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  1. Still laughing, so is the rest of the world.
  2. Anybody know who

    Little baby jesus?
  3. Tampa Bay Times...Page 6?

    What page was the lawnmower bowl on in comparison?
  4. Willie to FSU is official They are saying Leavitt is in.
  5. They are all on the Mouse's payroll.
  6. 2007 vs 2017

    For the same reason the stadium is empty. The competition is seriously bad and it has been since the conference implosion. While it is fun entertaining the idea as there are similar stakes, there is no evidence that this years team, or last years team can hang with truly competitive teams. I think CCS is the best shot we have at getting back to old form though. So in my opinion the 07 "sand lot" offense would be just as effective against the 17 level of competition, the 07 defense would be even more punishing against the 17 level of competition. The inverse is similar in that 17 offense would struggle against the competition. Most important is that from our time in the Big East until skippy, we never lost to a non BCS team. So the 07 team has that...
  7. Legitimate question

    Pressure their QB. That is all we need to do.
  8. Maybe their stadium is a dump after all

    The revenue is mostly just covering the capital outlays.
  9. Did not see it mentioned.
  10. Site change

    Browsers like to complain when there is mixed security. A link on a page to an image will work, the embedded non-SSL will make browsers complain.
  11. 2016 vs. 2007, which is the better football year?

    I don't think the '07 team offense would have problems with the '16 defense. We did not lose to non-BCS teams, even "good" ones, in fact we would usually win big. I also think our offensive stats in '16 are the result of weak competition. The only issue is the letdowns. Which team would show up, the one that beat Auburn/WVU or the one that lost to Uconn, Rutgers and Cinci.
  12. 2016 vs. 2007, which is the better football year?

    2007, Winning and struggling against some of the best teams in the country, vs offensive shootouts with doormats. 2016 offense was fun to watch, but so was Matt, so was the 2007 defense.
  13. OT: Notre Dame Fans Everywhere

    It was a pick, he took out the dudes legs. Then during an interview at the end of the game, Watson said something like "we called the pick" Still any Bama loss is a good loss.
  14. Football Attendance up 41%

    They would win or barely lose the conference one year, then win 3 games the next 2 or 3. They rode the senior wave under O liar.