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  1. Q we love ya brother!!

    Best of luck to Quinton no matter what road his life takes him down. I am very proud to have had such an outstanding young man representing USF. So much heart and drive. Thank you Q !!!
  2. Is on right the 3rd quarter. Down 17-14
  3. FSU-Miami game to Raymond James

    It would ruin the pre-game homecoming stuff in the Bulls Zone before the game. I doubt we would even be able to get in the parking lots until 5-5:30 to allow them time to get out. Also, how much of a mess would be left in the lots and stadium from the early game?
  4. FSU-Miami game to Raymond James

    They are talking about giving FSU-Miami the noon slot and moving our game to 8 PM. Would not be good for tailgating as their game would not even be over until 3:30-4:00
  5. Anyone else notice that they let EVERYONE into the club at halftime? They didn't even try to ask people to see their tickets!! Then when I tried to go inside during the 3rd quarter I had to dig my ticket out. Why do we pay extra for club access when they will let everyone in?
  6. Season tickets

    Mine came UPS
  7. Season tickets

    Just got my tickets!
  8. Last time they had a give-away I won tickets for a group to a baseball game and was told when I called them that they would contact me when the season started. Never heard a word back from them again.
  9. Another one bites the dust
  10. Any news on Adams?

    Adams went down on the next to the last series. Something with his leg. Any news on status?
  11. New HOT uniforms

    They looked awful. The band came out to the tailgate area to greet the team before the game and only had on their gray overalls(no jackets). Looked very cheap and like Mama said...when did gray become one of our colors? I am sure these are cooler for the kids in the heat, but I just don't think they look even 1/4 as classy as the old uniforms did. HOT-please at least put your jackets on when you come out to parking lots before the game.
  12. We made National news

    They should sell the purple ones at the game to visiting ECU fans so they can make some of their money back!
  13. Updated list of bulls on nfl rosters?

    Check out the game day program for a list current as of Aug 19. Page 46 of yesterday's program
  14. USF National Champions!

    So where so we get our "USF National Champions" license plate frame? 😀
  15. Any winners here?

    Pavilion winner as well