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  1. It's Been Exactly a Decade

    Looks like Its my 16 year Bulliversary to this board. Although I think in reality I was a member of Brad's Board 1.0 before this board, and before we kept records of signing up.... Cheers everyone!!!!
  2. Sad day for his family, friends, and our board.. He was an ardent USF supporter and will definitely be missed. Perhaps we can make a section for our "Eternal Board Members" who we've confirmed that they have passed away?
  3. The newest bull...

  4. Men's Golf: NCAA DI Championship

    Looks like they aren't doing too well. Fizzling in the back 9
  5. Courtney Williams WNBA Update

    I think she's been on the bench not for her lack of ability or lack of impressing the coaches. I think it has to do more about the return of Diana Taurasi. She is arguably still the best player in the WNBA, and had signed a Huge amount for playing this year. I'm sure she will get her chance,
  6. Ladies start NCAA's in Tally

    Game starts today at noon ESPN3 and SEC Network GO LadyBULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. In her first game playing in the WNBA for the Pheonix Mercury, our very own Courtney Williams started the game, scored a team high 15 points, and played a team high 26 min and was instrumental in their first win of the preseason (so far they've played only 1 preseason game). She' played against Guess Who?!?!?!?! That's right..... Breanna Stewart's Seattle Storm. She's a beast on the court! http://www.wnba.com/game/20160504/PHOSEA/#/panel-one
  8. Bulls Headed to NCAA New Mexico Regional

    Why is it always the case that the Bulls have to travel so far away from home for their first round games this year?
  9. So, for those who don't know, Courtney Williams was picked 8th by the Phoenix Mercury. Here is the War Room video and a few comments on their intentions with Willams: http://mercury.wnba.com/video/2016-wnba-draft-inside-war-room/ She has the dubious distinction of being the backup to the best player in the WNBA Diana Taurasi for the past 10+ years. She's also a former UCONN player and Olympian. Hopefully Williams will be the one taking over the reigns when Taurasi's contract is up in 2 years and heads back to Russia to finish out her Basketball career.
  10. Looks like 5th place for us. Behind all 3 seeds lower than us Illinois (4), Texas (2), and Georgia (3) and home course advantage Augusta (36) Current Rankings in ()
  11. What a great game played for 3 quarters from USF. Hard to beat the other team when they blow calls all night.... Moving Picks, reach ins, horrible no calls, and a blown call at the end. Take away the homerism and the home court advantage and we win this one.
  12. HOMERism I'm sorry, and I hate to call Shenanigans...... But SHENANIGANS
  13. How the !@#$%^& do you give UCLA the ball?
  14. UCLA’s next NCAA tournament hurdle is USF’s Courtney Williams By Jack Wang, Los Angeles Daily News It’s no secret what makes South Florida go. Courtney Williams is the nation’s 10th-leading scorer, a 5-foot-8 guard who can single-handedly change the flow of a game. She is coming off one of her most prolific performances of the season, pouring in 31 points to break her own school postseason record. And despite her size, she averages more than eight rebounds per game, and leads her team with 29 blocks. That’s the player that the UCLA women’s basketball team will try to slow down on Monday night at Pauley Pavilion. “She’s like the Energizer bunny,” Cori Close said. “She can go and go and go.”......... Read More _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good read but can't expect more neutrality from a homer paper!