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  1. Not quite sure how the ranking system works in Baseball, but why are we not a top 25 team right now?
  2. The trip was booked after a 4-8 season and no bowl games were even on the radar for the Bulls yet. Relax guys.
  3. A NY6 bid means conference championship and a very high ranking. To answer your question, a lot.
  4. Yes but I only half of them because the rest are going to be in Rome
  5. Yeah, and her name is Judy Genshaft.
  6. He is not being considered for the USF job.
  7. ...is a headline that I hope to see soon
  8. Who will be the coach for the bowl? Will that be announced by the university today?
  9. Well I guess I won't be sleeping tonight.
  10. I just had the largest sigh of relief when I read the news about the St. Pete Bowl
  11. Almost forgot. That could have ended badly