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  1. Stop it - WAKE UP

    Their athletics donor base beats ours. Sad.
  2. For once, we actually seem to have a full team. It's not a matter of having the bodies anymore. That was an issue under Heath and Antigua--never having a full bench. This team was literally smacked together prior to the start of the season. Only DaSilva had significant playing time as Bull last season. Martin and Manderson didn't play significant minutes last season. The rest of the guys are walk on's, grad transfers, and freshmen. There just isn't any offensive team chemistry.
  3. Women at Memphis

    I love watching these ladies play. Jespersen is such a great "glue" player. Laia Flores is putting on a PG clinic.
  4. College bars near usf

    Easier Temple Terrace wet zoning?
  5. Battle of the Titans! I'll be there to bask in the spectacle.
  6. Stop it - WAKE UP

    This fan base hasn't earned an OCS, we just need to grow this fan base period.
  7. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I still think the MOSI site will be where our football stadium goes, but that's just my speculation.
  8. A USF bucket stops a 4min scoring drought.
  9. Oh crap, down by 30. It's getting ugly.
  10. We don't have very effective bag men.
  11. Cheers, y'all! I'm downing some Dirty Little Freak brew. It's one of the few things helping make this game watchable.