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  1. Classic Football Game Videos

    hard to believe but I just noticed this thread. of the games I don't see listed, I have the following on VHS tape currently (and possibly more in another box somewhere): 2003 Hula Bowl - Kawika Mitchell Army at USF 10-16-2004 (42-35 loss) USF at Penn State 9-3-2005 (23-13 loss) USF at UCF 9-17-2005 (31-14 win - first game ever against them) USF at Miami 10-1-2005 (27-7 loss) USF at ECU 11-13-2004 (41-17 win) Pitt at USF 12-04-2004 (43-14 loss) plus several episodes of the Jim Leavitt show: 11-06-04 11-13-04 10-8-05 10-15-05 and a few others that I don't have an exact date on I recall having more tapes than this but would have to search for them. Quite certain I have a bunch from pre-2004 including the 2001 Pitt game. Give me some time to figure out where I put these. Not sure how much time I have to offer in terms of putting them up on youtube-- plus most have all the commercials etc so editing would take some time as well.

    that video was not exactly a thrill to watch or representative of the thunder dunks HS used to throw down-- along with the canon boom that followed (until the Sun Belt made us get rid of that). Awesome times going to the games back then.
  3. I hope it works out though the quote from Genshaft reminds of similar things said about Skip.
  4. Hey, our guy is going to Oregon! What is this "OUR guy" BS? screw Fennelly probably just some random students is my guess.
  5. if it is on their page, they can't help but mention it.... repeatedly.... ad nauseum
  6. yeah-- this game is a bit boring with the huge lead. Not sure if Navy can muster a comeback like they did against us in the second half with the injuries.
  7. Oregon reaches out to Willie Taggart

    All this has probably been said but I don't have time to run through all the responses, especially seeing what appears to be some poster infighting towards the end. just remember, having your coach being coveted by other programs is a sign of success. Nice to get the attention too-- and not worried about what we do if we need to replace him. But for whatever reason-- CWT might have found his perfect job already. They have so many similarities. Leavitt was in a similar position for years and always talked about how much he loved living and coaching here.
  8. AAC Championship Game

    seems reasonable to have a thread for our own conference championship game, in addition to the overall thread. but I will head over there..... saawwwy
  9. Also-- he lives in Chandler now, not North Korea .. err.. Gilbert (you would get that if you lived in Phoenix)
  10. AAC Championship Game

    thanks for the heads up-- I was rooting for them as a team we beat who is still ranked. Sure wish we had beat Temple-- USF should be in this game!
  11. Joel Miller's Father Speaks Out on CJL

    Lost in this thread is has CJL had any subsequent incidents. That would make this matter.