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  1. Classic Football Game Videos

    So that disc worked then? That thing gave me a bear of a time!
  2. Classic Football Game Videos

    Python- Six more in the mail tomorrow! 2001 Liberty 2002 ECU 2002 Houston 2003 Louisville 2005 UCiF 2005 Rutgers Also, somewhere in this mess I have the 10 year anniversary DVD. When I find that I'll burn a copy and send it.
  3. Classic Football Game Videos

    It's in the mail and working on another 6 games. From there we'll have an issue because the other games I have are still on VHS. Give me a few weeks to see what I can do.
  4. Classic Football Game Videos

    Coming soon .... more football games! 2000 Troy State 2000 UConn 2001 Pitt Apologies for the delay, got super sick and have been down for nearly 2 weeks. DVDs will be in the mail tomorrow.
  5. Inaugural Game Video

    Should have 3 more in the mail by weeks end (fingers crossed). 2000 Troy State 2000 UConn 2001 Pitt
  6. Classic Football Game Videos

    It's in the mail. Should arrive Monday.
  7. Classic Football Game Videos

    Python check your messages. I have 3 done (had to have a buddy copy them because my CD drive in my laptop isn't working - doesn't recognize there is a disc present). Inaugural game Illinois State 1999 New Hampshire 1999
  8. Classic Football Game Videos

    Apologies. Started a new work schedule and had a couple of things unexpectedly pop up. I'll get the first game done and to python before the end of the week. I'm sorry.
  9. Classic Football Game Videos

    Early history games already on DVD: 1997 - Kentucky Wesleyan 1999 - Illinois State 1999 - University of New Hampshire 2000 - Troy State 2000 - Connecticut (missing 1st qtr) 2001 - Pittsburgh 2001 - Liberty 2002 - Southern Miss 2002 - East Carolina 2002 - Houston 2003 - Louisville 2005 - Rutgers 2005- UCF (bad video, missing 1sr qtr) Those are the ones I found so far. Somewhere I have on VHS the following: 1997: Citadel, Drake, Davidson, Georgia Southern 1998 - Valparaiso, Liberty, Georgia Southern 1999 - James Madison, Troy State, Southwest Texas State, San Diego State 2000 - Middle Tennessee State, Kentucky 2001 - Houston, Utah, Memphis, Northern Illinois 2002: Northern Illinois 2003: Army, TCU, Southern Miss, Cincy, UAB, Memphis, Alabama 2004: TCU, Cincy, Louisville, ECU, UAB, Pitt, Memphis There may be more, I don't know. Also, those tapes are pretty **** old so no telling if they are still any good. They have been stored inside at ALL times so it's not like they've been in the garage, attic or cellar. I've tried to keep them away from any heavy magnets.
  10. Classic Football Game Videos

    Python - check your messages. I believe I have some of the older games already on DVD I could send you to upload. The inaugural game against Kentucky Wesleyan Illinois State I forget the year and UNH our first overtime game. Pitt and others.