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  1. Maybe I need to try that one.
  2. Some toast there subs, some press subs, some have unique items, some have unique toppings, some have unique ways they recommend their subs, some are uniquely quick, some have large amounts of unique hot sauces and some are Publix.
  3. Honestly what is unique, interesting or special about a Publix sub? I don’t think they are horrible by any stretch of the imagination but they are equally not special and the definition of average.
  4. Ether as in the heavens not the gas.
  5. I’ve seen the Platonic form of a sub in the ether and it doesn’t look like a Publix sub, and deep in your heart you know that I am right.
  6. The way it’s set up on here that can kind of make sense. The way it originally worked on the internet comments got moved up or down based on rating. People would want more pertinent information at the top ,whether it was what they necessarily agreed with or not, and things off topic to get burried. As the country has moved alway from being able to have any discourse or even be exposed to contrarian ideas it became more common to try to bury any idea that upset your sensitivities.
  7. Then we better get more money from people.
  8. Historically on the internet that would be the only good use of a down vote (not being on topic) and not saying inconvenient truths like Publix subs aren’t that great, the AAC is our worst nightmare and we would be better off with UCF curling up and dying than we are with trying to declare them national champions. That being said I don’t understand passive aggressive people that like to downvote over fear of confronting someone on the scary streets of the internet.
  9. To build Spectrum stadium we would need a blended average of $2,680 from each of those 25,000 fans assuming there are 25,000 that would give and we would want to build Spectrum 2.0.
  10. I agree they are not by favorite by any stretch of the imagination. They are average at best and their only redeeming quality is being fast, something that is the complete opposite of Publix which seems to have confused being slow with being quality.
  11. Quiznos is under rated.
  12. Firehouse and Jersey Mike’s are both way better than Publix, Jimmy Johns is probably a tie since at least they are fast.
  13. It wasn’t me. I just think much like our former coach Publix subs are overrated and getting by on a name that carried more weight in the past. If anything I liked the post because it gave me a chance to take pot shots which I like; my money is on someone that didn’t know we had most of our recruiting filled by in the early period and actually thought there was some suprise to be had.
  14. Publix is the Skip Holtz of subs.
  15. Of which the university gets $0