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  1. Site change

    Browsers like to complain when there is mixed security. A link on a page to an image will work, the embedded non-SSL will make browsers complain.
  2. 2016 vs. 2007, which is the better football year?

    I don't think the '07 team offense would have problems with the '16 defense. We did not lose to non-BCS teams, even "good" ones, in fact we would usually win big. I also think our offensive stats in '16 are the result of weak competition. The only issue is the letdowns. Which team would show up, the one that beat Auburn/WVU or the one that lost to Uconn, Rutgers and Cinci.
  3. 2016 vs. 2007, which is the better football year?

    2007, Winning and struggling against some of the best teams in the country, vs offensive shootouts with doormats. 2016 offense was fun to watch, but so was Matt, so was the 2007 defense.
  4. OT: Notre Dame Fans Everywhere

    It was a pick, he took out the dudes legs. Then during an interview at the end of the game, Watson said something like "we called the pick" Still any Bama loss is a good loss.
  5. Football Attendance up 41%

    They would win or barely lose the conference one year, then win 3 games the next 2 or 3. They rode the senior wave under O liar.
  6. Sound more like bowel-ando. Fighting turds down the citrus bowl!
  7. USFAA Sales / Marketing, It's Time

    Ah, okay that makes sense.
  8. USFAA Sales / Marketing, It's Time

    You can donate generically as in a deposit for football. What section that gets you for seats is not published on the bulls club site anymore.
  9. USFAA Sales / Marketing, It's Time

    Can't buy a donor level attached to a seating area if you don't already have tickets. Not sure if that is normal for this time of year, but seems like there could be an increase in price.

    Hey I linked that in the official thread
  11. Charlie Strong
  12. Charlie Strong

    Could USF have chartered the jet that happens to be owned by a texas booster?
  13. Slick Willie lost at home to FAU

    This thread is awesome. Tags was not Harlan's guy, so in some ways it was a continuation of the previous regime. And has been stated, from many angles irregardless of this seasons wins he under performed as a coach. Last year's bowl comes to mind. I think we end up better off in the long run.
  14. 2006 Papa John's Bowl

    Not sure if this was linked already. Leavitt vs Skippy...