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  1. not surprised.i always thought offense should be better defense is what will win the conference
  2. usf needs to get into a power 5 conference to get the real money
  3. fgc shows how easy it is to do well in basketball makes usf's dismal run that much more mystifying
  4. we only can go up
  5. funny same here i need to be near a bar --no time or drink restrictions what is the team hotel
  6. how did they get to be so good so fast? makes usf look that much more incompetent
  7. makes it easier for a new coach to bring in a ton of ballers
  8. was this turnaround expected basebull fans?
  9. i have no idea what this is all about but it is funny
  10. coach can bring in his own players
  11. us bobby knight still alive or larry brown
  12. WE WILL NEVER PLAY FOR NC even if we slaughter every team our schedule is so weak
  13. defense has to be a priority we were horrible