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  1. I don't know, if he had some tenure, it might be different, but he just got there.
  2. It says he faces multiple charges. So, he may be fired for something in addition to the DUI.
  3. 1. Happy it's Trump or wanted Clinton? No, and no. Disappointment that these were the two that the main parties came up with. 2. January 20, 2017 or February 1, 2017 ? Feb 1 3. Will Football win AAC Title in 2017? Yes 4. Your activity during the football off season? Moving, new job 5. Favorite Rock Bands? The Police, U2
  4. Uh, that might actually be worse.
  5. We were the ones to postpone the game and since we're clearing up misconceptions, UCF is the one that ended our Big East exit series one game early.
  6. Usually, these tweets were followed by someone announcing a commitment. I haven't seen any new commits. Am I missing them?
  7. The question is which was a better year, not what was a better team. This past season was the best overall season by far.
  8. Since it wasn't on the title, he's a 3-star
  9. I agree! I used to live in SC so to play Carolina and Clemson in back to back years would be awesome.
  10. Who does he play for and what position?
  11. If there's not a guaranteed spot for a G5 school, it would still be a long-shot.