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  1. We need to keep forcing turnovers and stop turning it over and we will win.

    Attending my first USF basketball games as a student was very fun. Our women's team is fun to watch, and the men's team appears to be going in the right direction. I do not feel that the men's team has enough pure talent across the board to really compete for anything, however they have heart and Gregory appears to be a good coach. Having heart and a good coach is half the battle and can get you wins in close games as we saw tonight.
  3. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Luckily they have a day specifically for makeups, so I would have no problem missing an exam slotted for our CCG time slot.
  4. AAC Championship Game TIme

    They have Block Examinations all day on Saturday, and I lucked out and am taking the course that has to go at night.
  5. USF 7 Da Silva: 14 (hopefully a balanced attack) Da Silva: 10 75%
  6. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Dec. 2nd is the first day of Finals. I have a final exam that night so I am glad it is a noon kickoff so I will be able to go to the game should it be hosted in Tampa.
  7. Watched the ucf game this morning

    He was talking about Austin Peay's coach not UCiF's
  8. I have sat in the 3rd row of the student section for every game so far this season and I thoroughly enjoy the experience I get being so close to people who are as diehard of fans as I am. However, I can't help but wish I was a student back in the Big East era as those student sections, especially the one against WVU in 2007 looked amazing.