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  1. So San Antonio high schools don't even have their own on campus stadiums! HA!
  2. It's been the end of February or beginning of March...
  3. There is a solution for cutting the time in a baseball: 1 - Call the ACTUAL strike zone. Which is supposed to be basically armpits to knees. Most umpires shrink that down. 2 - Add a "pitch clock" of 15-20 seconds from the time the batter enters the box where the pitcher has to throw to a base or pitch the ball. 3 - Batters can't call time out once in the batters box... and maybe add a 15-20 second "batter clock" when the batter has to get into the batters box to bat.
  4. The easy solution is to follow basketball or hockey with the way TV timeouts are handled. TV timeouts are the BIGGEST REASON games are so long. I've been at games where there was a TV timeout during the instant replay review then after the PAT and then after the kickoff because of an injury. Six minutes of timeouts with a PAT and a kickoff in between. There should be either XX minutes of game time between TV timeout windows OR perhaps YY minutes of real time between windows. When you have games that go 50+ to 40+ ... you end up with a timeout after every TD and/or punt... that is a lot of time wasted.
  5. Seat donations are now part of the ticket price. Donations above that level do not affect your seat options.
  6. Here is the Tweet
  7. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/EJA792
  8. Didn't see this when I posted mine. HA!
  9. Looks like things are lining up for USF to go to Birmingham. Updated with link.
  10. Looking at possible opponents .... if USF plays a P-5 team, chances are pretty good that team will be 6-6. Military Bowl or St. Pete Bowl - Both vs ACC The Military, Independence, Quick Lane, and St Pete Bowls all share "tier 2" selections -- #7 through #10 -- from the ACC. The list likely includes: Georgia Tech, NC State, Wake Forest, and Boston College. Quick Lane is in Detroit - so I could see BC playing there. Ga Tech was the best of these four at 8-4, and the Independence would be an SEC opponent, sent the Rambling Wreck to Shreveport. Likely opponents: Wake Forest, NC State Birmingham - vs SEC The Birmingham and Independence Bowls get the last 2 picks from the 11 teams in the SEC that are eligible (not counting Miss St). The "Bottom" teams from the SEC would be Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Maybe Georgia. Given B'ham and Shreveport get last two picks... and I think Ga Tech will be heading there, I would put Arkansas there. Likely opponents: Vanderbilt, South Carolina
  11. I would suspect it's on the next list... but it wasn't a top priority when building new facilities the last time around. Clearly it has not been that big of a deal to move practices around. And I would also think that any such facility would be for multiple sports (football, soccer, etc).
  12. "Check" ? What "send a check"? In all seriousness, I haven't written a check in more than five years. Everything can be paid online... and I get miles on my credit card too!! Helping USF and miles is a win-win. ---------------- Your generosity makes great things possible! Jim Johnson, Thank you for your $XX gift to Give the Gift of Scholarship. A confirmation for your credit card charge has been emailed to you at jim@XXX. Your support today is transforming all that can be accomplished tomorrow. Thank you for making the USF System unstoppable.