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  1. RJS Annoyance after the game

    they most likely didn't care what you wanted to do as the faster they got you out of the stadium, the faster they could go home themselves.
  2. 9-1

    Gators are locked in on Chip Kelly from what I've read. But if Frost and all the other AAC coaches are getting this much love, why not Charlie too? If I were him, I would leverage this season back into a good P5 job before the season ends and all that senior talent is gone from this team. I mean-- USF was just a stepping stone for him to shake off the Texas job stink anyway, wasn't it?
  3. Might not be a bad thing to have his son try to be the head coach as a nice buffer before CJL swoops in to save the day when they can Snyder's boy.
  4. Judy with the War Flamingo

    Much like our team tonight, the picture lacks focus.
  5. 9-1

    well the crowds are bigger usually...lol one game at a time-- and be sure to enjoy this season as much as possible because it might be the last winning one we have for a while unless CCS has done some masterful recruiting. Hope I'm wrong but this has that same stink on it that we had when Holtz used Leavitt players to beat Clemson and then told everyone how we were going to have a new attitude (or some such nonsense)-- little did we know he meant a losing one.
  6. That’s what they said. Just remember CCS says it’s all about not executing...the play calling is fine 🙄 ahhh --- so with Willie we were supposed to get on the bus. But with Charlie, he just plans to throw the players under it.
  7. Literal much? Drinking the koolaid is an expression meaning you only see the good things at the worst of times-- "the coaches aren't at fault-- stop blaming them for the players mistakes" when we were not talking about the mistakes but how the coaches called the game. anyway-- done with this back and forth with you.
  8. think this is the winner this week--- 5 points off. ThatboyKane was second by my calculations.
  9. oh -- thought it was based on conference record first -- maybe they have the same-- regardless. getting there is what matters. can't win the trophy if you are not playing in the game
  10. Do you really see that with the way we’ve been playing? I’m not trying to be irrational or rude here, but we have been squeaking by some of the worst teams in the fbs and got beat by the only team we have played that’s in the top 50. I just don’t think we look like a top 25 team right now. good to know that mjadams drank ALL the koolaid so that the rest of us are still somewhat cognizant of what is actually going on here. Honestly though-- I hope this was a case of us looking past a team with a bad record in light of the upcoming game against the Knights. Mistakes were made-- the game was boring -- the crowd was sleeping or just didn't bother to come-- and we got to sweat out a game we should have won handily (probably). Next week, we will have to bring it hard and I know our guys will be sky high for that game. That one matters hugely. Ignore the rankings. Forget about the CFP. We need to beat those #%@&%# and get our arses into the championship game (at home correct?). Easily the biggest game of this season is the UCF game. Let's kick their asses.
  11. yeah-- focus on that part-== those TWO plays- not the lame play calling that throttled back the offense instead of continuing to attack a weak defense.
  12. and if my Aunt had balls, she could coach better than Strong
  13. Im tired of folks blaming the coaches. They didn't have 2 turnovers tonight. It's senior night...nut the f@#k up and get in someone's faces on the sideline seniors. Not moop the hell around. Some look like they ready just ready for this to be over and it's leaking onto the field uh--- I think we watched a different game where our coaching staff basically played three quarters of super conservative football to eek out a win against a 2-8 team. This coaching staff's first mistake was taking a fantastic offense that was setting records and deciding to install something they liked instead. Something that DOESN'T fit our players.
  14. From what most of friends who are Gator fans say-- that is not likely. I have been singing CCS praises but they see through me.
  15. you know-- you have to give Tulsa some credit for showing up and giving a great effort.