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  1. It's you. There's been several tweets during practice on how the defense is doing
  2. Thanks for everyone's input. I guess having the coach of team USA doesn't have the pull that I thought it would. Clearly, women's softball is foreign to me (I have one son).
  3. The guy that shot Child's may have had the intent to kill, just maybe not the ability. But you're right, in Florida, if you pull out your gun because you feel that your or someone else's life is in peril, you shoot to kill. Because if you don't, the courts are going to assume that you really didn't feel that your life was in jeopardy.
  4. We're not even dominating our conference. I'm not trying to insult CKE, I'm just trying to understand why we aren't better.
  5. I agree it's been good, and Ken is a obviously a great coach. However, I would think that the best softball players in the country would want to play for the coach of team USA. I don't know why it hasn't translated.
  6. Something that has always bothered me about USF softball: Our coach is the coach for USA Softball, we have great facilities, weather, and we have Publix. We've been good, but why aren't we a powerhouse?
  7. The nice thing about college basketball is that one or two players can make a world of difference. Personally, I wouldn't make any predictions on this.
  8. The Villages?
  9. It was probably decided before Harlan was even hired.
  10. I'm not saying you can't get solid talent, just that in basketball, early playing time is touted by nearly every school.
  11. Even that's not a huge sell. Because of, "one and dones" almost every school can tout early playing time.