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  1. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    The NFL draft is anything it's unpredictable.
  2. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    How shocked?
  3. Solid CWT Article

    CWT? Never heard of him.
  4. Judy and Doug get the credit; their efforts put us in the position of rebuilding.
  5. Legion Field Seating

    Typically sponsors and others related to the bowls.
  6. Time to Cut Antigua Loose

    We should have never built the Sun Dome on that burial ground.
  7. Bulls family growing

  8. One is our coach now and one isn't our coach anymore?
  9. What is the new Slogan?

    That doesn't reallly roll off the tongue.
  10. What hiring Charlie Strong Means for USF

    Someone just gave you a link to it, did you click it?
  11. I grew to like Taggart

    People tend to be outlandish on internet message boards.
  12. I grew to like Taggart

    Fair enough. He got me to buy season tickets again and to drive up from Fort Lauderdale for all but one game, which is a lot more support than I have been giving lately. If he didn't have full buy in he certainly was getting as close as anyone is probably going to get again, but life moves on.
  13. I grew to like Taggart

    I would assume that it is mostly in jest or wishful thinking the nature of the breakup would make it as close to impossible as impossible gets.
  14. I grew to like Taggart

    Which is why it will not go away.
  15. I grew to like Taggart

    I think most of the contention is over whether it was a good and merited thing and winning and stability are the only things that will end that discussion.