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  1. Never Again

    I remember when we didn't even have a beat writer, and I would almost "get the vapors" any time ESPN would mention our school.
  2. How could you do this to Rocky?
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    That SEC money though.
  4. Never Again

    And don't forget the pitchforks and torches too.
  5. 10,000

    Should have stayed away from those fizzy lifting drinks, man.
  6. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    The bickering between O'Neil and Turd on Auman's old blog was a thing of comedic beauty. Welcome aboard.
  7. Watch parties for away games

    This is last year's list of official watch party locations: You'll have to check back when it's been updated in 2017.
  8. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    That would be an incredible problem to have; I just don't see that happening with the last 4 years of MBB mediocrity being my lodestar.
  9. USF vs. UCF Revenues

    The two posters above aren't too far off. It looks like the Knights have done a decent job of getting businesses sponsoring them. It's no secret that we still lack naming rights for the Sun Dome, and our donors lag behind theirs. I'm hoping that Vinik's Tampa Bay Entertainment Properties' group will help us garner more corporate sponsorship. Tampa should be blowing away Oviedo in this regard.
  10. For you OCS fans.

    It certainly would lessen the "mobilization costs." I just don't think there's enough revenue coming in to justify bonding these two projects simultaneously.
  11. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    This pretty much summarizes things for me. My expectation for MBB is really low. If I see a competitive team against conference opponents and we finish with a full bench, I'll consider that a success in year 1 of the CBG experiment.
  12. Poll: 8 of 10 USF receivers returning

    I think he'll be a special teams guy to start. He's got way too many seasoned WR's ahead of him, but I'd love to be surprised if this Rice-transfer is the 2nd coming of Ian Randolph.
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  14. I'd love to start biting into the stranglehold that the Gators have over this area's best HS players. If we can have Strong stick around for a long, long time and we get into another conference, we could start giving UF a little more run for their money.
  15. 2018 verbal Antonio Grier LB

    Interesting qualifier regarding his possible education at USF being "mostly" great.