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  1. Craig Watts

    I think we have already seen them ... maybe reason for this transferring. Got another schollie available. Best to him. Go BULLS !!!
  2. Looking forward to 2018 and beyond

    FOX Sports needs to !
  3. Senat Invited to NFL Combine

    Excellent ! His Bowl Game was Great !!!
  4. DJ’s non-TD

    Image of where the "other" cameraman was . . .
  5. In 252 Days...

    Lose . . . Our great QB Two very good RB's Big Target at WR Lots of O-Line and D-Line talent Top LB & Tackler DB's and both Kicker and Punter.
  6. Best bowl game yet

    Agree ... but early. Just happy for a 10 win season, again!
  7. Signing Day

    Think Battles "plans" to enroll early. Excited we have this many signees. Go BULLS !!!
  8. Our Best Game in 2017?

    Part of a weak schedule for an AAC team.
  9. Updated Rankings 23/24

    And our Bowl will keep us ranked and helps us to be ranked to start the season. Go BULLS !!!
  10. Bowl payout goes to conference or team?

    And I think TT gets $1,000,000 and we get $950K
  11. My Positives for the Season

    Stability is #1
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if FSU voided that and settled on SoMiss ...
  13. Revenge!

    Agree !