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  1. Guess the attendance for Saturday

    I was there, seemed like way more than 22k in attendance. The club sections were pretty busy too.
  2. USF at UConn Cancelled

    When I read the thread title, I assumed UCONN had forfeited. Very disappointed this is not the case!
  3. ESPN Insider story

    I vote we play Oregon
  4. National Signing Day '17're employed?
  5. Antigua Fired

    Because we didn't want to ruin his Christmas!
  6. OCS!!!

    They have those???
  7. OCS!!!

    We can work around them
  8. OCS!!!

    Need to add a deli to publix stadium
  9. OCS!!!

    I like it. Let's make this happen
  10. Charlie Strong's first recruit...

    Yes he did. It is a coming Thank you Coach Strong!
  11. Your Prediction for the Possibility of Strong Being USF Coach

    We will hire coach Allen back. He will become co-coach with Raymomd Woodie and together they will be: Woodie Allen.
  12. Your Prediction for the Possibility of Strong Being USF Coach

    Close but incorrect. He will be co-coach with Taggart and they will operate under the moniker "Strong Willie"
  13. I want Charlie Strong!!!!!

    I would love to have Charlie Strong as head coach, but apparently he is slated to be Lane Kiffin's linebacker coach at UH See link for details:
  14. Google Ad Algorithm Kicks Us When We Are Down!!

    I've got this here. Must mean that Woodie is going to join that pro team in Chicago:
  15. Buyout For HCs Moving Forward

    Why a one for one? Let's make it a two for one, meaning two games at our home, one at theirs. That would be more of an impediment than money in poaching our future coaches.