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  1. I'm in a restaurant in Virginia Beach, rocking my UA USF tee and all of a sudden I get a, "Go Bulls!"
  2. The flaw in your argument is that he won't have any other income after his first contract is over. He either play beyond this first contract or be employed somewhere else, earning additional income. He's already planning to complete his degree, so that will help.
  3. And the guy with the old, "USF isn't even in South Florida" crap. I've got news for him, the geographic center of Florida is in Hernando County 12 miles NNW of Brooksville.
  4. Since it was on the watch of those that are no longer there, it may not.
  5. Trip, don't you know you just pick up the phone and say, "Hey, we want to play you" and the other school will respond with, "Okay, sure. Let us know when"
  6. If true, he's worse than an idiot, He's a predator.
  7. They've made it nearly impossible for any urban university to reach, "preeminence"
  8. I'm not worried about either of those two.
  9. That is hard to read. How's this? 2017-2018 eligible and signed: G/F Justin Brown, Fr. SG David Collins, Fr. F Tulio Da Silva, R-So. G Troy Holston Jr., R-Jr. F Isaiah Manderson, Sr. C Malik Martin, R-Jr. C Nikola Scekic, Jr. (New Mexico/Hutchinson CC) F Alexis Yetna, Fr. 2017-2018 eligible but not signed: G Payton Banks, Gr-Transfer (Penn State) PG Stephan Jiggetts, Gr-Transfer (Fairleigh Dickinson) PG Laquincy Rideau, Jr. (Gardner-Webb transfer)* 2017-2018 signed but have to sit a year: G TJ Lang, Jr. (Auburn transfer)* PG Laquincy Rideau, Jr. (Gardner-Webb transfer)* If everything goes as planned, we will lose the three grad transfers and Manderson after next season. Giving us four scholarships for incoming freshmen.
  10. Of course it was never passed. That isn't the point. The point is that it was change by two men at the 11th hour so that it could be slipped in without anyone noticing.
  11. The AAC should be putting out invites to OSU, TCU, Baylor, WVU, Kansas, K-State, and Texas Tech right now.
  12. There was too much in this bill for them to vote it down. It's unfortunate that two men were allowed to edit a bill without due process. There needs to be safeguards against this.
  13. Just winning the two series wouldn't be enough if Houston sweeps both of theirs.