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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Not a mention of CCS http://bleacherreport.com/articles/27229...ball-coach
  2. Be careful not to assume...
  3. How did USF change your life?

    Was the step I needed to get into Grad School...... Meet, Married and had our first child at USF.... Go Bulls
  4. Another Name added to the List of Infamy

    John Allen. USF's first President who hated football!
  5. McMurphy fired

    Bye, Bye Brett
  6. New Bulls locker room at RJS! Will the New Locker room be Green of Red? Questions that make my head hurt. Ty
  7. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    Sadly, I have to agree
  8. Head Coach Basketball

    Anthony Grant! Bump
  9. fCWT can't seem to settle in

    CWT leaves USF and goes to Oregon..... Bad Karma...............
  10. I really believe that QF is a once in a generation special talent. With our wide receivers and the "Baylor" style offense we can go undefeated. Then New Years Day bowl game. Why not. This year will be special.
  11. FB Season Ticket Renewal

    So we are supposed to purchase and USF has not even giving us the Schedule (game dates)....... For those who travel from out of town, this is important. Ty
  12. Ray Jay Lease Extended 6 More Years

    I enjoy Chair backs & cup holders. Ray-Jay has hosted Super Bowls & a National Championship. We just need to win more with a tradition of winning and then we will fill up a Great Stadium.... JMHO, Ty
  13. OCS!!!

    Ding, Ding, Ding.................. We have a WINNER!
  14. OCS!!!

    Question. Does U Memphis own the Liberty Bowl & is it located on your Campus?