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  1. Caption this photo

    "Bergman Bat Time, baby!!!!!"
  2. WarOnI4 game week

    Our execution only needs more excellence.
  3. UCF is going to beat us down

    If you say his name two more times, he shows up. I think he's like Beetlejuice.
  4. Opening Vegas Line: UCF 9.5 point favorite

    Embrace the underdog status, embrace the Bulls!
  5. Ucf

    Any word on where there may be an unofficial USF tailgate for this game? Faza or Craig, you guys scheming anything for the game this Friday?
  6. Ucf

    My tix are in sec. 225.
  7. Still hanging with the Hoosiers--tied 32 up. These stupid USF turnovers are still an issue.
  8. UCF is going to beat us down

    But who will destroy USF? Type . . . it . . . out, it's tradition, man.
  9. RJS Annoyance after the game

    If we had more people at this game, the PoPo wouldn't have singled you all out.
  10. UCF is going to beat us down

    Yes, a FlSportsfan83 prediction favoring UCF!
  11. Summary: We got out-hustled by Morgan State. That was ugly.
  12. Smelling Salts Abuse?

    Smelling salts is just code for Meth.
  13. GAMEDAY!

    This team looked like they played some great team defense, and they shared the ball really well. I know Jiggets stole the show, but I was really impressed with Terrance Samuel and Malik Martin. They gave this team some good energy, when they were in the game. The two freshmen, Brown and Collins, also looked really solid in their collegiate debuts. I was hoping to see more from Scekic, but he looked very similar to Manderson last year--out of place. Hope that situation is rectified for both big-men this season.
  14. P6

    What I care about is angling for a lot more money during the next AAC media rights contract. As long as we woefully lag behind there, we won't have a chance to better our situation--P5 or P6. Pay this conference like we're considered P6, and we're still in this.
  15. Watching UCiF...

    Both teams are actually good during the same season. This one is going to be incredibly fun to watch in person, more so than seasons past.