a lot easier for mama to catch Judson playing games in Tampa, FL compared to Eugene, OR.
  15. But was it Cosh-level bad? I don't think so. That was truly the worst defense I have seen at USF.
  16. Too many syllables, and too difficult to get that many people chanting that in such an impromptu manner. I like the way you think though, Trips.
  17. I'm like ALF, I really . . . love cats.
  18. There were Sun Dolls, and they were magnificently on-point.
  19. Give these two guys a bourbon.
  20. Will this hot dog environment come come with lots of exclamation points? You're slacking on the exclamation points, bub.