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    Hey! My picture of JT and Andy Samberg didn't post!

    I'm good with everything so far. As long as its not a @#$% in a box!
  3. ANAGRAM for Mongo...
  4. They have no respect for our house. You could see which parking spaces they had. They left a g*****n mess. My 8 year old son said he now understands why we don't like UCF fans.
  5. I'm thankful that we're not playing UCF, literally, on Thanksgiving. And that the bulls are fun to watch again. I don't know if anyone posted a comment about the trick plays in the 4th Q, but they were hard to watch. Thanks USF Bulls and the members of this board!!
  6. It was loud. And I'm hoarse.
  7. If you see my family, we're divided, so be nice to my wife and daughter.
  8. I have Frontier as well and the game is not enabled on ESPN3. Anyone got a solution, I'm all ears (eyes).
  9. 1. All of 'em 2. Iskra 3. Burnham 4. The season we beat Clemson in the bowl game 5. The SW Texas State deluge. Awesome!
  10. Is it me or does he repeat himself in that quote?
  11. 1) The first time we wore white helmets in a bowl in St. Pete 2) I think 17 points 3) 2 4) I give us 1 chance in 3 5) Not happening
  12. I'm nervous, too. When you play for pride, anything can happen. This is the last game of their season and it's against US. Let's not let this be our trap game. Play as a team and we will win. Then let's watch UConn take care of business.
  13. I listen to Drew's show everyday. It was great to hear CWT on my favorite afternoon radio show.