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  1. I went to my first game which was USF vs West Virginia 2007 when I was 15. I was hooked on the team ever since attending as many games as possible. I joined the navy in 2011 so I missed a lot of home games until I got out this year and caught the UCF season finale (i did get to catch some away games like uconn and ecu). I'm about to apply to the school today actually, and I'm looking forward to being able to finally attend a full season of games this year!
  2. The Aguayo pick really drove me mad. And throughout the year, it only proved to be stupider and stupider. Good franchises draft smarter than the bucs have in the last 10 years
  3. I would honestly pick a different team to be a fan of if we got cook in the first... the team looks enough like the Florida State bucs for my taste already
  4. I couldn't tell why the lady on the left had two arms til I realized someone was behind her. This is pretty awesome, go Bulls
  5. I'll be there. How are they doing the teams this year?
  6. I'd take the CCG loss every time. 13-1 is just way better than 9-5 regardless of the trophy
  7. Would you rather: -win a conference championship and the lose the bowl game going 9-5 overall on the year (unlikely but possible) -lose the conference championship game after an undefeated year and win the bowl game, going 13-1 overall
  8. Considering we are starting out at #20 (assuming we stay there with the real preseason rankings), I doubt that we need many things to fall our way to finish #6 or higher after our bowl game (assuming we go undefeated, which I am not trying to predict before game 1)
  9. And #6 is the low end... Houston was 5 or 6 midway through the season
  10. If we go undefeated and beat a really good team in a ny6 (possible playoff) at 13-0 , (after going 11-2 last year) no one will be calling us midgets. That will put us ranked somewhere between #1-5
  11. Well at least we can offer playing time (probably instant starting position at this point). I bet recruiting is going to be rough....
  12. I definitly want to see it happen! And dump Tulane while we are at it
  13. I agree, I'm going to be optimistic about this hire. If he can recruit like, 3 5-star guys, we could have a chance to win 12 games next year.
  14. I think this speaks on the lack of support for our football team than a positive for bball. Bball SHOULD be profitable, considering how little upkeep there is to it