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  1. Well now that all of the fun topics have...

    An intellectual (sorta) debate on TBP! I love seeing our fine USF education put to work!
  2. College bars near usf

    B2E '87 & '88, then Park Terrace
  3. College bars near usf

    This made me laugh! All the hotties hung out at Time Tunnel!!! You could got to CCs with $5 in your pocket and get blacked-out drunk! The real action was Thursday night at Sydney's, then close down CDB's
  4. Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    Neither team looked any good. Memphis looked lost in the 4th quarter.
  5. What Charlie Strong Did Before the Game...

    We almost got through two pages on this thread without a complaint, almost!
  6. A Big 12 win and two seasons in a row with 10+ wins and a top 20 ranking!!!
  7. Wow, hoggins tried to catch that instead of knock it down! Nice finish to a long year.
  8. Wait...was that too quick too enjoy!!!
  9. Exactly how I feel (as does my family for having to deal with me)!
  10. OMG...4th and 1...How do we not give it to Tice?!?!?!