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  1. I love my fellow Bulls fans....I really do but the idea that our defense was anything but dismal last year would be green and gold goggles. If our defense doesn't greatly improve we can look forward to an unexpected loss or three. We all don't know the impact of losing three NFL caliber players on offense will be. I, as most of us do, have high expectations for the coming season so I am just going to enjoy the ride where ever it takes us.
  2. Tell that to ECU who has a great fan base and travels well. You just have to believe.
  3. Starting the season ranked in the top 25 is huge. That is huge because you get media coverage and that will bring out fans. The longer we can stay undefeated the more coverage we get. Then there will be the debate about no one on our schedule which will get us even more coverage. I look for a nice bump in attendance this year.
  4. The never ending of comparing teams of the past with teams to come.
  5. How many years is Auggie playing ?
  6. From Green & Gold to Green & Gold. Congratulations. He will most likey play guard at the NFL level. Green Bay is in need of some depth at OL so he probably has a good chance of making the team. Green Bay has a track record of developing good OL players so he ended up at a good place. GOOD LUCK !
  7. USF BB will continue to be irrelevant. Glad I didn't hold any high expectations for this hire. I wish him luck and he is going to need it. About all he can sell is early playing time for new recruits.
  8. You have to ask....who would really want to come to USF ? With our history and the current players it seems like a death spiral for a coaching career. A smart young coach should be able to find a better gig elsewhere. A more well well known coach would most certainly balk at coming here unless they were getting ready to retire in Florida. As much as I would love to see a great hire I just am not holding high expectations
  9. I agree that Houston had a very good chance to get in this year. I think they started the season ranked 11th and had some big wins but dropped the ball in conference play.
  10. I really wish all those tickets sold had butts in them.
  11. I guess CWT learned a lesson at USF. A good defense is important. Congratulations to CJL, I hope/know he will do great.
  12. This discussion is just depressing.
  13. Sorry to see him go. I think Oregon has made a huge mistake. Don't blame him for going for the big pay day Wish him luck.
  14. I just bought two more.
  15. If you look at Colorado you can see the impact a great D coordinator has on a team. We sorely lack one here at USF.