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  1. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Ned may be our board curmudgeon, but he makes some thoughtful posts more often than not.
  2. Color Coordination

    I'm hip to the washing machine, pops. My shirts are technically more of a "mustardy dijon-esque" color, rather than gold. The point being--our primary colors are green and gold, not green and white.
  3. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    NAS making some valid points here. These are peeps that are more-or-less active posters here, and they're not even indicative of the "average" USF fan that's oblivious that the Bullspen exists.
  4. One and Done?

    Pretty much it. Absent a better TV contract or a significant uptick in donors, there's not much USF can do financially to avoid this scenario.
  5. Color Coordination

    Exactly! I've got a crap ton of green or gold shirts; I have one white one.
  6. Girls of San Jose State

    Mr. C, you've been missed! He finds needles in haystacks. Welcome back, and don't ever leave.
  7. Enough living in the past; time for new memories! Go Bulls!
  8. Knight reports on injuries

    I don't blame Taggart for that, as he left us in a good spot. Oregon has Nike money, we don't . . . yet. I'm glad you've healed from whatever hurt Taggart's move caused you.
  9. SI: Should we believe in South Florida?

    Pretty much it. Consistent winning should bring consistent conference championships. If that happens, I hope we have a marked uptick in donors and season ticket holders. We'll need serious improvement there, to prime our position for the next conference realignment shift. I, too, am a Dolphan, and that helps me keep expectations loooooooowwwwwwww. That way, I'm simply pleasantly surprised at any good occurring.
  10. Bulls Ticketing Question for those in the know.

    The moral of this story: contact USF athletics directly. Their ticket reps can provide you the best "intel" on what seats are available.
  11. USF 2017 vs. Western Michigan 2016

    Our lack of LB'er depth concerns me for this game.
  12. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Georgia with the correction; good catch. I meant FBS.
  13. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    The guys out East also have the distinction of being the only FCS team to go winless in three separate seasons. Their fanbase has been exposed to seriously "craptastic" football and their donor base is still larger than ours. I'm glad that athletics is actually discussing this publicly, since it'll take years and lots of money to execute. It gives our donor base the opportunity to step up. If we just compare with our conference brethren, UConn, ECU, and UCF are ahead of us. We need to do better, donor-wise, prior to actually building this thing.
  14. The new name for the minor league NBA system formerly known as the D-league.
  15. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    We'll need a serious uptick in season ticket holders. I'm just ecstatic that this is being seriously commented on publicly by our athletics department.
  16. Scouting Report: Stony Brook

    Two words: Giovanni Carmazzi. That kid torched us.
  17. Ha, she always would take passive aggressive swipes at the Big East, when she covered that conference back in the day.
  18. ECU's "Scholarhip" Offers

    I'd love an overzealous fan base.
  19. As of now, the only streaming service that will offer CBS Sports Network is Hulu TV. Sling and YouTube TV don't have the contractual rights yet.
  20. From your link: Undergraduate education: The Committee assesses the institution’s undergraduate programs to determine that the institution is meeting its commitment to undergraduate education. Recognizing that differing institutional missions among research universities dictate different ways of providing undergraduate education, the committee will be flexible in this assessment. A number of measures have been suggested, including some that focus on input and others that look primarily at output variables. These are at this time imperfect, but may provide some guidance to the committee in making its judgments on this topic. I'd contend that this is an example of USF "meeting its commitment to undergraduate education." Again, anything that helps improve the academic profile of USF, to me, is one step closer to AAU inclusion.
  21. What's up with that "indefinite return date" for the remaining game at UF? If the Gators have cancelled, how much was their buy-out?
  22. Jeff Odom Moving on from TBT to Dallas Stars

    I thought he did a fantastic job covering our Bulls, considering he was still a USF undergrad. I like his stories more so than Knight's. He'd been managing the Lightning's web presence and he parlayed that into a gig with the Stars. All the best to Jeff Odom; once a Bull always a Bull.
  23. Orlando Sentinel College Football "Ranks"

    UCF Donuts are the most delicious of all. Their beat writer is adorable. He looks like a hat-less garden gnome with a bow-tie.
  24. Building that wall...

    May be some left over "Beat UCF" shirts from last year. Waste not, want not.