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  1. We won the NCPA (National Collegiate Paintball Association) class AA title
  2. Speaking of USF/Memphis, our softball team is up 4-1 in the second inning. http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=158008
  3. Perhaps we will see some tickets deals or free tickets to selected games for Lightning season ticket holders to get them exposed to USF football, especially on those games where we don't expect high demand. I know we have a sign on one of the boards at Amelie, but I would expect to see a lot more USF marketing at home hockey games.
  4. I wonder if Radenko is working on Nik?
  5. I would think that CCS knows that to reach his goal of increasing local support, any and all opportunities to meet with the media would be welcomed. I know this was with the Conference, but every little bit helps.
  6. Giving the number of teams with a higher profile, I'm sure that IMG had their top interns working on our account. Things are definitely going to improve.
  7. I love the idea of a Vinik-led company handling our marketing. I can't think of a group that knows our market better and what it takes to increase interest in our sports events and improve the fan experience.
  8. Actually, three other players had ankle injuries, but DJ said he would take them so that they could play.
  9. Dear RTB, I got an email to go to my "Manage my tickets" page and print off the voucher. THANK YOU for being BULLSTRONG and renewing your USF Football season tickets in 2017! In appreciation of your support as a season ticket member, you are eligible to receive $10 off a purchase of $20 or more on USF imprinted gear at the USF Bookstore (located on the Tampa campus). Note, this exclusive offer is only valid from April 10-15 (limit one voucher per person). See step-by-step instructions below to redeem your voucher. And be sure to join us at Corbett Stadium this Saturday, April 15th for the USF Football Spring Game. Pregame festivities begin at 2:00pm on Sycamore Drive (located on the east side of Corbett Stadium) and kickoff is scheduled for 4:00pm. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-Go-Bulls or send an email to bullstickets@usf.edu. Thank you for your continued support of USF Athletics!
  10. The bookstore had a trailer selling gear outside the SE gate. Used a $10 off voucher they gave season ticket holders to pick up a new hat. The main bookstore was opened today, but closed at 4pm.
  11. MBB

    <sigh> The hits just keep coming.
  12. My wife went to UF during the late 70s/early 80s and the stadium was pretty empty, even though they had open endzones at that time and "name" schools coming in every season. These were the days before Spurrier and a conference championship and a consistent winning record. Once they started winning and the expectation was that they would win, the stadium started filling up and they have subsequently needed to expand the stadium at least three times. Just win. People want to be part of that.
  13. DJ only worries about his teammates tripping over the carnage he leaves in his wake.
  14. The "glass is always full" Bull in me speculates that the assembled coaching staff is likely to bring in players of a caliber that would mean limited playing time.
  15. EDT, not EST. Don't want to be an hour late for kickoff.