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  1. What they don't know about USF football

    Very true. I also thought it was funny that the sound from the crowd around the whole stadium when it happened was similar to when a massive hit (tackle) just happened!
  2. What they don't know about USF football

    That while our crowd is not is large as we hope for each game, the fans that do show up are all in! (Ex: the female on the video board in the 2nd quarter)
  3. DJ thread for Tulsa

    In light of this news, Vegas has upped us from 22.5 to 31 pt favorites tonight!
  4. I have three tickets for USF vs Tulsa tonight Section 133 Row BB seats 22-24. I'll take $50 for all three or $20 each I'll be in Lot 6 around 5pm. PM me for contact information.
  5. DJ thread for Tulsa

    It is rumored that there will be several NFL representatives at this game trying to convince the NCAA to give DJ four more years of eligibility to avoid him wreaking havoc in the NFL.
  6. DJ thread for Houston

    The city of Houston has implored the Cougars to bring DJ back on the plane with them after the game so he can use his dynamic skill at EVERYTHING to help beat the Dodgers.
  7. We'll Take Either One!

    I was thinking the same thing. I'm also thinking that if we beat them, they'll be thinking internally that this is why the cancelled the game with us...just so they can get to this better bowl game then they would have with another L on their regular season record.
  8. DJ thread for Tulane

    In honor of DJ coming to town, New Orleans is changing the name of Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday to Fast Two's Day!
  9. It is not a new DJ, there is only one DJ. He's the same guy that's been toting the rock all season. DJ never ceases to amaze that he can sprint up to the booth in between plays to switch songs and still make it back down to the field without ever missing a play.
  10. DJ Thread for Cincy week

    Due to his compassion and unwavering loyalty to family, DJ advised his older brother Tshumbi Johnson to transfer from Cincinnati to Valdosta State to avoid having to play and lose to USF yet again in their final seasons of college football.
  11. DJ Thread for Cincy week

    hahaha....I like it!
  12. DJ Thread for Cincy week

    Inspired by of one of the greatest athletes in Cincinnati history, Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco, D'Ernest Johnson will be changing his name to Dos.
  13. What are Your Bye Week Saturday Plans?

    Doing the same thing. I'm heading up from Tampa to Ellijay to do some atv four-wheeling and also some mountain carving on the sportbike up through North GA and Deals Gap.
  14. Quiz: Interesting NCAA records and sundry

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 8/100 My Time 143 seconds  
  15. Quiz: USF vs ECU

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 119 seconds