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  1. in december miami is a great destination
  2. impressive but one would think a team from tampa would have the best tennis teams
  3. out with the old
  4. im encino these days
  5. when usf made it to number 2 in the usa was usf's finest moment last year was second
  6. USF is in great hands. our first big time head coach
  7. MBB

    this is new coach a chance too build quicker.he can offer recruits immediate playing time.
  8. we will not be in the playoffs
  9. you are probably right. hard to imagine we dont have 1 bad game.we arent overloaded with such great talent to overcome a bad performance by qb or defense
  10. you make valid points
  11. league will lose whatever identity it has when you have a team playing in all sports but football the big east all over again
  12. we better worry about san jose state
  13. best team in the state in mid 70s was the university of tampa the big 3 sucked until the african american athletes came of age in the state