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  1. Rodney Adams vlog

    This was so cool to see. He's definitely got some chops in front of the camera. Thank you for posting the videos. What a great ambassador to represent for USF!
  2. Quinton Flowers getting some Heisman love

    much *due respect - there was no place for me to edit the original post
  3. Its great to see Quinton Flowers and USF getting some much do respect for both what they've already accomplished and for what they are projected to possibly do http://www.yardbarker.com/college_football/articles/2017_heisman_hopefuls_can_the_aac_at_least_send_someone_to_new_york/s1_13156_24107878
  4. So who all is going to the Spring Game?

    I am going as are a few new people that are recent USF converts. Kudos to people traveling from far away like Tally and Jax for this game. I had to +1 you with that kind of dedication!
  5. DJ Thread for Spring Game

    Upon hearing the story of Easter and how Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, DJ thought to himself, “Nice trick but I would’ve done it in two.”
  6. DJ Thread for Spring Game

    While most of the players and staff headed home after the win at the Birmingham Bowl to be with their family and friends for New Year's Eve, DJ went straight to Corbett Stadium due to his excitement of playing the spring game. After three and a half months, he is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rest of his teammates.
  7. Very sad: Bill Paxton Dead at 61

    Interesting article from an unsuspected friend. http://loudwire.com/suicidal-tendencies-mike-muir-mourns-death-bill-paxton/ ST puts on a great show and is here in St Pete on Sunday night. Can't wait!
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/style/a-babysitter-put-an-infant-in-her-pants-because-she-wanted-a-sandwich-225344774.html .....couldn't she have had pretty much ANY other shirt on but this one! Points for ingenuity though I'm guessing!
  9. I didn't see this posted yet but I'm liking the fact that we are getting some run in several different forms of media. USF's name just being out there has got to give us some more pull going forward. http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2017-national-signing-day-winners-and-losers-usc-alabama-continue-to-reload/
  10. In other news....

    You obviously haven't heard Ghost because their music is exceptional. I'll admit that they are probably more well-known than they possibly would be because of their gimmick but that takes nothing away from their talent as musicians. Also, I don't think I would be alone to say that the Misfits or even the Ramones has made some decent tunes.
  11. In other news....

    ....and on top of Iron Maiden, Ghost is opening up. I went to two of their "rituals" last year as well as one the year before and was in awe of the stage show and their presence If you have never seen Ghost, make sure you get there and don't miss their show. You won't be disappointed. Ghost's music is amazing and the best new band I've heard in 10+ years.
  12. DJ Thread for Birmingham

    DJ is so quick to find the end zone, he will score a TD at 1:15pm Central Standard Time. This will be in addition to the one that he already scored at 1:15pm Eastern Standard Time.
  13. Suggested attractions in Bham?

    Granted, I am very into motorcycles as I used to road race at the club level and have been riding on the street for over 25 years but a fellow rider and friend of mine went to this and said they spent over 4 hours there and didn't even see all there was to see. I'll definitely be visiting this while in the area.
  14. What USF Item(s) Did Santa Bring You?

    Mom always gets me cool stuff and found these at an arts and crafts festival.
  15. Welcome pistonpete

    That pretty much sums it up.