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  1. AAC Games 11/18

    Our offense and defense forget to show up for the 2nd half so consider it even. Also, I'm sure we had backups in as well.
  2. AAC Games 11/18

    43-7 USF vs Temple 45-19 UCF vs Temple Granted Temple has improved but so have we (somewhat), and our coaching staff is very conservative on running up the score.
  3. AAC Games 11/18

    SMU beating Memphis isn't too far fetched.
  4. USF Football Center... It's real!

    Where are you guys getting the idea about the indoor facility? Speculation, insider knowledge, Collin? Sorry, just out of the loop here.
  5. Week 11 Rankings

  6. Week 11 Rankings

    USF at 26 in the AP http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll/2018/3 EDIT: DISREGARD WRONG WEEK LOL
  7. Last season: Great Offense, **** Defense This season: Mediocre Offense, Mediocre Defense Last season was much more fun to watch.
  8. College Gameday

  9. College Gameday

    Black Friday, USF vs UCF? Quite a few rivalry games that weekend but has the potential to be the one of the few ranked match ups.
  10. USF Athletics & Under Armour

    What are the chances we go back to Nike or switch to Adidas?
  11. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 82 seconds  
  12. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 94 seconds  
  13. Week 2 Coaches Poll

    Only team with two wins in the top 25 and we're not ranked #1. SMH