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  1. Wait until they unveil the giant inflatable bull that covers up the pirate ship on game days!
  2. USF will soon have their own locker room at RJS. Finally!
  3. My guess is we could go almost undefeated next year and with our schedule they would still consider us comparatively low on the "power" index. It's an easy way for them to favor the power 5.
  4. Not a surprise.
  5. I've been meaning to renew for a week now I keep forgetting. I wish they still mailed the bills. It was easier for me to just have the wife pay.
  6. Just lost also: Bruce Judson Jr.
  7. It makes be wonder if we should all lobby the TSA for better treatment. Eric Hart, CFE President & CEO 813-350-6500
  8. I think he is just saying "a" share of the revenue, not "the same" share. Anything would be an improvement at this point.
  9. With a 24 month out-clause, it's not a big deal either way. Hopefully we get a better deal this time:
  10. (1) Does Harlan stay or leave for Brad's desert paradise? >> Stay (2) Will we hire a Men's bball coach who will turn things around and get us back to the Dance? >> No time soon... (3) Will we sign a good class filled with 3-stars and above? >> Not this year. NEXT year is the one everyone should be watching.
  11. The "pressure" at USF is not compatible to the pressure at UT. At UT, the boosters OWN the program and demand tons of off-the-field junk from their coaches. They also have the (no longer realistic?) belief that they should be a top 5 program every year. At UT you are a failure as a coach unless you win 10 games every year and bow down to rich morons is cowboy boots weekly. Then, on top of the crazy expectations and boosters, you have to deal with the school owning its own TV network. It's a horrible job (but the money is great). At USF, all you need to do is win some games and smile for the cameras.
  12. "slick Willie" seems unnecessarily disrespectful to me...