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  1. USF at UConn Cancelled

    Already announced it won't be. There's no possible week to do it.
  2. USF at UConn Cancelled

    That means we're sitting at home watching from the couch on December 2nd
  3. USF at UConn Cancelled

    Pretty good chance we're gonna have to run the table in conf play now to make the conf champ game....
  4. They're the favorite...wouldn't really be stealing it at all.
  5. He did it again - Rodney Adams finds the EZ

    He's most likely gonna make the team right now due to Michael Floyd being suspended for the first four weeks but it's going to be down to him or Coley (the other rookie from Miami) for the last spot when Floyd comes back week 5. One of them is gonna be released for Floyd to be activated.
  6. Pretty sure they said if they hand it to the linesman instead of the ref in the middle, they have to run a gasser at practice the next week.
  7. Team entrance

    If that article on is correct, than yes. Makes zero sense to me as well. "Instead of running out the tunnel through Gate D like in the past, the Bulls will now make a longer walk to Gate C while fans get to watch their whole pregame journey to the field on Ray Jay's massive video boards"
  8. Team entrance

    No, away team is still coming out of the same Northwest tunnel near the student section. USF is coming out of the southeast tunnel now.
  9. Team entrance

    Doesn't sound like they'll be dropped off in the same spot anymore. Not Sure where exactly they mean, but it sounds like it'll be near the Tampa Bay Blvd/Himes intersection "After USF continues the tradition of greeting fans in the parking lot during the Bulls Stampede to the stadium on Saturday, which is moving its start to the east side of the stadium near the corner of Tampa Bay Boulevard,"
  10. UCF Student Sections

    Haha can you believe they announced 38K in attendance yesterday? What a joke.
  11. Future Opponents
  12. Who are our speed guys?

    Yep. He gone
  13. Week One Uniforms

    Pretty sure i saw somewhere that they're rocking the gold helmet all year. Sounds like Strong doesn't have the same affinity for changing up the uni combos every week, he's pretty old school. I also saw they're leaving the SoFlo uniforms for one game
  14. SI: Power Rankings: Why each team will/won't make CFP

    Agreed, Houston scares me way more than most other people. They have the second best QB (the best pure passer) in the conference, and possibly the best D lineman in the entire country. Although, there is no way you can tell me Navy gave us a scare. If we didn't take the foot off the gas, the game ends in a 28+ point win. UCONN and SMU gave us more of a scare than Navy. Memphis gave us a legit scare (game could've basically gone either way/ we probably should've lost if Q didn't deliver the best single game performance of any player in program history). I also think if Willie was still coaching the Bowl game, that second half goes differently. I see us losing one game we undoubtedly shouldn't lose (Temple, Cincy, UCF, Tulsa), think we'll only be 4-7 pt favorites vs Houston (which should be our lowest favored margin of the regular season, although @ UCF might be about the same) at home making us 10-2 or 11-1 heading into the conf champ game against Houston or Memphis, making us a 4-7 pt favorite again. Take that game and we're headed to Hotlanta, assuming someone like Boise or WKU don't do get crazy and run the table themselves.
  15. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    That's pretty cool. What gym if you don't mind me asking?