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  1. Five Question Friday

    1. This will be our 20th. 2. Grothe 3. Leavitt but maybe Taggart after this season 4. 2007 5. 2007 USF vs WVU
  2. Football Club Access

    For the folks with club access, are your tickets stamped with "club access" like in years past? Because ours are not stamped. We are in 214, but make the $1k donation for club access.
  3. Bulls Cast for football away games

    I probably will, just trying to avoid it if I could. Didn't want to increase my bill by $30/month so I could watch 4-5 football games a year.
  4. Is this a legitimate option for watching away games? I don't want to upgrade my Verizon Fios package to get CBS Sports and/or ESPN News. Besides a bar, what are our other options for watching away games from my couch?

    I have Verizon fios, but don't have Espn News on my channel package. Can I watch the game on ESPN 3? When I log on with my Fios account, it won't play the game. It gives me a "user not authorized" error. I know my log on/password are correct. Is it because I don't have ESPN News on my channel package?
  6. I think USF would be wise to bring in Tony Dungy in some kind of capacity. Similar to what they did with Lee Roy Selmon.
  7. I guess I don't get any credit because I don't post much. More of a lurker I guess....
  8. Dollar Coin vs. Dollar Bill

    I for one don't want to carry around a pocket full of change. However, I am all for eliminating the penny. It costs more to produce that it's worth.
  9. Holtz will NOT be fired after this season

    Since the probability is that Holtz will still be here at least thru next season, I think the most likely scenario we could see would be the hiring of a new OC and/or DC. Who would you like to see USF hire or promote from within the ranks for a new DC/OC? I think Kevin Patrick might make a good DC. Can't be any worse than Cosh.
  10. Mark Stoops, future head coach?

    That was his brother, Mike Stoops.
  11. Holtz Buyout

    If Holtz's contract is bought out, what coach would you like to see brought in (provided USF can afford his services)? Cristobal from FIU might be a good choice.
  12. FSU ticket CC charge

    Charge is currently pending on my card.
  13. Bulls vs Rutgers TV??

    I had my first experience with ESPN3 watching the Cincinnati game. I was not impressed and overall it was a miserable experience. It was like watching the game on an old VCR tape.
  14. Girls of UTEP

    Going to be very difficult to find UTEP girls wearing FAMU gear. Just sayin...