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  1. Mens Basketball picked to finish last

    You're welcome. I was feeling quite profound as I drafted my post.
  2. Welcome The_USF_Wizard

    'Tis a phoenix flamingo, gubnah!
  3. If You Are a Betting Man

    LOB has been slacking on this front.
  4. ^^^^^^ Mike Phillips and the Wizard Guy are the captains of this tradition now.
  5. Mens Basketball picked to finish last

    We stink, until we don't. I'm totally fine with this. Time to show the naysayers wrong.
  6. Sanchez' Interception

  7. War flamingo

    . . . and it all started in a little town called Tamplona. Edit: some would argue that Tamplona = Auburn. Who knows the real answer?
  8. Caption This

    There's no topping Angry Sponge Bob. This wins, hands-down.
  9. Have the BoSox instituted a creepy magician at their games yet? He gets my vote for this year's quirkiest new "tradition." Edit: I stand corrected, he's a wizard, rather than a magician.
  10. Comparing ucf & USF

    And it'll be a huge F'n game for both of our fan bases. It's too bad we don't get this game at Ray Jay this season, but I'll be looking to continue my streak of USF/UCF games over in Oviedo.
  11. Backhanded compliment from UCF

    I recall Taurus (Johnson) eating the knights' lunch the times he played against them. Must update the constellations.
  12. Is "Scotch Frost" the brand of rotgut whiskey that O'Leary drank to coach UCF? Simply adorable.
  13. Are We Bulls Fans Spoiled?

    I love the hardcore fan base we currently have. They're the ones that make going to away games that much better; the camaraderie with those folks is fantastic. Now we need to get more fans developed for our home games. Administration has to get on board, and coordinate with professors to ensure that exams can be avoided on game nights, the professors help promote games during game weeks, etc. Athletics needs to reach out to the local media to help create a connection between USF athletics and Tampa Bay. All this takes time, but we need to do something to shift the USF culture around Tampa Bay. Currently, it's rather mediocre.
  14. Problem with Troy Holston

    And (3) timely catching all flights.
  15. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    Booger was terrible on the radio here in Tampa, and he continues to be terrible on ESPN.
  16. Attendance is an embarrassment

    This. All. Day.
  17. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Even if we built a 35K-40k OCS, I still think we'd have attendance issues. I disagree that an OCS stadium will solve this problem; a smaller stadium will only ensure that the problem doesn't look so bad on TV.
  18. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Not blaming them at all, it's just indicative of a greater problem--Tampa and USF don't connect. It's really an odd cultural thing. I've got no other way to describe it.
  19. Attendance is an embarrassment

    I hate to admit it, but this is spot-on. I'm tired of blaming the conference for our attendance woes. It was a Thursday night game, and I had a blast and ensured all my tickets in my allotment were used. Those of us that were there, were loud.
  20. Attendance is an embarrassment

    I truly hope so. I love the fans that show up. USF lacks a connection with Tampa "in general." It drives me up the wall when I turn on the radio and I hear the commercial for the International Diamond Center (in Tampa, mind you) being the official jeweler of FSU Seminoles and UF Gators. Not one peep about the local university, the USF Bulls.
  21. When will ECU game time be decided

    Add Vue to the list. Thanks.
  22. When will ECU game time be decided

    Incorrect on this front: Hulu TV, Direct TV Now, and Fubo TV all stream CBS Sports Network.
  23. USF vs Illinois TV Rating

    I'd like to see the number with legit streaming (i.e. Sling or Hulu TV) included in the calculation.
  24. USF Banners at Ray Jay

    Glad TSA threw us the bone and added some banners and green to the stadium, but why did it take almost 20 years?
  25. USN&WR USF #140

    Still needs to be higher for AAU inclusion; its a heavily favored metric. If our 6-yr rate keeps improving and we're able to bring down the student/teacher ration, we may see USF included in our lifetime.