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  1. ESPN gives USF 43% chance to beat UCF?

    And only a 3.7% chance to win out!
  2. I get our offense did not click today, but Galloway just said he is concerned by our slow start to the season. Aren't we about to be 4-0 with blowouts to a P5 team and the defending conference champion?
  3. Did they really just show that!!!
  4. So true, but until the bubble bursts we can act like everyone should care!
  5. How about the announcers mention this defensive effort?!?!?!
  6. More lost points. We can't catch!
  7. I said before, they are scared of our Defense. I think we will all keep our sanity if we switch our mindset from an offensive team to bone-crushing defensive team!
  8. This offense isn't boring! It's sloppy, undisciplined and predictable!
  9. If we go conservative here, I am going to lose my mind!
  10. That's all on Norman. Terrible block.
  11. Temple's offense is just plain scared!
  12. How about Q try throwing to someone not named MVS?!?!?! (or Barr)
  13. OMG, special teams doesn't stop!