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  1. Yeah, we definitely are going to need some more road game wins (or good losses) to get any more respect. Those conference series are critical. Should be an exciting war on I4 series with a lot on the line
  2. Thank you for the update. Appears to me we are ranked. I don't think baseball really has a clear cut ranking that matters like you find in football, and seems most sites are placing us in the top 25 tier. just gotta stay consistent and get hot in the tourney.
  3. haha right? Three plus pages before the topic gets anything, I was interested to see what people thought of getting the votes. Guess I gotta wait
  4. Not a bad loss, but you hate to only score one run on double digit hits.
  5. Seems like a legal issue since they can't talk about it
  6. I'm hoping he lied. He was named OC in early Jan. and most likely knew well before then. Plenty of time to work out the life stuff while prepare for the next season, which would include watching more than one games worth of film. Especially with a special QB coming back that you would want to integrate into your system not change.
  7. Not sure I like the fact that he has only seen less than 50 plays of the 2016 season. I know the systems are different but there are plenty of returners to make that film worth watching.