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  1. AAC Bubble Watch (02.05.18)

    Looking like a four bid year with Cincy, Wich St, Houston, and Temple
  2. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    This big win should move USF to higher seed than the projected 8 seed by Charlie Creme
  3. Bulls softball knocks off #18 Michigan

    Yes, usually that is the case. I think Coach K is one of the exceptions at Duke. Just wondering if Coach Eriksen has already been approached by the idea. Knowing him he would probably decline as he wouldn’t want a distraction for his players while he is still the coach
  4. USF new requirements

    Well said
  5. Bulls softball knocks off #18 Michigan

    Question? When is USF going to name the USF Softball field Ken Erickson Field? The coach is the face of USF softball. 900 wins and counting. Here is hoping he gets win number 1,000 before it is all said and done.
  6. Thankfully hoops programs are quicker to fix than football. What USF has not had since the Heath days is to have some stability. Next season going forward should tell us something is starting to work if CBG is able to keep players from leaving. NIT in three seasons would be a major step forward. The question after that is if CBG can maintain that momentum after that. What hurt Heath was that he was up and down every other season. We need something like what Coach Jose Fernandez has built. I remember it took him some time to get USF to WNIT. Then he kept building and finally was able to break through to NCAA births. As we watch the women’s program today be proud of how much work it took Coach Fernandez to build what we have now.
  7. Now that is great positive thinking. Glass half full! Like that !
  8. Yeah but that was not with an OCS. I’m sorry but RJS is just a morgue. Terrible stadium set up for day games. It has become a dinosaur.
  9. I like this thinking. I visit Tempe around March each year as my older bro lives out there. He is a SunDevil alumn. They don’t really care unless they are winning so I think USF might be the same issue. A lot to do around USF and ASU besides going to college hoops games.
  10. This team is more enjoyable to watch than last season. At least we can see a building of a foundation. Give CBG a few more seasons and we could be NIT potential. Baby steps
  11. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    Think they have a better transit system up in Philly than we do in Tampa right now.
  12. Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Might be best to not attempt putting these jerseys on lol
  13. USF new requirements

    The Harvard of the south ?
  14. WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    Hope you know that he may be talking about the Temple vs USF game tomorrow at noon
  15. Add Another "Go Bulls"

    Cool !! Got to visit Utah someday