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  1. Maybe they can bring back football.
  2. http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/here-are-five-potential-cinderella-teams-for-college-football-in-2017/
  3. Tickets were $150/seat last year this year $190/ seat but that's for the season including donor level of $25/seat in 122. I have 7 seats and my total is 1345.
  4. Section 122 went up $40/seat.
  5. Everyone has an off night and this one was.
  6. Feeling down on the number of recruits that decommitted. Just hope to get surprised tomorrow.
  7. Bowling Green was ranked at the time.
  8. 31,229
  9. Loved the Navy helmets.....sharp!
  10. Section 14 row 16
  11. Big 4-5 stars does not =success. Look at Georgia and they lost to UCF. TCU and Boise State do it with recruits lime USF. Caching and desire are gonna make you a winner.
  12. I attended the first 4 bowls but have missed out on the last 2
  13. TCU to the Big 12? MWC is hurting without Utah
  14. Thanks for the updates. He did come from a small school conference but those divisions have their athletes as well. I agree the depth is there and time to grow stronger as a redshirt is not a bad idea. I guess as the Bulls grow, redshirting will become common place. GO BULLS!