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  1. WBB vs Temple

    Nice run in the third Qtr.....51-37
  2. AAC Bubble Watch (01.22.18)

    Had to laugh at the "Not till next decade" including USF.
  3. AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    Just an f/y/i....last time UCF played in a major bowl game they crushed the unstopable Baylor team. Two good teams played today that would have beaten a lot of P5 teams...Alabama..nope but who can ?
  4. With 11 seconds left on the clock.
  5. Have to laugh at this one....not attacking here but that was the most pumped up the crowd has been all year. I am thinking if you had been to other games you really would have been disappointed. I was a little disappointed in the student section. They have been pretty strong most of the year but yesterday it was a little thin....loud but to many empty seats.
  6. 229th

    Bold prediction: We will finish 100 spots above that. If you believe that coaches make a difference as I do, then I would say this team will surprise a lot of people this year.
  7. Saturday Weather Forecast

    Ahhhhh....I think we are more concerned about tailgating and raingear......but I could be wrong.
  8. Houston at USF (-10.5)

    Some how I graduated with an accounting degree ad even more amazing I passed the CPA examine but I am pretty sure they wouldn't even admit me to the program anymore.
  9. A Win Is A Win

    So how many teams are undefeated in college football right now ? I rest my case Just enjoy the season.
  10. It wasn't long ago that IMHO....Houston had a real chance to crash the playoffs but they self-destructed. They had the big win, pretty good schedule and I think they were ranked #6.
  11. Now I Know Why Few Come to Our Games

    See ECU. They have had a loyal fan base for years and have had excellent attendance for years. I want to say 40,000 plus but I am not 100% sure. Problem we have is a lack of alumni that care. For those of you that complain about the students and an OCS I see it as a sad statement on our alumni. You are an embarrassment to USF and your school. So many want to be cool and cheer for the Gators or the Noles or even maybe the "U" yet you can't even attend a game from the school you graduated from. Even on the board with all the die hard Bulls fans I keep reading how joining another conference or getting an OCS will solve all our problems. I call "BS"......we just have a sad group of alumni and I for one am sick of them and really don't care anymore. I will continue drive 4 1/2 hours round trip to see my Bulls play and proudly display my USF tag on my truck. Screw the rest you alumni.....shame on you for being MIA.
  12. 1 for 1 scheduling

    Attendance at ALL college games is down. The game time experience vs sitting at home on the couch it seems the couch is winning. I have always felt the Miami model was the way to do it. Play anyone,anytime, anywhere. When you rack up wins against other good programs it will build your profile and make you one of those name teams. Does the Miami model work today ? I don't know. Bottom line is we have a terrible schedule and it just doesn't help our public perception. oh.....and Thursday night games suck when you live on the East coast of Florida.
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 16/100 My Time 170 seconds  
  14. 3 teams and 1 spot in the Money Bowl

    Doesn't the only poll that counts come after next weeks games ?
  15. 10 years ago today

    Well it would be really stupid to rent a full stadium....where would everyone sit ?