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  1. P6

    Of course we out talented stAte but were also still a mess on offense. We beat only the bad teams on our schedule. As one would expect of a mediocre 6-7 team. Arkansas State was not such a team and so they beat us. Could some guys be unmotivated? Of course. It's a stretch to say otherwise but they were thrilled to be in any bowl after 2015.
  2. UCF is having a National Champions parade

    On behalf of all UCF fans on the bullpen, I graciously accept this magnificent trophy proclaiming our #1 ranking in the Colley Matrix. I have just the spot for it next to where the Civil ConFLiCT trophy would go.
  3. P6

    The answer to your question is a resounding yes. Of course the team improved that much. Talent wise? Probably not much. But the 2016 team was coming off a winless season and switching to spread option from running a pro style offense. With a freshman QB who was still learning the system and his teammates. An extra year of getting the playbook down and a freshman QB growing up are game changers.
  4. ucf National Champs

    I don't think I'll change much perception about UCF in here (Which is fine with me because that's how rivalries work) but only the media blitz and banners are part of the national championship movement/troll. The Disney parade was probably a likely thing even without the self claimed national title. Can I guarantee that? No. But there's precedent because we had a Disney parade after winning the Fiesta Bowl, too.
  5. Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    I agree on the money grabbing but Memphis to the Liberty Bowl made the most sense. They won the west and finished ranked in the final CFP poll so they're pretty much the #2 AAC and get the best non-NY6 slot our conference can get. The Liberty Bowl also capitalizes on butts in seats by picking the home team.
  6. Remaining AAC Bowl Games

    To the talking heads sure, but not to those who pay attention and realized that the MW runner up barely beat the AAC team that could be ranked somewhere between 4 and 6.
  7. The Last 96 Hours at UCF

    There's a few things you got wrong in previous posts and some that I think are wrong here but I'm not 100% because I don't fully know if in this second post you're saying what I think you're saying. For the past posts, USF didn't zoom by UCF as much as you think they did. I would say 8 years is the true gap, the time between when you joined the Big East and when we joined the AAC. "Well yeah but we got the Big East in 8 years and it took UCF 30+ years of football to-" that's where I'll stop you. You gotta look at the big picture. Yeah it looks like a monumental lead but now when you consider that it shouldn't be just based on when the schools started playing football, but relative to the age of the school as well. UCF started playing football 13 years after it was founded as a school. Of course we went D3, we were a young and tiny school. USF started football in year 41. I guarantee you that we would have risen as quickly or USF just as slowly if we swapped when we started football. USF as a school in year 41 had more support, money, and athletic history than UCF in year 13. So of course they only spent 4 years in FCS and never had to go D3 or D2 like we did. The second part relating to your post I quoted. I'm not sure if you're saying UCF chose to stay in CUSA when USF went to the Big East. If that's the case, we chose CUSA but not to stay. We weren't in CUSA. Since we moved up to FBS we were independent and then found a home for football in the MAC. But the opening in CUSA left behind USF and the other Big East bound teams provided a better conference that made more geographic sense than the MAC and we could put all our sports in there. This is where we were behind. We went MAC to CUSA while USF was going CUSA to Big East.
  8. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Pretty much this. He likely wanted to exhaust all desirable P5 landing spots first. But we can't afford to wait so I'm behind Danny Whites decision to move on.
  9. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    You may have overlooked it because Flowers put on a show, but even against you guys Milton still put up big numbers. That being said, I'm not surprised if Auburn smashes us. Was hoping for Wisconsin instead.
  10. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    I actually like this hire. Playbook shouldn't be too hard to adapt. But I also don't think we dominate. I think both our schools take a little step back but still are the front runners in the east. And maybe one of Cincy or Temple makes the jump to make it a 3 team race.
  11. South Florida University!?

    I'm actually a little surprised we haven't had a University of Florida Central shirt yet since so many people type out UFC when referring to UCF.
  12. AD Harlan Interviews with Arkansas

    While we all know extensions don't really mean anything, I can't see it being Danny White. He just signed an extension November 22nd in what was probably an attempt to sway Frost or also give some relief to boosters and fans knowing that he'd still be here to hire our next coach.
  13. Frost to Nebraska

    Just to clear something up, a lot of you are bringing the valid point of Frost not being able to handle 2 jobs at once if he's coaching the bowl game. That's why our OC has been named interim head coach. He'll handle all the day to day stuff a head coach normally would. Frost, who has been our offensive playcaller, basically becomes almost like a part time OC for this. Is it ideal? No. But whatever small chance we have to win the Peach is even smaller without him.
  14. Frost to Nebraska

    As a UCF fan, I tip my cap to you guys. Yeah we're rivals and it's fun dumping on each other but you guys in here really do get the fact that we're unfairly given the shaft. So I salute you all in here. As for Frost coaching, I was looking tbis up the other day because another UCF fan mentioned it as wishful thinking. But it happened before when Urban Meyer left Utah. DC Kyle Wittingham was named the next HC but Meyer and Wittingham were co-HC during the 2015 Fiesta Bowl and won.
  15. The ucf Experience

    Disagree with the second point, it's a world of difference. Being able to tailgate on campus and have students walk from their dorms is pretty awesome. I've had decent parking lot tailgates for MLS and bowl games at camping world but there's nothing like seeing Memory Mall and other parts of campus packed with people. But you're right about attendance. An OCS is just a bandaid. It'll give you a boost because of that new wow factor but if the fans aren't genuinely interested and the team isn't winning, it'll go back to pre-OCS numbers.