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  1. I vote we play Oregon
  2. Football're employed?
  3. I heard that he showed up with a handwritten note from Willie that said "I owe U one schollie!"
  4. Because we didn't want to ruin his Christmas!
  5. They have those???
  6. We can work around them
  7. Need to add a deli to publix stadium
  8. I like it. Let's make this happen
  9. Yes he did. It is a coming Thank you Coach Strong!
  10. We will hire coach Allen back. He will become co-coach with Raymomd Woodie and together they will be: Woodie Allen.
  11. Close but incorrect. He will be co-coach with Taggart and they will operate under the moniker "Strong Willie"
  12. I would love to have Charlie Strong as head coach, but apparently he is slated to be Lane Kiffin's linebacker coach at UH See link for details:
  13. I've got this here. Must mean that Woodie is going to join that pro team in Chicago:
  14. Why a one for one? Let's make it a two for one, meaning two games at our home, one at theirs. That would be more of an impediment than money in poaching our future coaches.
  15. Antigua is a bust, but at least he did well with baseball