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  1. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Where is TJ Weist coaching?
  2. Prediction: USF will stomp UCiF on my Birthday.... Mark it Down... Ty
  3. Our next head football coach should be

    Kevin Sumlin...... with Florida talent & Speed Kevin Sumlin would create a super offense..........
  4. USF today...

    WoW, I need to get back to see the Campus
  5. Saturday Weather Forecast

    Run Q Run...............
  6. Uniforms vs Houson

    Whatever happened to the "White" helmets? Loved all the different looks last year........ Change is cool Just Sayin, Ty
  7. 10 Years Ago Today

    Great Day. I was there
  8. Maybe their stadium is a dump after all

    RJS is sweet. Video boards are amazing. Super Bowl quality Stadium. USF will get an OCS when & if the School deems it necessary and it is built correctly. Until then RJS is sweet and properly located for the bay area. JMHO, Ty
  9. Weather Forecast Improving

  10. Just 1 question.... Who in their "Right" mind would want to coach at Ole Miss. Location? In same division with Alabama & Auburn...... Lose - Lose
  11. P6

    This is the best piece I've read on the topic. https://navy.rivals.com/news/understandi...or-power-6
  12. Adding Traditions to USF games

    How about a Live "BULL" at the Stadium
  13. UCiF 12-0 vs USF 11-0 Can you say College Game Day in Mickey Mouse Town?
  14. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 118 seconds  
  15. Five Question Friday

    All 20 Home Openers USF Bulls Unlimited 300 Yards Rushing Game #1 1997 65% Rushing Plays That is all, Ty