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  1. Looking forward to the Nola road trip!! May not see the game all that clear after consuming tons of Hand Granades but it will be a blast.
  2. You nailed it!! The only question is if the Big 12 will remain a power conference if Texas & OU leave.
  3. Fan Fest 2017

    This is the same date for USF's Rays game. So looks like I'm out.
  4. Football Season Ticket #'s

    Good news to hear. Keep the momentum going up!!
  5. USF & Tailgate Guys announce partnership

    This will be great for when I get real old. Will be easier on the back
  6. I miss these players at USF. Can't wait to see what CBG can do with the hoops program.
  7. I believe that too as the sections are TBA. See you all in Nola!
  8. Just ordered 4 tickets to the Tulane game. Seats say 32-35. I expect USF to sell out the allotment.
  9. USF's Mohl Hired to Replace Kingston

    Good to see him be rewarded for his hard work at USF. Happy for the players and recruits as they still have the familiar face in the coaching staff to keep building what Kingston started.
  10. Kingston interviewing in SC

    That old Red McEwen field was a terrible college baseball facility. Coach Eddie C had it tough. Thanks to Woolard, USF now has a nice baseball facility.
  11. You get to pick one

    It was during one of his half time interviews during a USF basketball game so I'm not sure how to find it lol.
  12. Kingston interviewing in SC

    Lol fixed it. Been a long crazy week.
  13. You get to pick one

    Agreed!! This is kind of what Woolard predicted. He said the tv contracts are too high and that he won't be surprised if the tv networks lost money on those deals