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  1. Congrats Q

    Way to go Quinton....you have added a dynamic dimension to USF football n. Be safe
  2. This play calling is pathetic

    It appears Quinton's repertoire is being constrained. It seemed a few times, he was his former self demonstrating his previous successful image. Is he being coerced to fit a niche as defined by a new coaching model?
  3. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    Sent messages to state senator and representative.......hope it helps....thought Senate President Negron's quote about how no members of the Hillsborough delegation objected.....My question was "how would they know about a single digit being changed in a multiple hundred-page document?"
  4. Show Me's Near USF

    Near where Capone's Pizza used to be.....for real old timers!
  5. Congratulations! What a recognition and elite company of prior recipients!
  6. Usf coverage on local sports talk radio

    Local? Did anyone catch the entire Mike Aresco interview on Sirius channel 84 at 300p.m.? I heard only the last half and while mentioning several of our conference peers, I failed to hear any USF Bulls references. Now, he may have talked about Bulls the entire first half of the interview which I missed. Surely he could not make an error of epic proportions by not recognizing USF's best football year!
  7. Jeff Scott

    With his Florida family connections and apparently a positive growing resume, he along with any candidates who are promising deserves consideration. Someone had to give Bear Bryant an opportunity!
  8. New Coach Poll

    Jeff Scott from Clemson!
  9. Next coach?

    Could he be on Harlan's radar!.....at least considered, interviewed?
  10. Next coach?

    How about the other Scott, Jeff, co-offensive coordinator for Clemson....been around football since he was born.......family from central Florida.......strong recruiter experience.....
  11. Realistic Coaches

    Jeff Scott, co-offensive coordinator at Clemson could be an option. Seems to have a strong recruiting skill. He also has central Florida family roots.
  12. How do you increase attendance?

    I would like an OCS, however, one must consider the initial cost as well as maintenance and personnel.
  13. Time for another TBT rant...

    My Sunday hard-copy edition of TBT had a pix of Marlon Mack in the same space where Dalvin Cook's pix is on the online version. It is accompanied by a full Fennelly article on front sports page which leads to additional game article on page 7 by JK with box score. There are 2 other game pix.
  14. **** Ucif

    We had a loud obnoxious one in our section. After about three quarters, a USF fan turned to him and said "you are the reason everybody hates UCF."
  15. Average year vs. great year

    MG was made things exciting with his ability to evade a pursuing pack! Enjoyed those years.