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  1. Women at Memphis

    I believe USF lost their last two meetings at Memphis so it would be great if they can steal a win tonight
  2. Bright side is that I have not ordered any Papa Johns as I don’t think the 50% discount win the Bulls win will be much of a reality. I lost about 15 lbs during the past few weeks.
  3. Just popped the bottle of champagne as USF scores more than 36 points tonight and avoids setting a record. The Dog/Tree record from the Seth Greenberg era lives on. Go Bulls!
  4. Is that Kevin Nash from NWO feeling sorry for us??
  5. Gilbert Rumors

    It is over with. The more we keep talking about it the more it will become a curse for years to come.
  6. P6

    They got to keep their corrupt system in tact.
  7. Illinois game 2018

    Born in Peoria. Have family members that are Cardinal fans, but I grew up a Cubs fan. Was lucky to get to the Cubs at Reds game in 2016 when I went to the Cincy/USF game. Cubs ended up winning the whole thing about a month later. If the game is at Soldier Field and that is a big IF, I plan on going.
  8. Gilbert Rumors

    Old news now. Lessons learned from it.
  9. Forever a Bull

    Hoping the Bucs draft him if not then maybe Dolphins.
  10. Women vs. UCF

    With the new standards put in thus season, I’m going to say USF football will win a national championship soon. Just need to go undefeated and win NY6 bowl game to claim.
  11. USF Players Prepping for Shrine Game

    Any USF tailgates going on for this game ?
  12. Gilbert Rumors

    If they beat Houston by that much, I don’t see them losing a game.
  13. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Agreed ! #7
  14. P6

    Two of the final four NFL QBs are from AAC schools. P6