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  1. Caption this photo

    Pardon me, ma'am!
  2. Definitely the biggest game due to the extreme impact of the outcome. We have so much to gain with a win, but a loss to UCF will have significant lasting negative impact.
  3. AAC Games 11/18

    Another confidence booster for us!!! Isn't there a quote about, "When things look their darkest..."?
  4. If we played ten teams that were ranked in the top 35, we may be 0-10!
  5. Why have we abandoned the run in a game when we SHOULD be running!!!
  6. Or after 9 games maybe this is just who we are!
  7. Playing against sub-500 teams. Take that statistic with a grain of salt. Judge with your eyes!
  8. Looks Like UCF is Almost Sold Out

    https://ucf.forums.rivals.com/threads/wimpy-usf-fans-are-scared-lol.55302/ Ha....the UCiF fans are starting to believe we are afraid of them!!!
  9. CCS didn't take a breath for the first 2:15!!!
  10. Around the AAC

    Yes, great to share a few beers and then watch our O come alive. Nice job by &rew Bull and the NY Alumni group in organizing an impromptu tailgate party!
  11. Around the AAC

    After watching our offense today and then UCF tonight, I'm feeling much better about our chances!
  12. Around the AAC

    UCF looking beatable!!!!
  13. Uconn Game

    I also plan to arrive around 12:30 with my wife and two kids. Sitting in section 101. Would love to tailgate with people wearing green! Should the first one there just pick a spot and send an update out on the site?