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  1. Something we could all use

    Except we don't throw to running backs and we don't throw to the middle of the field but I'm sure he would do a better job of running between the tackles.
  2. Ordered my UCF tickets today

    Don't forget the imminent collapse of the stadium.
  3. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    The AAC is purgatory, we just happen to be the mayor now.
  4. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    But then it may detract from the hard hitting expose' on the delta between announced and turnstile attendance.
  5. Game Promotion

    He is much nicer in business than I could dream of being, the billion dollar cushion probably helps with that.
  6. Game Promotion

    Yes in theory someone could perhaps make most of both games but if there was a reason not to target that list I would guess it would be a fear of canabalizing people already going to their game.
  7. Game Promotion

    Isn't there a lightning home game that day?
  8. Critiquing Joey Knight

    Never heard of him.
  9. USF's rankings this bye week

    Notre Dame jumped us, not sure if Michigan and them (right above us) can stay there with their remaining schedules.
  10. USF's rankings this bye week

  11. USF's rankings this bye week

    We are at 18 , SDSU is close by at 19 only separated by 17 votes, Navy breaks in at 25
  12. USF's rankings this bye week

    He added us in at #24 by default as we still as by his measure we still have yet to beat anyone of consequence.
  13. You would think a coach chased out by boosters would appreciate a program with a smaller fanbase, I would think it would be a selling point to them.
  14. Lie about who we are playing and what conference we are in?