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  1. I think he was the sideline reporter in Tampa when the Bulls punched the West Virginia hillbillies in the head at Raymond James in 2007.
  2. Dirty laundry

  3. Idea for a game add

    It's because you're an idea man.
  4. What about an all-Pirate conference of six? The Real P6 South Florida Pirates ECU Pirates Charleston Southern Buccaneers <crap>
  5. And with the hokey pirate ship we could have a new hashtag! #BULLSHIP
  6. I'm pleased to announce that board member @Thebullsfan has agreed to join forces with other board members in helping keep this site a great fan experience for Bulls fans. @Thebullsfan has begun providing some new look computer and phone backgrounds, available in our Downloads area. High resolution green and gold, it doesn't get much better. @Thebullsfan, aka David, will routinely provide graphical content to the site. I hope you'll download and invite other Bulls fans to do so as well. Welcome David. Brad
  7. SATURDAY9.23.17FOOTBALL Texas Tech 3 Houston 0 Noon Houston, Texas 1st - 4:23 Live Stats Live Video Live Audio Army 0 Tulane 7 Noon New Orleans, La. 2nd - 15:00 Live Stats Live Video Live Audio New Mexico Tulsa 1:30 p.m. Tulsa, Okla. Live Stats Live Audio TV:ESPN3 UCF Maryland 3 p.m. College Park, Md. Live Stats Live Video Live Audio TV:FS1 Radio:SiriusXM 83 Cincinnati Navy 3:30 p.m. Annapolis, Md. Live Stats Live Video Live Audio TV:CBS Sports Network Radio:SiriusXM 134/201/961 Arkansas State SMU 7 p.m. Dallas, Texas Live Stats Live Video Live Audio TV:ESPN3 Southern Illinois Memphis 8 p.m. Memphis, Tenn. Live Stats Live Video Live Audio TV:ESPN3
  8. Thin skin much? I can understand what char is saying without feeling as if a black man scared him at some point in his life. Yes, he's hard on CCS. But yes, words often tell a story.
  9. Congrats @T-Man, you have won the Bulls-Owls Prediction Contest! I hope you enjoy the throw. I don't know about Florida, but our mornings are cooling in the desert this time of year. Please send your full name and address to me for shipping. Thanks to all for participating.
  10. This is our winner! Congratulations @mellobull Please send your full name and address for shipping. Thanks to all for participating.
  11. Our sister site, has some of the USF-Temple pics; @Old Baldy has begun uploading photos up from the game: You can see them here. Sample:
  12. Lucky we had this first time in game prize experience for TDs and not FGs! Here are our winners: TD 1: @TExpress TD 2: @BullsFan2819 TD 3: @bullsmeanbusiness TD 4: @TExpress @TExpress has sent me his shipping name and address. If you haven't already please email me with your info. We'll do this again, probably at ECU so that more can participate. This was late notice and a home game,
  13. Welcome Big_Gar79 to the board.  Please let me know if I can help you with anything.