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  1. I agree they are adults, but how about some common courtesy to wake up a teammate and make sure they don't miss a flight. I have done this numerous times for strangers I didn't even know. Its pretty telling if you ask me.
  2. Gave up before this season and have to say what a relief it is to not have to think about this team. Never would have believed that I would own season tickets for a female hoops team and not the men, but it is close to impossible to support this program.
  3. AJUSF..you are making way too much sense lately! Also great job w the inside info the last few days even though you were doubted by some. This is what makes the Bullspen such a great place to hang out. Thank you.
  4. Have to respect them going after what most people think is the best hire available. Big time commitment to winning whether it works our or not. Shows they are serious about trying to remain/ be a contender for bigger things. I am impressed and pleased all things considered.
  5. This was ridiculous. The poor usher was trying to stop people/check each ticket and people would just go around as she checked one person. Inside I overheard an FSU fan on the phone telling everyone he knew to "just put your ticket in her face and don't stop". Terrible job by Ray Jay on this. Not the ushers fault.
  6. Looks like about 5-600 left on Ticketmaster. Pretty good chance of a sell out...was the last one the WVU game? Man that was awesome.
  7. Hell of an offer list. Was predicted at one point 100% to the Gators.
  8. Do you really expect we will still be playing on the weekend? I can't wait for this season to be over with, but maybe it's just me. Good on you for going, I for one have had quite enough. Next year should be better...can't be much worse.
  9. Def will be taking advantage of this...thanks!
  10. Football

    Looks good. Anyone remember/ figure out what the cost per seat was last year? Just wondering if they went up besides the 7th game.
  11. Signed today I believe per twitter. I like him.
  12. Leday had a big game in a huge win against #4 Virginia last night. Egbunu was probably gone either way but my Gator friends are very impressed w him which sucks. Agree Stan should have gotten another year unless a big time hire was available... Not saying Coach O can't be, but so far....
  13. Looked about the same as the men's game 2500 or so w no students and a high school band filling in for HOT. Never thought I would enjoy women's basketball over the men's but they know how to play good team ball.
  14. It seemed to happen right when Peters was taken but I'm not sure the order of what happened. He obviously would have been a better get at this point.
  15. http://usatodayhss.com/2015/video-troy-baxter-throws-down-the-dunk-of-the-chick-fil-a-classic