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  1. TyBull

    USF new requirements

    The Conversation Harvard of the South
  2. TyBull

    Gilbert Rumors

    Really? Shaun King would run the offense that CCS tells him to run
  3. Sweet. We are really going to miss QF
  4. TyBull

    Luke Fickell

    USF can do that to opposing coaches
  5. Wow. We at USF will never / ever have a local writer back us up like that? And I always thought that Bianchi was a Gator honk
  6. TyBull

    Happy Anniversary CCS

    My thoughts on CCS. Having Richt, Taggert (Leavitt), Mullen, Butch Davis & Lane Kiffen all coaching in Florida we are going to need an excellent Florida recruiter who is in with Florida high School ties & reputation to keep us getting talented football players. CCS will keep the talented players coming to USF. IMO If we brought in someone like (Kevin Sumlin) in with no Florida ties we could quickly fall behind in talented players. CCS in game coaching & game planning drove me nuts this year. Making QF look ordinary until the UCiF game could / would drive one to drink heavily. Hopefully next year will be better in year 2 of CCS system. Ty
  7. End all CCS rumors. He will be at USF next year. JMHO
  8. TyBull

    CCS and Coaching Openings

    Where is TJ Weist coaching?
  9. Prediction: USF will stomp UCiF on my Birthday.... Mark it Down... Ty
  10. TyBull

    Our next head football coach should be

    Kevin Sumlin...... with Florida talent & Speed Kevin Sumlin would create a super offense..........
  11. TyBull

    USF today...

    WoW, I need to get back to see the Campus
  12. TyBull

    Saturday Weather Forecast

    Run Q Run...............
  13. TyBull

    Uniforms vs Houson

    Whatever happened to the "White" helmets? Loved all the different looks last year........ Change is cool Just Sayin, Ty
  14. TyBull

    10 Years Ago Today

    Great Day. I was there
  15. TyBull

    Maybe their stadium is a dump after all

    RJS is sweet. Video boards are amazing. Super Bowl quality Stadium. USF will get an OCS when & if the School deems it necessary and it is built correctly. Until then RJS is sweet and properly located for the bay area. JMHO, Ty