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  1. Is anyone else ALSO excited for WBB season to start? Yes, our football team is definitely an excitement, and we have so many other quality teams such as Baseball, Softball, Golf team, Men's Tennis team. Seriously though, who isn't excited about our WBB team with all the great personalities, and a great top notch coach, and the expectation that we possibly have the best team we have ever had even though C.Williams is not on this team! I think our WBB team will be a perennial contender at this point, and I dare to say that CJF will be a mainstay at USF unless perhaps UCONN comes knocking when Coach Geno decides to retire (they are good friends and mutual admirers). This team has so many upsides if everyone remains healthy. I know some people refuse to watch or get excited about WBB, but I think if they gave College WBB a chance especially with teams as good as ours, they would find that they are pretty exciting and also play a very fast paced game. Only 9 days left until the fun begins!!! Go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oct 28 Houston Game Lots/Tailgate!

    What Lots do you think will be good for Tailgating and parking around 11:30/12 Does the traffic naturally direct you into the next available lot or is it when you drive in from a certain direction they corral you into the closest lot until it fills up? What are your suggestions on which lot for a good tailgate experience? I assume all lots are $20 Cash per car?
  3. Oct 28 Houston Game Lots/Tailgate!

    Marinating plenty of Wings, Chicken Legs, and will have Burgers as well! Who wants to join our Tailgate or invite us to add to theirs? Should be in the Lot sometime around Noon! Don't want to be caught outside the stadium after kickoff!
  4. Oct 28 Houston Game Lots/Tailgate!

    Where can I purchase the official USF clear bags that can be brought into the stadium. I personally don't drink anything but water, so what would be my best bet on making sure I'm Hydrated.... just buy water bottles inside the stadium, or can I bring my own arctic cup and just get ice and water there?
  5. Ok, so the game is 3:45pm on Oct, 28. What times to the lots open? Where would I have to purchase the Lot parking passes? How much should we expect to pay for a pickup truck to park in one of the Lots? Anyone interested in allowing us (4) to join their Tailgate? We will be bringing assorted libations and bbq goodies (to be cooked there) for the full tailgate experience!!! Thanks
  6. Caption This

    I think he looks like The Muppet's Beaker, so I would caption it by saying "Meap Meap Meap Meap Meap Meap"
  7. Not sure where he was when this accident occurred, but if it was on his way to work, on I-75 South (& North) there is an awful lot of Highway improvement going on south of Wildwood which is where he lived with his wife. Such terrible news and a great loss to all.
  8. I hope

    I HOPE.... * Everyone realizes that we were playing on only 3 days practice out of the last 7 days at least (because of time off for Hurricane Irma). * Everyone realizes that were were playing many of our 2nd and 3rd string players by the 3rd quarter. * Everyone gives the players some slack because many of their families and friends probably still didn't have power or water, and that definitely weighs on a Young Adult's mind let alone a grown man. * The Bulls can dominate every team we play on Defense. I am a bulliever that DEFENSE wins championships. With a great Defense, it lets the offense relax, settle down, and play their game. When you have talent at the key positions on Offense, you will make more plays when you are relaxed and playing your game then when you are rushed, nervous, trying to force things, and make poor decisions. Those are my "I HOPE" wishes.
  9. Idea: Storm Relief Help

    Thank goodness my family and I made it through with only inconveniences. We lost power, and I lost a 80+ year old pine tree that fell away from the house onto the powerlines. Our whole community lost power, water, and Internet (not due to my pine). Tuesday night they restored water, and today about 3 hours ago, they restored power and internet. Now I am cranking my A/C to 62 degrees. If anyone on the boards in Northern Lake County near The Villages needs a place to stay with Power, please feel free to reach out. Thanks,
  10. I am about 2 hours north east of Tampa, and moved up here only 9 years ago. Since I moved up here and at first working 3 consecutive jobs for other employers, I started several businesses, which have me working 7 days a week. I usually have to really work at finding time to take off from running those businesses. Now I am finding ways to take a day off here and there, and shift some responsibilities temporarily to some of my employees. Sometimes when you have a goal, you work so hard to achieve it, you find that you miss out on some things. I have now vowed to go to at least one, and maybe 2 games a year starting this year.
  11. Thanks for all the advice from Trip, 79 Bull, and flsportsfan. I bought the Section 211 tickets. We should have a pretty nice view of all the action from there. Now I am looking for a decent Tailgate to join or a few to visit. We are willing to bring beer, Homemade BBQ Wings (no BBQ sauce as it will be my famous marinade and doesn't need BBQ or other sauces), Burgers, and other goodies. So if there are any takers, board members, or just friendly folks who want to take me up on this offer.... Thanks again!!!
  12. Just wondering which would be better. Section 211 (50 yard Line) Row B seats 1 - 4, or Section 110 (40 yard Line) Row K anywhere from seats 5 - 12. The last time I was at a game in Tampa was when I went to school there at the Great Sombrero, a TB vs GB game, so I'm unfamiliar with the new stadium.
  13. Bulls in the NFL

    Bump! Now that the rosters are trimming down, lets see how our alumni are doing!
  14. Undefeated - 2 and 0

    Sometimes teams just play up or down to the level of competition, and then the better talent finally shines through. I am hoping that this was the case the past 2 weeks. We have a TON of talent, and even poor coaching and nervous jitters can't keep that suppressed the entire time. With this line of thinking and a little bit of hope, I am fairly sure we will win out the season.
  15. Thanks for letting me know. Any ideas if Club seats are better? or how to even get Club seats?