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  1. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 85 seconds  
  2. Wanted to go with Genus, but I see him as more of a 62 than a 96
  3. Is our 2017 schedule really as bad as it seems?

    i don't think it really matters if the schedule is bad or not. What matters is that there are no real power five teams on it, so we need to make it look as bad as possible. No battles, we need blowouts.
  4. USF @UCONN Series

    Way to many missed opportunities
  5. USF @UCONN Series

    Big time steal. Its was good pitch for the catcher to throw too.
  6. USF @UCONN Series

    Anyone know why Kingston was talking to the ump after the double in the sixth. I missed the play and I'm not watching with audio.
  7. USF @UCONN Series

    Is there any way to stream the 11 AM game?
  8. USF @UCONN Series

    Agreed. Game one is a big one in terms of winning the series. Don't want to be in the position of having to go all out in game two
  9. I heard Kingston speak about hitting and his philosophy at a coaches conference the winter before his first spring. I personally took a lot from it and remember thinking that if he can get this going we will be very strong. Well, here we are.
  10. Houston dismisses top LHP prospect. does't really help us for the regular season but could come into play in the tourny http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2708943-seth-romero-dismissed-by-houston-after-reported-fight-with-teammate-before-game
  11. Joey Knight @TBTimes_Bulls BREAKING: LaDarrius Jackson formally has been dismissed from @USFFootball team. Had been suspended from team activities until latest arrest 2:18 PM - 10 May 2017
  12. Couldn't watch the game (my team played a regional playoff game last night) but I remember the announcers talking about the walks the gators were handing out. I now see that number was 17. That many walks also brings a lot pipe shots because pitchers are trying not to fall behind or they need to get back into counts when they clearly don't have it. could have lead to the Home run explosion.
  13. the state were you can go 10-13 against in-sate opponents and still be state champs, I guess. (for reference bulls are 12-3 against in state opponents)