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  1. Nebraska is ringing Frost's phone.
  2. Tulsa Game Needs to be Moved

    Sorry but an OCS will look a lot better than RJS right now. Don't think you understand what we are arguing for here.
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    WOB stadium
  4. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    Happy for UCF & AAC!!
  5. This!! It will take both teams ranked to get more hype. Will be good for both programs. We better win though lol
  6. Rob Stone, in-studio host for FS1 CFB

    Yes!! Leavitt messed his hair do up before the Bulls ran out into the field. Good guy as he will never forget that game and USF lol
  7. Tulsa Game Needs to be Moved

    I know just having some fun with him as we used to argue back & forth about it years ago. Just glad that he has come around.
  8. Idea for a game add

    I think you just want revenge against Paul Johnson. USF old rival, Georgia Southern he used to be the head coach. USF came close to beating him, but now it would be great to get revenge. I would not be surprised if Paul Johnson wants any part of USF right now so that game won't happen this season.
  9. Stil will take USF defense over just about anyone right now. While most USF were ******** about attendence & the offense, the defense basically pitched a shut out against Temple.
  10. USF > FSU

    Trying to see if Michigan is that good this season.
  11. Tulsa Game Needs to be Moved

    By now you must realize that your argument for RJS against an OCS is a lost cause.
  12. will be shocked if both USF & UCF are not undefeated by the time the War on I4 happens. To me, USF & UCF are the top two teams in the state
  13. Will Harlan Be Interviewing?

    Maybe if he comes back to our tailgate. Don't have time to chase anyone down right now.
  14. Ticket prices

    And with our lame concession deal with RJS, what is the point of bringing in more fans basically for free?? OCS would solve this issue too.
  15. Will Harlan Be Interviewing?

    Loll I personally think OCS is too big now.