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  1. Typically sponsors and others related to the bowls.
  2. We should have never built the Sun Dome on that burial ground.
  3. Congratulations!
  4. One is our coach now and one isn't our coach anymore?
  5. That doesn't reallly roll off the tongue.
  6. Someone just gave you a link to it, did you click it?
  7. People tend to be outlandish on internet message boards.
  8. Fair enough. He got me to buy season tickets again and to drive up from Fort Lauderdale for all but one game, which is a lot more support than I have been giving lately. If he didn't have full buy in he certainly was getting as close as anyone is probably going to get again, but life moves on.
  9. I would assume that it is mostly in jest or wishful thinking the nature of the breakup would make it as close to impossible as impossible gets.
  10. Which is why it will not go away.
  11. I think most of the contention is over whether it was a good and merited thing and winning and stability are the only things that will end that discussion.
  12. Prior to his departure when it the last time anyone had anything to say about CWT? I would think at least on this board he had finally gotten full buy-in.
  13. If he can pull it off I say good for him, his job is to win as many games as he can in Oregon and he owes us nothing except the buyout money.
  14. Because its the only point of contention on the entire thread. It actually organically popped up when I was Googling for CWT's offensive philosophies prior to the conclusion of the 2014 season and it made me laugh. After the halfway point of 2015 you would be hard pressed to find anyone that had an issue with CWT, if he so chose he would still be here and would have been for a while, before that there is an endless sea of theories about the direction of the program and how exactly we came to pull of that tailspin. Pretending that everything prior to game five of 2015 never happened is the revisionist history.
  15. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/willie-taggart-aims-for-usf-bulls-turnaround-in-year-2/2194508 http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/how-long-should-willie-taggart-have-to-rebuilt-usf-football/2198350 Even this guy on TBP seemed to be losing faith because we were doing the same mistakes over and over and expecting a different result GaUSFBull Gonna Play on Sundays TBP Donor 2,050 20,913 posts December 15, 2009 Location: North of ATL Posted August 31, 2014 · Report post I am personally waiting until some conference games are played before making the final call. Aside from my personal belief that he gets at least 3 years, this game was eerily similar to last year's McNeese game, without all the pick sixes. I'm going to need some convincing. I did expect a larger margin of victory tonight than 5 points. 0 Quote