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  1. I'm thinking that, in this context, 'passionate' might mean 'many deep pockets'.
  2. I know that they are very close, so it is reasonable that he is there to wish him well and offer encouragement.
  3. It's a shame that we can't offer the tax credits so that films like this could actually be filmed in the locations they are set in. Because of that, they rebuilt Ybor in Georgia, where they give incentives. http://www.tampabay.com/things-to-do/movies/interview-affleck-talks-live-by-night-building-ybor-city-in-georgia/2308459
  4. I had my first rye last year and fell in love with it. The brand was Lock, Stock & Barrel. Pricey, but oh, so smooth!
  5. If your going through Dallas then it's probably American. $800 for two from TPA is pretty decent.
  6. Just got back from the game and the players were pumped during and after the game. Go to speak with CMB post game and he was all smiles and said that this one felt really good. The work he has put in paid dividends tonighr. Great atmosphere tonight!
  7. Remember that you can transfer tickets to someone from your ticket account. You just need their email address.
  8. I wish the profanity filter didn't have to be needed, but when it is needed it worked.
  9. Being at the games since CMB has taken the helm, I've noticed that the Bulls are actually playing with discipline and are not quitting. This has made the game much more enjoyable to watch. Yes, we were out-manned tonight, but we did not give up and kept fighting to the end. I'm pretty sure that this would not have happened in the previous regime.
  10. I'm looking for the picture of Ronnie Banks (or MB maybe?) that showed him plowing through a line with a linebacker reeling backwards after he hit him.
  11. It looks like the book on us is to put their best defender on Kitija and have them play tight man-to-man. Fortunately, she seems to be able to get the ball dished and then get open for a shot.
  12. HS coaches are mentors and father figures to a lot of these kids and circumventing them to get to the players would certainly rub them the wrong way. I would prefer that we have area coaches talking up the program and having athletes come here with their blessing. I would also have preferred that this article come out a few days before NSD and not after all is said and done.