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  1. "USF also moved previously announced game dates with BYU, UMass and San Jose State. The Bulls and BYU will now begin a two-game series in Tampa on Oct. 12, 2019, moving the Cougars' trip to Tampa up three years from the original 2022 date. USF visits BYU in 2021. USF rescheduled a 2017 home game with UMass, which was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma, for Oct. 22, 2022 in Tampa. The Bulls play at UMass in 2018. USF also moved a home game with San Jose State back three years to Sept. 9, 2023. The return game of a two-game series with the Spartans, which began in 2017, was originally slated for 2020."
  3. JJZbulls 29 NJBull 20 LrdNorman 16 &rew Bull 15 NewEnglandBull 10 mikemcp88 10 Apis Bull 5 206BULL 1 Roaming Bull 1 bullsfan27 1 DELdaBull 0 bcgruber 0 George Jenkins 0
  4. Actual ECU 38 Jiggetts - 15 Banks/Samuel - 3 66.7%
  5. Gilbert Rumors

    If he tackles him like he should, he wouldn't have gotten out of bounds
  6. P6

    The there's this: Oregon's Mullens named next chair of CFP Selection Committee Oklahoma athletics director Joe Castiglione named to CFP selection committee Georgia Tech AD Todd Stansbury to be on CFP selection committee
  7. Gilbert Rumors

    Gilbert did have him throw, 38 times, nearly half of the offensive plays. This proves that Gilbert adjusted his game plan and didn't run it all the time.
  8. Gilbert Rumors

    You post just proves that Sterling changed the offense for the game. Flowers threw 38 times. The stats don't agree with your assertion that we took that ball out of his hand too often. 2/3 of the offensive plays were either passes of Flowers runs. He wasn't effective as a runner and if he had passed like he did in the previous two games, Houston would have routed us.
  9. Gilbert Rumors

    Flowers average 0.5 yards per carry in that game.
  10. Gilbert Rumors

    I didn't say that. What I said, that in this particular game is easy to see that the one play that had we been successful defending and should not have been difficult to defend, would have won us the game. In any game there are dozens of plays that could have an impact, but not usually one so glaring. Just like the Vikings/Saints game, the one play that will always stand out is the last TD for the Vikings. Sure, there are probably several plays that may have changed the complection of the game, but certainly, if that DB tackles the WR, the game is over and the Saints win.
  11. Gilbert Rumors

    Here's the thing, you don't KNOW that a different game plan would have led to different results on the field. I do know that if we make that stop of 4th and 24, we win. Please remind me when xCWT's GCO went undefeated in a season.
  12. New Memphis QB...

    How is that possible?
  13. Gilbert Rumors

    So, let me ask you. What's generally easier in football, scoring or stopping a freaking 4th and 24? Sure, it would have been great if we scored more, but a team converting on 4th and 24 has a very (extremely) low success rate.
  14. Gilbert Rumors

    Any team will score above or below their average on any given day. That's why it's called an average. No amount of blaming the offense is going to excuse the fact that we couldn't get a stop of 4th and 24 or that we gave up a 50 yard kickoff return.
  15. 206BULL 46 George Jenkins 40 bcgruber 35 NJBull 33 &rew Bull 33 NewEnglandBull 30 DELdaBull 29 mikemcp88 26 bullsfan27 25 LrdNorman 19 CountryBull 17 Roaming Bull 10