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  1. I just want a full bench. This season ticket holder isn't asking for much.
  2. I don't want much for now, other than a full team. We haven't had a full bench in years.
  3. Are you talking about the lifetime ban from eating the famed "1905" Salad from "you know where?"
  4. Queue ex-USF players transferring to FAMU in T-minus . . . 3, 2, 1.
  5. People that come to USF, you know, for the school (rather than the coach). We had a bunch of defections after Heath was fired too. Antigua was unable to fill his bench too, after swinging at so many high risk players. Gregory needs to have a squad of hungry players that want to be here. The culture needs to change before we have any delusions of righting anything.
  6. I'm surprised by this departure, I thought Reub would have gutted it out.
  7. Still filling out the staff; I would not be surprised to see Bartow retained, as he's got another year under his USF contract.
  8. I think we don't get to sniff "all-around quality" 4 or 5 star guys until we start winning consistently, which I think would take longer than year 3. If Gregory is able to land 4 or 5 star players (that are academically sound) by year 3, let's anoint him the miracle worker that has lifted the Sun Dome hex. Antigua swung on lots of 4 or 5 star kids that had academic issues and never made it on campus.
  9. We didn't have the IT nerds helping us with this one.
  10. I'm surprised that Duquesne has that much scratch to throw at a coach--wow.
  11. Ha, actual or announced reporting? There's a guy named Knight on the beat; he'll get to it when he gets to it.
  12. Unless Nike bankrolls my next gig.
  13. Strange. I get some good ones from my rear.
  14. Ah, yes, the Gus "Don't call me Augustus" Gilchrist recruitment. Great blast from the past, Trips.
  15. Two is better than one? We got both.
  16. Does it matter? We must win all mascot contests!
  17. That's a part we can't control; donations, on the other hand, are totally in our alumni's wheelhouse. We just don't have enough donors. Some of the other AAC institutions run circles around our donor base, and some of those institutions are around the same "age" as USF.
  18. I didn't get the sense that some of our MBB were really proud to be USF Bulls. This is totally speculation on my part. That could be a function of the team playing poorly, or it could be because they committed to the coach (Antigua) rather than the school. The transfers could be addition by subtraction. I want a team full of scrappy guys that would give their left nut to play sound, team ball for the Green and Gold. Hopefully, the guys that stick around are those types of guys and will help the newbies come along. I concede that next year could be our rock bottom, but I'm maintaining a cautious optimism and hope to hear of no more transfers.
  19. The Greenery was a total hole, but it was as close to a "USF bar" that I could remember. It was definitely around during my undergrad years (97ish).
  20. Yeah, AAC competition in baseball is pretty stiff. Let's see how are Basebulls fare in conference play. I'm digging the streak, but I'm still trying to keep things in perspective.
  21. Would JPP writing a fat check to USF skew your emotional investment in him?
  22. Maybe we can convert someone to CB?
  23. We need to get our IT nerds on the case again.
  24. Easy answer: you're a basketball masochist. I think we've hit our rock bottom this season, so there's only up from here. I'd like to say I've been there for the rebuild.