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  1. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 54/100 My Time 104 seconds  
  2. D'Ernest Johnson Thread for Illinois

    Since DJ has restored power to most of the Tampa Bay area, he is taking a break from that for a bit and concentrating his focus on Illinois. Immediately after the game, he will continue restoring power to the rest of those in Florida who still do not have it.
  3. Quiz: QUIZ: USF - UConn Series

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  4. Mandatory D'Earnest Johnson Thread

    D'Ernest Johnson warned the UConn staff that there would be hell to pay if they decided to postpone this game to a later date in the season. After some discussion between the UConn staff, they decided not only would they play the game Saturday as scheduled, they moved it up to 10:30am to appease DJ and not to anger him anymore than they may already have.
  5. Decline the penalty?

    I hear what you are saying but you never see anyone decline that penalty in the NFL on any other down other than 3rd. I'm sure its happened somewhere in college(and probably NFL too) before too but I don't ever recall seeing it.
  6. Decline the penalty?

    So I think it was in the 3rd quarter and Stony Brook had the ball somewhere near mid-field. It was 2nd and 8 and they had a holding penalty on an incomplete pass. Strong declined the penalty to make it 3rd and 8 instead of 2nd and 18. They ended up converting the 3rd down just barely beyond the 8 yards. I don't understand that logic. I know it gives them one more chance but I thought that was a horrible decision. The only thing I can think of is that Strong doesn't trust the defense which is concerning to me. Can anyone explain this whole transaction or am I misunderstanding what actually happened. I can't remember if they scored on that series or not but that kind of decision making has me concerned going forward.
  7. Only question I answered confidently was highest ranked opponent we've ever beaten. That was one of the best games I've ever been too and Ray Jay has never been more rocking in my opinion. The only game I've witnessed in person that was as sensational was when I watched the then #3 Georgia Tech with Joe Hamilton vs #1 FSU in Tallahassee in the late '90s. It was in 1999 and the final was FSU 41 GT 35. What a shootout!
  8. QF Heisman Talk

    Its funny you say that because when I saw him on Bayshore Blvd after the end of the Gasparilla parade, I told him (and Auggie/DJ) good luck this year and then told him go get that Heisman. I actually thought about it later and felt like, " I hope I just wasn't one more of many that are putting that pressure on him". Not that my one statement by itself is too much pressure but I'm sure he hears it all the time. One thing about Quinton is that it seems like if anyone can handle pressure, its him because of the strength.
  9. Welcome george

    Yes but which george did I invite? That is the question!
  10. Welcome george

    George is a long time season ticket holder who is a diehard Bulls fan. He and his lady actually travel from Ocala to go to all the home games. Even though he lives closer to where another team from Florida plays, USF is where his alliance lies. George, you'll love this site. Very knowledgeable Bulls fans and it is very well run by the administrator and moderators. I've learned a lot as well as being very entertained through the short time I've been here.
  11. Rodney Adams vlog

    This was so cool to see. He's definitely got some chops in front of the camera. Thank you for posting the videos. What a great ambassador to represent for USF!
  12. Quinton Flowers getting some Heisman love

    much *due respect - there was no place for me to edit the original post
  13. Its great to see Quinton Flowers and USF getting some much do respect for both what they've already accomplished and for what they are projected to possibly do http://www.yardbarker.com/college_football/articles/2017_heisman_hopefuls_can_the_aac_at_least_send_someone_to_new_york/s1_13156_24107878
  14. So who all is going to the Spring Game?

    I am going as are a few new people that are recent USF converts. Kudos to people traveling from far away like Tally and Jax for this game. I had to +1 you with that kind of dedication!
  15. DJ Thread for Spring Game

    Upon hearing the story of Easter and how Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, DJ thought to himself, “Nice trick but I would’ve done it in two.”