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  1. Temple will be a test for us

    That is the single thing I am the most fearful of with this team. Special Teams blocking. We have a Large Adult Punter, and a well above average kicker in Emilio. If we can give them time to kick they can be very effective.
  2. Illinois Attendance

    As a lifelong USF fan, now USF student, I am saddened that the fans are not showing up in droves to watch, what is most likely our best overall team in terms of talent, we have ever had. A major difference between 07 and 17 that I have not seen mentioned was that in 2007 we reached #2 in the nation. If this team could overcome all the obstacles in the way of them listed above (G5, weak OOC schedule, etc.) and crack the top 10, the stands will fill again. I also am annoyed at how many students leave early. I understand wanting to beat traffic, but the players definitely notice. Us students should be the strongest and most loyal fan base as we have little excuse to not go to the games. They are fun, we get free tickets, and this team deserves our support.
  3. Quiz: Know the AAC

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  4. 20 games .... 30 plus points

    Kean's passing motion looked sharp in his couple of drives, would like to see him get a chance to throw down the field more instead of just handing it off and hitting slant routes. His decision making also needs to improve, almost had a few INTs last night.
  5. Quiz:USF - B1G

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  6. Quiz: QUIZ: USF - UConn Series

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  8. I wouldn't be surprised if he does it within the first half.
  9. Any Buzz on Campus?

    As a freshman who just moved in yesterday, I have met a few people who are just as hyped as I am. I can not tell the overall hype just yet but if the team plays as well as we all know they can the students will definitely show up.
  10. Just some guy making concept helmets for Philadelphia 247, but it is just laughable that when there is a huge University that shares the same stadium as an NFL team, it doesn't get featured.