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  1. Say Something Positive About The Upcoming Season

    Jaymon Thomas is my pick for a break out star this year
  2. Best team ever

    I think you guys are spot on with a lot of this stuff. But let's just be honest with ourselves right now, we may have 'better' WRs (route running and going up for the ball ability), but nobody is as fast as Adams. And I don't remember anybody else who was as fast
  3. Return game

    The fact that Wilcox is all conference TE means our conference has some pretty trash TEs. Don't get me wrong, he has potential, but he has serious fumbling issues that he has to sort out before he's best of anything imo
  4. Rate the schedule in terms of "Must See"

    They are the best thing we have to a rival, and they have had an arguable amount of success as we have had. And right now their team is on the rise. We can deny it if we want, but if UCF beats us the next couple years, we are back to being the 5th best in the state, and possibly forget about conference expansion
  5. Rate the schedule in terms of "Must See"

    I don't think it's even a debate, #1 UCF. they are our rival, and top 3 in the east. #2 Temple, and arguement for 1, since they are quickly becoming one of our biggest rivals and top 3 in East. #3 Houston, our highest profile non division game #4 Illinois our only P5 team 5/6 UConn and Cincy, both average east teams that we go back to the BE with #7 probably Tulsa but who really cares after this
  6. Replacing the three-headed monster

    I voted Johnson. He's probably the most proven guy here, but we need him to be a star out of the backfield. He's been versatile, but we need more this season. WR will be by committee anyway as we have like 5 guys who can ball
  7. Quinton Flowers getting some Heisman love

    I think with all the returning players on defense, we are better there. But the question is can we replace MM and RA's big play ability? I know DJ and MVS are good, but it may still be a down grade. Who knows, maybe QF comes out this season and is even better than he was? I can see it, and I think he for sure gets an NFL shot. He has crazy movement and even better decision making. I don't think USF has had a better gamer than him
  8. How did USF change your life?

    I went to my first game which was USF vs West Virginia 2007 when I was 15. I was hooked on the team ever since attending as many games as possible. I joined the navy in 2011 so I missed a lot of home games until I got out this year and caught the UCF season finale (i did get to catch some away games like uconn and ecu). I'm about to apply to the school today actually, and I'm looking forward to being able to finally attend a full season of games this year!
  9. Mack to Bucs in second round?

    The Aguayo pick really drove me mad. And throughout the year, it only proved to be stupider and stupider. Good franchises draft smarter than the bucs have in the last 10 years
  10. Mack to Bucs in second round?

    I would honestly pick a different team to be a fan of if we got cook in the first... the team looks enough like the Florida State bucs for my taste already
  11. Thanks Naimolis

    I couldn't tell why the lady on the left had two arms til I realized someone was behind her. This is pretty awesome, go Bulls
  12. So who all is going to the Spring Game?

    I'll be there. How are they doing the teams this year?
  13. A better would you rather (sorry smazza)

    I'd take the CCG loss every time. 13-1 is just way better than 9-5 regardless of the trophy
  14. Would you rather: -win a conference championship and the lose the bowl game going 9-5 overall on the year (unlikely but possible) -lose the conference championship game after an undefeated year and win the bowl game, going 13-1 overall