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  1. College Football News has USF Going 9-3

    So, we should expect no predictions, speculation, etc., from you then?
  2. Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    University of Colorado plays in the Coor's Center. It's not a big deal.
  3. USF Brand and Image Problem

    I'm with you on Southern Cal, but North Carolina and South Carolina are not, "directional" schools.
  4. Official Spring Practice Thread

    Isn't he actually faster than Flowers? Hopefully, he has some of the same field awareness and elusiveness.
  5. THE Identity Tampa Bay

    My pick for our next AD
  6. Official Spring Practice Thread

    Let's hope he can pick up the position quickly
  7. Informative Media Guide Cover

    The numbers look yellow to me, but I could be wrong.
  8. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Trip believes that Google is the devil
  9. USF Brand and Image Problem

    At least these show a consistent brand:
  10. Sun Dome Naming Rights Coming Soon

    Mel's Hotdogs Dome
  11. She's a forward, not a shooting guard
  12. Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    I agree. Unless, of course, one of them is an absolute all-star
  13. Artwork

    In the eye of the beholder
  14. Paying players won't stop this, greed is greed. The are plenty of rich people that do questionable things just to get more money.
  15. I, unlike others, wouldn't care if we won games 2-0. The winning is more important to me.