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  1. Hoping they are talking about the regular CBS broadcast not just the CBS Sports.
  2. Could of been a Texas Longhorn fan too. I notice that USF has gained a lot of Longhorn fans over the hiring of Coach Strong.
  3. As long as USF keeps Harlan, we will be fine. I have confidence that he will replace coaches that leave with good coaches.
  4. Lol the irony of the ump wearing that while missing calls left and right is classic. If I'm USF, I would ask to see the go pro angles of all the missed calls.
  5. You nailed it!! I share your same thoughts. Was a good game until the ump ruined it. Hope he is not doing the tourney. USF needs to do what Leavitt did and turn the tape of game to the AAC commish office so that the ump can be let go.
  6. Like to see 500. Then NIT in a few years. Big Dance in 4 years
  7. Wow!!! AAC was tough at the top this season.
  8. Good game even though the ump blew a few calls. That is baseball. UCF Knights are the 2017 AAC regular season champs. Congrats to them.
  9. The umpire ruined one of the best baseball games of all time imo
  10. Umpire is terrible.
  11. Wrong.
  12. Get rest for the tourney!!!
  13. Need a bunt
  14. Good call! Good play by USF to get out of the inning