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  1. Gotcha! How ya been ol buddy? 2 kids under 2 1/2 and 2 jobs... time is at a premium... don't even have football or hoops tickets right now :-(
  2. "Boring as sin" Since when is sin boring? usually, it is just the opposite, otherwise, no one would ever sin
  3. Capone... it is sad that I know exactly which basketball player you are talking about. (5'5 Asian kid taking a 6'10 Dilliard's BBall player's SAT.)
  4. The NCAA Is Under Seige

    Enable these athletes to go pro (bypassing college) if they so choose. If they want pay, go pro. If they want a free ride through college, take that route. It is a choice. Paying a salary is total BS. I could only wish I had a full ride through my 5 years.
  5. Larry Scott a Top 50 Recruiter

    Problem with that logic is assuming every team has 1 recruiter (i know you mention multiple... but that instantly makes it not top half or so)... there are 3 or more on every team. 120 teams = probably near 500 recruiters, if not more. Being top 50 is to 10%. Pretty darn good.
  6. Say, who was our best 3-point shooter ever?

    Has to be Kohn. Even when people respected his ability, he'd just go further away and still hit wide open shots. Amazing how good he could have been without two fractured legs most his career.
  7. I guess we accounted for the other 5% most of the time the last few years.
  8. to be mocked by people with little to no IQ for eternity ;-D
  9. The Wally Burnham Effect

    14-14 to 7-15 .... both stink... lots of underachieving in big east play regardless.
  10. Welcome to new members 09/06-09/12

    Thought this was going to be a post about new teams getting added to big east
  11. The most meaningful game of week 2?

    I think he is saying it is the "most meaningful game no one cares about", not the most meaningful game period. Like saying the hottest girl at the north pole community college doesn't mean hottest girl.
  12. Why I think We will Win Saturday

    If nevada wins, maybe they join the big east
  13. USF Men's Soccer #2!

    really not far from being #1 in that poll 40 pts from UNC (on that same line, they are 40 pts from being #7 too)
  14. Warrior Dash

    signed up way before schedule was released