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  1. Here We Go

    Winning this game is the most important game in our history so far
  2. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    Real teams like Pitt and Syracuse... that's a joke. It's not even the conference that's that bad. What happend to Cincy and UConn?? If they play well the past few years our conference gets respect. But they both majorly fell off
  3. Blatantly dumb comment, as I think most of us would be significantly more interested in Boise vs Memphis. I love the idea bry, but I think Boise and sdsu would be plenty. We don't need the other garbage
  4. Here at the game I can recall a deep Alaka drop, and a bad Salomon drop where everybody boo'd
  5. This Game Has Me Worried

    While that may be true, losses increase my dislike for a coach. So I'll just take the wins and a new coach
  6. 2007 vs 2017

    You guys act like there isn't NFL talent on this year's bulls team.. Nichols, flowers, senat, and possibly more from our extremely deep secondary. Keep sleeping on these new guys!
  7. Matt Bakers Ap Rankings this week

    This guy clearly doesn't like USF. He's a joke
  8. Bowl Projections are a joke

    Honestly, Idk why people keep talking about SDSU if we win out, it's us. Hands down. Everyone knows the AAC is better
  9. Week 6 Games of Interest

    Good list but I'd change it to West Virginia beating TCU. We need less undefeated teams. I'd cheer for Utah to beat Stanford bc you know they'll lose again, and sdsu having a weaker schedule helps us. And Cincy to beat UCF. I'm down for cheering for UCF out of conference, but in conference, F them. Cincy is on our schedule too guys. I feel like some of you have UCF jerseys in your closets or something!
  10. Who's going to play in the NFL next year?

    Ehh, Senat hasnt even been one of the top performers on our own team yet so far. He has the frame of an NFL player but he has work to do. Definitely not a lock imo
  11. Who's going to play in the NFL next year?

    My prediction: 3rd round Nichols 6th round flowers Likelihood of signing UDFA Senat 90% possible 7th rd Fullwood 70% possible 7th rd Dj and Tice 38% Hall / Ruff 30% Sanchez 30% Abraham 25% Hector 15% MVS 10% I don't think anybody else is on the radar
  12. Bulletin Board Material

    It definitely helps during the not so exciting practices to get that extra little push. Extra push in practice = better play on the field
  13. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 135 seconds  
  14. Most anticipated season ever?

    Coming from somebody who's name is flowers4heisman, this is sort of funny
  15. At one point, USF's '17 schedule had muscle

    I think the AAC is already favored by the media substantially enough that any 1 loss team from our conference will be preferred over 1 loss teams from other conferences. I could even see a two loss AAC champ get in over a 1 loss sunbelt. Bottom line is, this year we control our own destiny