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  1. Props to USF H.O.T.

    I came sown FROM the club to watch the HOT. They were amazing! They had to have practiced for hours to change from all those formations. Kudos to the HOT, that was awesome and I am so proud! (Standing O)!
  2. Tulsa game time

    Not usually. I usually watch from home.
  3. Tulsa game time

    These Thursday late starts mean I have to leave mid 3rd. I hope we have TULSA under control by then so I can listen without pulling the steering wheel off on my way back to SRQ.
  4. We had the Blackhawk flyover but that was years ago. That may have been CUSA when we played (and lost) to Army at home. Could be wrong, though.
  5. USF today...

    My family and I were in town last weekend and went to the Beef's to eat and watch the game. I thought there would be more students for an away game. The students in there cheered. Then I got my bill and realized why the students don't go there. Not friendly for a student budget!! Campus was beautiful, though!
  6. I know we haven't been mixing up the unis lately, but just wondering if this is the week.
  7. The Bulls Pen's 18th birthday

    I don't post often, but I have to jump in on this thread to show the year I joined this rabble. So proud! Thanks, Brad!
  8. FB: USF Pro Day 2017

    Hey! My picture of JT and Andy Samberg didn't post!
  9. FB: USF Pro Day 2017

    I'm good with everything so far. As long as its not a @#$% in a box!
  10. Early Present Delivered!

    ANAGRAM for Mongo...
  11. The Rivalry!

    They have no respect for our house. You could see which parking spaces they had. They left a g*****n mess. My 8 year old son said he now understands why we don't like UCF fans.
  12. I'm thankful that we're not playing UCF, literally, on Thanksgiving. And that the bulls are fun to watch again. I don't know if anyone posted a comment about the trick plays in the 4th Q, but they were hard to watch. Thanks USF Bulls and the members of this board!!
  13. Crowd Noise

    It was loud. And I'm hoarse.
  14. Please be extra nice to the 'Nole fans

    If you see my family, we're divided, so be nice to my wife and daughter.
  15. ACC Network "Blacked Out in Your Area"

    I have Frontier as well and the game is not enabled on ESPN3. Anyone got a solution, I'm all ears (eyes).