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  1. UCF_rustbucket

    Can USF FB Get to 10 Win? CBS Sports Says Nope!

    Milton still being here and you guys losing the best player in USF football history will do that. Flowers was a one man wrecking crew and it still fell just short. You guys lost key pieces too but right now while so little is known about your next QB, UCF is the safer pick. Things change though once the season starts. I thought y'all really were gonna go undefeated and felt we would win between 6 and 8 games depending on how our offense developed.
  2. UCF_rustbucket

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    As long as you understand it will be your fault alone that USF doesn't get into the Big 12. For shame.
  3. UCF_rustbucket

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    Can't believe I'm defending the USF fan base but I'm not sure what Joey Knight even wants from you guys. It's an exhibition game at a school still building tradition (just like UCF) in a town with lots to do on the weekend. And on top of that, Corbett Stadium can only hold so many people. It obviously wasn't going to be 10k like Memphis and is still near the top of the American.
  4. UCF_rustbucket

    Can we schedule FSU in 2020?

    It would have to be in Tally in 2019 or 2020 and if they agree to a home and home, the Tampa game would be 2021 or later since it looks like for 2019 and 2020 they would want a 6th home game.
  5. UCF_rustbucket

    USF Athletics's Social Media Presence

    Valid point. I can't speak for the UMBC accounts since I never saw them before their big moment, but the UCF accounts have had personality before the peach bowl win. It definitely makes it more fun for me as a fan. If you look on the UCF Knights Instagram, they post some pretty funny memes and stuff when we win. There are some good ones when we swept UF in baseball. They even respond back to the butthurt gator fans.
  6. UCF_rustbucket


    Back again to provide my rust bucket insight. I'm 100% in agreement with @Bull Dozer. There is no magic bullet. At most, you hope these things help you keep up with the Jonses so you don't automatically disqualify yourself if the opportunity to join a P5 league actually ever comes around again. But between the 2, due to USF's current situation, I go with IPF. If it's not stupid hot outside in Florida, it's rainy with lightning. Both and IPF and OCS are important to have if you wanna be among the best and draw the best recruits and fans. But you guys have the ability to rent a luxury stadium. You don't really have that option for an IPF. So build what you can't rent and then when money allows for another big investment, go for the OCS.
  7. UCF_rustbucket

    Your take on this past football season

    All great on my end. 13-0, national champs*! But no really. The USF season was kind of a mixed bag, at least from my outside perspective. Fell short of preseason expectations since many had USF going undefeated but ended with 2 losses instead. And it sucks even more when your rival has the season you were supposed to have. But it still added another 10 win top 25 season to your resume, now in back to back seasons.
  8. UCF_rustbucket

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    Underrated post. I loled.
  9. UCF_rustbucket

    USF Brand and Image Problem

    I think USF has already existed for too long to go through a major name change that drops the S. And USF Tampa or Tampa Bay would be a step back because it sounds like a satellite campus for USF. I think the consensus here has the right idea, keep the name and just reduce the branding clutter. As has been said here already, winning cures all.
  10. UCF_rustbucket

    We don't get to do this often

    UCF fan here so obviously our fan bases like seeing each other melt down. But Memphis meltdowns hold a special place for me. My 2 favorites are probably the first UCF vs Memphis football game this year when they got mopped and the melt down after they didn't make the top 10/11 cut for the Big 12 expansion despite being so confident about FedEx buying their way in.
  11. UCF_rustbucket

    UCF sued

    Can't confirm but supposedly heard he's doing well with YouTube. Which if that's true, I don't get his lawsuit. I was with him at first because the NCAA is a cartel. But UCF laid out the options for him and even worked it out with the NCAA so he could either keep making football videos as long as they weren't monetized, or keep making monetized videos as long as they didn't mention UCF. Sucks since it's not option 1, but he had 2 options that let him keep making videos while being in scholarship. He chose neither, which hey you gotta do what makes you happy, no hard feelings. But then he feigned ignorance and that he had no idea his scholarship would be taken away when he A. Knew of should have known up on signing his LOI and B. Was told by UCF multiple times, especially once they negotiated options with the NCAA. At that point he lost me. I don't agree with the NCAA but UCF had to do what they did to avoid sanctions.
  12. UCF_rustbucket


    Of course we out talented stAte but were also still a mess on offense. We beat only the bad teams on our schedule. As one would expect of a mediocre 6-7 team. Arkansas State was not such a team and so they beat us. Could some guys be unmotivated? Of course. It's a stretch to say otherwise but they were thrilled to be in any bowl after 2015.
  13. UCF_rustbucket

    UCF is having a National Champions parade

    On behalf of all UCF fans on the bullpen, I graciously accept this magnificent trophy proclaiming our #1 ranking in the Colley Matrix. I have just the spot for it next to where the Civil ConFLiCT trophy would go.
  14. UCF_rustbucket


    The answer to your question is a resounding yes. Of course the team improved that much. Talent wise? Probably not much. But the 2016 team was coming off a winless season and switching to spread option from running a pro style offense. With a freshman QB who was still learning the system and his teammates. An extra year of getting the playbook down and a freshman QB growing up are game changers.
  15. UCF_rustbucket

    ucf National Champs

    I don't think I'll change much perception about UCF in here (Which is fine with me because that's how rivalries work) but only the media blitz and banners are part of the national championship movement/troll. The Disney parade was probably a likely thing even without the self claimed national title. Can I guarantee that? No. But there's precedent because we had a Disney parade after winning the Fiesta Bowl, too.