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  1. they may help
  2. impressive you should be the manager or a coach
  3. defense wins championships
  4. exciting time for him he deserves it
  5. by playing pathetic teams we had few signature wins of course that matters is it the only reason? no is it the primary reason? no
  6. my god these are ugly little girls
  7. you guys and your nostalgia let's bring back chip conner
  8. true but usf's scheduling philosophy may have hurt during last round of p5 conference expansion
  9. yes but usf will get no national respect this first go around and we will probably be screwed it is a plus we have an exciting qb
  10. scheduling has always been a problem.too many lower tier teams on our schedule if you want respect you need to play and beat the big boys
  11. very competitive among the 2 florida teams and houston
  12. now the bulls need to perform in the playoffs
  13. i met others future wives by the boatload seriously,i became a man at usf i had so much fun at usf and learned how to allocate my time i feel i got a great education i loved tampa but i knew my future was in california both economically and socially