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  1. smazza

    Child’s back in jail

    for what?
  2. smazza

    Joey the Weasel Knight

    LOOKS like liberace's old boyfriend
  3. this is a tax i am against taxation without representation
  4. an on campus stadium isnt needed until we play in a real conference
  5. smazza

    USF Bling Sale

    keep it people will bid on old usf gear? people will buy anything
  6. smazza

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    he needs to be a better qb
  7. smazza

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    we wount lose many games if this happens
  8. smazza

    USF Brand and Image Problem

    you cannot change the name of the school at this stage so what if there many logos big deal none of it matters if you win consistently
  9. he needs to recruit talent so whether he is the coach to lead us out of the dark ages that remains to be seen
  10. if he can truly make all the throws necessary of an nfl qb i would give him a chance
  11. smazza

    USF Brand and Image Problem

    winning takes care of the image problem.Win a bunch of major championship everyone knows you
  12. total domination and all facets of the game
  13. smazza

    WBB vs. #13 Ohio State Sunday

    the kind that crash