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  1. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    That's pretty cool. What gym if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Not to mention his story/background will be one that voters absolutely will get behind if we have the season everyone is expecting.
  3. He 100% has a chance to get there. Look at Keenan Reynolds and Jordan Lynch in he last few years. However, he has about a 0.0000000001% chance of actually winning, which I'm fine with. It would just be awesome for him to even get the invite.
  4. Caption this...

    I'll see ya in Atlanta on January 8th.
  5. Deatrick Nichols gettin' some love

    Keep in mind this is a ranking of seniors only. So they took what their ranking was, and then told you where that number was drafted in this years draft. So basically they're saying he's the 7th best senior cb. Still pretty solid.
  6. OU's New Head Coach...

    He was never offered the USF job. He was thought of as a possible Willie replacement last year. Nothing more than that.
  7. Men's Golf: Joaquin Niemann #1 in the WORLD

    Also, there's probably a good chance he won't be here more than a year or two before he decides he's ready to turn pro. Kid is the real deal.
  8. Men's Golf: Joaquin Niemann #1 in the WORLD

    A college golf coach is essentially a recruiter and team manager. They don't really do much when it comes to a players actual game/swing.
  9. Steven Bench arrested

    I guess I didn't read the part where it says he actually broke into the car wash, so my fault for that. I still would think it's much more likely that he was stumbled down Howard drunk as **** and was an idiot who thought it would be funny to break into the car wash and not a situation where he actually sat down and decided he was gonna break into a car wash to steal some money.
  10. Steven Bench arrested

    Also, back to Bench, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure he didn't try to break into a Car Wash. The address for the car wash just the location where he was caught and arrested. I don't know him well, but I see him out from time to time and know a few people who are acquaintances with him, and I would assume that this situation didn't occur like a lot of people in here would like to think. He's a 24 year old who likes to have fun and drink like pretty much any other 24 year old. Considering the location (right down the street from about 10 bars on Howard Ave) it's much more likely it was a stupid drunken situation.
  11. Steven Bench arrested

    They asked him to recite the alphabet backwards and they then asked him, "Do you understand what we're asking you to do?" and he responded "yeah, you want me to recite the national anthem backwards". They didn't actually want him to do that. Don't really think he even knew what planet he was on because he always told the cops he was driving home from California and asked them how far away from his house he currently was...
  12. Do we really know that for sure though?
  14. San Jose?

    Haha except for the fact that they put it on CBSSN. No football fan outside of tampa will give a **** about this game or even know it's on for that matter.
  15. It's literally everywhere on the internet today. Certainly making it's National rounds now.