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  1. Football

    Okay. In all fairness, with you, it's hard to tell. Don't waste your time on Suicide Squad BTW
  2. Football

    I think he knows that...
  3. I regret that I can only give you one up vote for the reference. It made me chuckle.
  4. The author's conclusion is flawed anyway. It's not, " abundantly obvious that USF made the wrong call." The only thing that's obvious is that COA didn't get the job done. We don't know if Heath's teams would have been any better. We don't know if, given more time, COA would have turned it around. We don't know which, if any, other available coach could have done better. Everything is hindsight and speculation. Both of which we excel at here at TBP.
  5. In college baseball, every win is important if you what to make it to regionals. Wins against highly ranked teams, further helps the cause.
  6. Football

    Exactly!! We want to win a National Championship without anyone noticing.
  7. http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2017/02/22/big-12-reopened-expansion-talks
  8. Chuck CarltonVerified account‏@ChuckCarltonDMN From Big 12, a statement on expansion chatter: "Expansion is not an active agenda item in the Big 12." Sources even more emphatically no.
  9. Football

    We can't ever get to where we hope to be without preseason hype. We (the team and fans) just need to learn to deal with it.
  10. I keep hearing that they are going to draft a RB or WR with their 1st round pick. I hope they go defense. DL and DBs are a real need.
  11. Some did say we had no shot if we didn't adjust our rotation, and some said we had no shot anyway.
  12. Wait...I thought we had no shot. I know several, "experts" said so.