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  1. Nebraska

    This won't happen until after CCG. No coach leaves before that unless you get canned. I can see him pulling a Brian Kelly. Could be a distraction for them though, can't say that I hate it.
  2. 1997–1998 Fresno State (assistant) 1999 Colorado State (GA) 2000 Jacksonville Jaguars (OQC) 2001 USC (TE) 2002–2004 USC (WR) 2005–2006 USC (PGC/OC) 2007–2008 Oakland Raiders 2009 Tennessee 2010–2013 USC 2014–2016 Alabama (OC/QB) 2017–present Florida Atlantic Lane worked his up way too. He played QB and made the decision to start coaching during his senior season at Fresno. While the OC at USC the Trojans were 23-3 and averaged over 40 points per game. That counts for something. The key difference for me is that no point was Monte the Head Coach giving Lane a job. They didn't even work on the same side of the ball. Here Bill has clearly used his position to clear the way for his son. I would feel better about the KSU hire if Sean had some experience working for someone other than his father and spent some time coordinating anything other than special teams.
  3. Both of those examples had better quality resumes before getting anything remotely close to a Power 5 HC job than Sean Snyder
  4. UCF is going to beat us down

    You went looking for or examples and only found 2? You're right, straight studs over there
  5. UCF is going to beat us down

    The point was that he can run with a TE not that scares anyone and there's absolutely no one on UCF defense that's scary. Your DBs are JuCo talent at best. Griffin is going to have to make every tackle. And IF Abby doesn't get hurt he scores and Navy beatable UCF. I can play that game too
  6. UCF is going to beat us down

    So our safties.....nonexistent? because Jaymon Thomas at 6'3 195 could cover him. And Auggie was running with the Tulas RB down the sideline last night so idk if your boy is just gonna be able to just run past him.
  7. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    Maybe I failed to explain myself. My point is that I don't understand how someone can believe that we will get destroyed. Their success seems to predicated on a high scoring offensive attack that has not played a formidable defense this season. On paper, we are a much better defense than anything they have played this season, not the otherwise. Now maybe we are fake, or maybe Mike Love, Bruce Hector, Deadrin Senat, and Greg Reaves, as advertised, decide to play the game on their side of the line of scrimmage. If the latter happens, which I believe has a real chance of being true, their offense would stall, and they haven't proven that they can win a grind-it-out game. Navy came close, but when their starter went down, they couldn't score either. Again, I don't think you can just assume that we will get destroyed. They haven't proven they can beat us. This is on top of the fact that it's a rivalry game and anything can happen. That's just my two cents
  8. UCF is going to beat us down

    I think its all evens out too. But I think a lot on this board are just giving UCF credit for stuff like that and using it against USF.
  9. UCF is going to beat us down

    Well sos takes into account the whole year and not one game. So it doesn't count the fact that Maryland couldn't score on air with a 3rd string QB. So that 38 point win is misleading
  10. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    It's defiantly toss up. Bad is bad is bad. The talent gap between the 70th ranked schedule and 112th is a lot smaller than the gap between 70 and 30
  11. UCF is going to beat us down

    I agree but what proof is there that UCF can win if their offense doesn't scored 35 plus? They haven't played a defense that can do that. Now maybe we can't either, but they haven't provided any proof that we can't based on who they've played
  12. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    that does't make them any better. Just proves there's a lot of questions for both teams. You cant say we suck because we haven't played anyone and they are great when they also haven't played anyone.
  13. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    last time I checked, they don't play against air.
  14. UCF is going to beat us down

    i will also point out they the top ranked defense UCF has played is Memphis at #73. We are ranked 21st. There's a difference in what they have seen and what they are about to see. **Temple is 66
  15. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    What have they done? honestly, they score a lot of points cool, but they haven't played a Defense ranked inside the top 70. We are 50 spots ahead of that.